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tt0MiJw.jpeg AmeriCymru: Hi John and many thanks for agreeing to this interview. Care to tell us a little about your new (forthcoming) single 'There's a hole in my heart (an area the size of Wales)'?

John: Hey, its what I thought was a breakup song, but it turns out that the main character is speaking from the grave, but it is still probably a break up song.

A meriCymru: Will there be a new album forthcoming soon?

John: Hopefully, yes. Though as much as I love the form I have been told that it isn't the best vehicle to promote an artist work anymore.

AmeriCymru: We learn from a recent press release that your 'most recent album “The Fen Sessions” was written and released over a weekend and then deleted on the Monday.' Why? Are there any plans to resurrect it?

John: It was a conceptual idea that I had. I wanted to see how many people pay attention to my social media, as that was the main vehicle of promotion prior to and during the sessions. I also like to challenge the creative process and force myself into producing material. I think consumers of music expect the music always to be available and to be free, so I was questioning this concept. One thing I didn't expect to come from the sessions was that many of the people who downloaded the songs actually ended up paying for them. I think this was because they had invested in the process, some of them followed it throughout the weekend, and maybe limiting the release availability gave the album some monetary value.

AmeriCymru: After your 2014 album 'The Death of.....', John Mouse went away for a while. Why was this and why did he return?

John: I had had enough about not reaching a larger audience. I sort of gave up. Now, I'm liberated by this fact and so do what I want knowing that no-one really cares.

AmeriCymru: The track 'Happy I am Not' from 'The Death of John Mouse' seems to sum up the album and is a personal favourite of mine. Care to tell us a little more about the song?

John: That is an oldie! Right, so I mashed up Heaven Knows I'm miserable now, by the Smiths, Lets move to the country, by Smog and Considering a move to Memphis by The Colourblind James Experience. Just have a listen to those three songs and you'll understand Unhappy a little more.

AmeriCymru: Another intriguing track from 'Death of....' is 'Ilka Moor'. Punk versions of old standards are not unheard of, 'The Dickies', 'Banana Splits' and 'Eve of Destruction' spring to mind, but why 'Ilka Moor'?

John: I had this old folk song book and the lyrics for Ilka Moor really stood out. It's so bizzare, eating your mate, turns out it's about sexual disease though.

AmeriCymru: What is your creative process? Do your lyrics simply come to you fully formed or do you work for days/weeks carefully polishing them to perfection?

John: I do a lot of pre-editing, inhaling, before I write the words. I don't really change them much, sometimes move some sentences around so that they rhyme or that the words rhythmically fit.

AmeriCymru: How would you caharacterize your writing and recording process in general? How closely do you collaborate with the other musicians on arrangements etc?

John: It just depends. Sometimes I write by myself and tell people I work with what I'd like to achieve on the instruments I can't play. Sometimes I just let them write the song, for example this new one is written entirely by Phil.

AmeriCymru: What music are you currently listening to? Are there any artists you would claim as an inspiration?

John: New music that I am listening to include Fontains DC, John Maus (I know), Yak, Beak, King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizzard, but I'll always go back to albums by Bill Callahan and anything Arab Strap related.

AmeriCymru: Any final message for the members and readers of AmeriCymru?

John: Thanks for reading, and please do spread the word.

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keys.jpg ‘There you will find them, tucked away in between The Stooges ‘Fun House’ and John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band the KEYS, the band you never knew you needed until they changed your life.

Over four Albums, Eps and countless Singles during this millennium the KEYS have become a mythical presence on the Welsh musical landscape. The timeless quality of the band’s music, touches on the wide eyed wonder and boundless possibilities of the sixties pop song, West Coast harmonies, Motown backbeat and the aggression of post 1968 proto-punk, sets them apart as true believers in the communion of Rock and Roll. KEYS are very much a band for the here and now, shaping music from the moon dust of the past into a re-imagined future that is all theirs for the taking.’ – Libertino Records ‘Black and White’ is the confident and bold return of the KEYS. The single was recorded during the productive two days session for the band’s new album in Miner’s Welfare club, lost in the Neath Valley.

Matt Evens, the band’s singer and songwriter, explains the background and the writing process of ‘Black and White’: “I wrote it while playing the drums on my own one morning. I was trying to write a modern-day nursery rhyme so it’s kept really simple. Then it went through the KEYS machine and came out all reverb guitars and maracas. It starts off Scout Niblett and ends up all Stooges with some Ron Asheton-style wah-wah thrown into the mix. It’s still a very sparse arrangement though which is the point. The lyric comes from something a photographer said to us once “Don’t worry, they’ll look alright in Black and White”; Gwion (Lead Guitar) used to quote it all the time in a jokey way so it ended up finding a melody.”

Fe wnewch chi ffeindio’r KEYS, rhwng The Stooges ‘Fun House’ a John Lennon/ Plastic Ono Band - KEYS, y band sydd ei angen ar bawb.

Ers rhyddhau pedair albym, sawl EP a sawl sengl yn ystod y mileniwm diwetha, mae’r KEYS wedi bod yn bresenoldeb chwedlonol yn nhirwedd cerddorol Cymru. Mae ansawdd bytholwyrdd cerddoriaeth y band yn cyffwrdd â rhyfeddod diderfyn caneuon pop y chwedegau, harmonïau West Coast a Motown backbeat gydag ymosodiad porto-pync 1968, sy’n eu gosod arwahan fel credinwyr cryf Rock n Roll. Mae’r KEYS yn fand cyfoes, yn siapio cerddoriaeth o lwch lleuad y gorffennol i ddyfodol dychmygus, disglair.

Mae’r KEYS yn ôl gyda’r sengl hyderus a chadarn ‘Black and White’. Recordiwyd y sengl yn Miner's Welfare Club, Cwm Nêdd yn ystod sesiwn dau ddiwrnod o recordio eu halbym newydd. Esbonia Matt Evans, canwr a chyfansoddwr y band, y stori sy’n perthyn i ‘Black and White’:

“Ysgrifennais y gân wrth chwarae’r drymiau ar ben fy hun un bore. Fe driais i ysgrifennu hwiangerdd fodern, felly cadwyd y gân yn syml. Yna, aeth y gân trwy beiriant KEYS ac allan daeth reverb gitars a maracas.

Scout Niblett yw’r dechrau a'r Stooges yw’r diwedd gyda ychydig o steil Ron Asheton-wah-wah-aidd wedi’i daflu i’r gymysgedd. Mae’r geiriau yn dod o rhywbeth ddywedodd ffotograffydd wrthon ni unwaith “Peidiwch â phoeni, bydd e’n edrych yn iawn mewn du a gwyn”; Roedd Gwion (gitar flaen) yn arfer dyfynnu’r linell drwy’r amser mewn ffordd bryfoclyd, felly roedd rhaid rhoi’r dyfyniad hwn i mewn i’r gân.”

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AmeriCymru: Hi Gwyndaf and many thanks for agreeing to this interview. What can you tell us about your forthcoming album 'Songs My Mother Taught Me'?

Gwyndaf: This new album that I have just recorded has been something I have wanted to do for a few years now. I wanted to record works from people that i enjoyed listening to as I grew into who I am today.

AmeriCymru: When did you first realise that you had been gifted with an extraordinary voice? At what point did you decide to become a singer?

Gwyndaf: I was very fortunate to have been born into a wonderfully diverse musical family. My mother was an operatic contralto who opened my ears and soul to the wonderful world of Italian opera. It was perfect for me... I love drama on the stage but not in my real life. It is fantastic for me to suffer and battle and even die on stage and then go home to my fantastically normal life with my beautiful wife and daughter.

My father introduced me to Jazz and sacred music. He also brought amazing words of the Welsh Greats. This absolutely helped realize that words matter so much. Even to shape the phrasing in a musical score.

My grandparents brought the wonderful music of the 1920s to the 50s to my life.

Friends that showed me that we are all so different emotionally. We choose music for different reasons and why it touches our heart. Mostly from our culture, belief system and upbringing and life experiences. Especially suffering and love.

My wife and daughter are two of the greatest reasons why I continue to sing professionally. It is a hard life. Without a family it is also very lonely. From the day I met and began living with the love of my life, my professional life has been made much easier. Her support is shockingly strong. We created a beautiful child from our love. She will also be an artist. She oozes that wonderful artistry that is so wonderful to witness.

To answer your question of when i realized i had a gift of an extraordinary voice... Well I do not see or hear it. As a Welsh artist we are very critical of our voices and every step of the entire process.

Thank God that some people think I have a gift that is good enough to make a living. My wife is the greatest driving force in slowly lifting that insecurity from me. Maybe one day I will hear what others hear in me.

AmeriCymru: How would you describe your current repertoire?

Gwyndaf: My current repertoire is exactly what I love to do. A bit of everything that I like to think that I can do well, which is to sing and connect with an audience.

It is so wonderful to enjoy myself on a stage or a studio and have a person of any age come up to me and say that I had really touched them that evening.

Mainly older women. I love to sing songs from their youth. Somehow I understand that time better than today's.

AmeriCymru:  What is your proudest achievement or moment? Is there any one performance, tour or album in your career that stands out for you?

Gwyndaf:  My proudest achievement career wise will always be when my father got to see and hear me perform the lead in Il Trovatore before he died. I played along side my teacher from the age of 8 years old. He was so proud. I felt it was and still is the greatest performance of my life. It was a magical night. I will carry it in my heart forever.

My greatest recording is this one that I have just finished called Songs My Mother Taught Me. We can all relate to that term. Mothers have always taught us songs. It is my tribute to great composers, singers, musicians and all the lovely people who have shared their music with me over the past 49 years.

I hope to have it manufactured and on the market in the new year.

AmeriCymru:  Where can people go online to hear/buy your music?

Gwyndaf:  My website can be found at .

AmeriCymru: Any final message for the readers and members of AmeriCymru?

Gwyndaf:  I hope that all the Welsh people world wide realize, cherish and share their God given gifts with anyone who is willing to listen. I know that it builds and creates wonderful artistry in so many people.

I can only say thank you to everyone that have shared their gifts with me. It helped make me the man and artist that I am today.

Singing is healthy. It connects all of us. No matter what language. Mind you Welsh is by far the best.

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And the winner is..... Dave Klein. Dave will be informed via email and his tickets will be available at 'will call' on the night. For those who entered but did not win, don't despair!! You can take advantage of DCINY's extremely generous 20% discount offer for AmeriCymru readers. The code is DCG30382 and it can be used online, over the phone, or in person at Carnegie Hall. Don't miss this prestigious annual event BOOK NOW!

1.21.19jenkinsassets_Twitter 440px x 220px minimum just include conc....jpg

"Sir Karl Jenkins is the most performed living composer in the world."

We are extremely pleased and proud to announce that Distinguished Concerts International have made available a pair of tickets for the forthcoming Karl Jenkins concert in New York at the Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall on Monday, January 21st, 2019. The program includes Sir Karl Jenkins’s Symphonic Adiemus as well as Jenkins’s Stabat Mater. Read our (2010) interview with Karl Jenkins here

We are offering these tickets as a QUIZ PRIZE on Americymru!

Just answer the three easy quiz questions below ( answers can all be found on Wikipedia ) and send them to us at ( all email addresses will be deleted when the competition closes ). We'll throw all the entries in a hat and pick the winner! Please email us by Monday, January 14th, 2019 no later than 9 PM ( Pacific Time ). Tickets will be ready at will call on 1/21 at the Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall; the winner will just need to bring a photo ID.

Only one entry per email address is permitted. Duplicates will be disqualified. You do not need to be an AmeriCymru member or logged into the site in order to enter this competition.

If you don't win the competition, please do not despair. DCINY is very kindly offering a 30% discount code for AmeriCymru readers. The code is DCG30382 and it can be used online, over the phone, or in person at Carnegie Hall

Karl Jenkins Quiz

  1. Which famous jazz-rock fusion band was Karl Jenkins a member of in the 70's?

  2. Which of Jenkins' works was listed as No. 1 in Classic FM's "Top 10 by living composers"?

  3. Where was Karl Jenkins born?

The Music of Sir Karl Jenkins: A 75th Birthday Celebration

Monday, January 21, 2019 at 7:00 PM
Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall

DCINY presents the US premiere of Welsh composer and DCINY’s composer-in-residence Sir Karl Jenkins’s Symphonic Adiemus as well as Jenkins’s Stabat Mater. Maestro Jonathan Griffithleads the Distinguished Concerts Orchestra and Distinguished Concerts Singers International in a celebration of Sir Karl Jenkins’s 75th birthday.


Jonathan Griffith, Conductor
Baidar Al Basri, Ethnic Soloist
Distinguished Concerts Orchestra and Distinguished Concerts Singers International


All-Sir Karl Jenkins Program
Symphonic Adiemus (US Premiere)
Stabat Mater

Tickets $20-$100!
On Sale Now!

Visit or call 212-247-7800

Box Office: 57th Street and Seventh Avenue

Ticket Link:



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The Music of Sir Karl Jenkins: A 75th Birthday Celebration

Monday, January 21, 2019 at 7:00 PM - Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall

DCINY presents the US premiere of Welsh composer and DCINY’s composer-in-residence Sir Karl Jenkins’s Symphonic Adiemus as well as Jenkins’s Stabat Mater. Maestro Jonathan Griffithleads the Distinguished Concerts Orchestra and Distinguished Concerts Singers International in a celebration of Sir Karl Jenkins’s 75th birthday.


Jonathan Griffith, Conductor
Baidar Al Basri, Ethnic Soloist
Distinguished Concerts Orchestra and Distinguished Concerts Singers International


All-Sir Karl Jenkins Program
Symphonic Adiemus (US Premiere)
Stabat Mater

Tickets $20-$100!
On Sale Now!

Visit or call 212-247-7800
Box Office: 57th Street and Seventh Avenue

Ticket Link:

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Banner master plus text.jpeg ..
Trenchfoot have established an enviable reputation as one of the fastest emerging folk rock acts in Wales. Steeped in stories real and imagined, it’s not a sad sound though, with emotionally, powerful lyrics, foot-tapping rhythms, driving bass lines, rousing sing-a-long choruses and an Americana folk style with their vocals and harmonies. AmeriCymru spoke to Andy Edwards about the band's history and future plans.


AmeriCymru: Hi Andy and many thanks for agreeing to this interview. How did Trenchfoot come to be formed? What can you tell us about the band's history?

Andy:   In 2013 I had an urge to build a trench system and with a small grant from the local council went ahead in readiness for the start of the commemoration of the The Great War. My workplace, Morfa Bay Adventure, Pendine supported my proposals and in the four years since it has been built has seen over 10,000 visitors.  It was to be an educational resource for schools in England and Wales, open to all but mostly for Primary Schools.

When researching my own family I found subject matter for songs and was inspired to pick up my guitar. During visits to the trench I realised nearly everybody had a story to tell.

Getting together with a fellow musician we got a small set of songs together as a duo and the band just grew. 

Trenchfoot’s first studio album was released in the summer of 2015 inspired by the stories of men and women of a hundred years ago and life in the trenches. ‘Flatiron Brothers’ takes people on a journey. It’s not about war. War is the canvas, not the detail. These twelve folk-rock songs are based on family and local history. The group sings of the humour, joy, love and tragedy around everyday people struggling in adversity. ‘Whispers’ came out a year later.

‘more than a fascinating concept….the songs are really interesting,’

Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales Nov 2015

AmeriCymru: Care to tell us a little about the band's current lineup?

Andy: The group came together in 2013 as part of a project to support some of the WW1 centenary commemorations and events of the following year. Phil Jenkins, came on board as a multi instrumentalist, guitar, ukulele, mando-cello and lead singer. Terry Thomas, mandolin, accordion and lead vocals, Jeff Singer, guitar and lead singer, Lorraine King, banjo, acoustic guitar, mouth organ, whistler and lead.

Seimon Pugh Jones and Andy Edwards lay the foundation of the performance on drums and bass.

It’s a unique sound that successfully melds the human, humorous, love and passionate stories behind the tragic events of WW1 with a 21st Century brand of music that transcends folk/rock.

‘…starting to make a big name for themselves in their home country of Wales and in 2016 expect to see them at festivals across the UK as their following grows.

Painstakingly researched for authenticity and sung and played with a passion which cannot be matched. These guys are being labelled a folk group and although there is a strong element of traditional storytelling here there's also a very modern feel to the album with sumptuous harmonies and accomplished musicianship.

… the passion they feel for this project is overwhelming - so successful has their debut album been that they're already halfway into recording number two ! If you buy one album - one great Welsh album - make it this one!’

Welsh Connections - CD Review

AmeriCymru: How would you describe Trenchfoot's repertoire? Do you mainly perform songs from or about WW1 and WW2?

Andy:  All songs are related to The Great War and more or less take the audience through from 1914 to 1918 and then the after effects of the war. All songs are originals and the whole band are credited with composition.

We have developed two sets of songs. The first starts with the outbreak of war, ‘The Great First World War’ opens the set and relates the cause and effect of what happened in Sarajevo with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. The first set finishes just after the Battle of the Somme.

The second set is a little more up tempo and invariably people will dance and singalong. We will always finish with ‘Keep The Flame.’ The song has become the band’s motif for what we have done over the last four years – to keep stories alive.

‘A Welsh folk-rock band that tells tales, sings songs, makes you laugh, makes you cry, but above all, entertains you!’

‘Not only a musical feast, it was a tonic for the soul. I stepped out with my heart a little lighter and my head filled with song.’

Wales Online, Nov 2014

AmeriCymru: What's next for Trenchfoot? New gigs, recordings?

Andy: It’s a cross roads for the band. We purposefully entrenched our music in a specific time slot. 1914-18. It has been hard to market a band who although play up-tempo tunes have the subject matter of death and war. The last few weeks as we have travelled through South Wales we have been met with large appreciative audiences and it questions whether to change direction or not.

We still have a large number of songs unrecorded. It would be amazing to go back into the studio and finish the job, but it all costs and decisions will have to be made. We have muted a possible change in direction to become a folk band relying on Welsh history in general. Trenchfoot is such an original, creative group of people it would be sad to let it go. We’ll just have to wait and see!

‘There’s something about their songs that impress itself upon us, tapping into nuances of emotion we didn’t know we had, and finding memories that don’t belong to us,’
Western Mail, Dec 2014

AmeriCymru: Where can readers go to hear/purchase your music online? 

Andy:    Website:

People can always e mail us. We have a few CD’s left and can post them worldwide £9.99 inc p&p or £15 for the two.

‘Prostrate’ a powerful song...Lorraine’s voice suits it perfectly’

Frank Hennesey Celtic Heartbeat, BBC Radio Wales Nov 2015

AmeriCymru: Any final message for the readers and members of AmeriCymru?

Andy:   One concept we would love to follow is the Welsh influence in the U.S.. Can anybody tell me the best place to research? Are there any books written? Is there any information that might help? Sometimes it’s nice to look at the ‘small’ man and the social side of life rather than bigger moments in history. It’s stories of the real man that inspire us to compose songs that tell a tale.

‘It was all a dream. TRENCHFOOT seen live is a unique and powerful experience. The band cross eras and indeed styles. Reminds one of the 'hard drinking' Irish folk bands of the 60s but the difference is they are Welsh and targeted. The subject matter is often hiraeth, as felt by the men at the 'front' in WW1. Through it all there is a sense of fun, albeit some songs are poignant and sad. Numerous catchy chorus lines are nailed on 'singalongs' and 'foot-tappers'. Beneath it all the message is strong and moving.

Great band, great night out!’

John Francis Wake

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A stream of Hollywood A-listers including Sir Paul McCartney, Bryan Cranston, Dame Judi Dench, Henry Cavill, Whoopi Goldberg, Jack Black, Steve Martin and more have recorded on a musical video alongside the stars of London’s West End. ‘The Hero – A West End & Friends Tribute’ pays thanks servicemen and women around the World and is raising money for the UK charity, Help For Heroes.

The project had an unlikely start, far from the bright lights of Hollywood, in the valleys of South Wales. Married writers; Daniel and Laura Curtis planned on producing the song they had written featuring only a handful of friends who were currently starring in the West End. 

Laura Curtis said; “In between writing new musicals or cabaret for Broadway and West End performers we try and raise money for good causes. We were in Florida during the INVICTUS games in 2016 and we met some true heroes and their amazing families who were staying at the same hotel as us. We decided then and there we wanted to do something but it took us a little bit of planning before we came up with the idea of writing this song.” 

The project had so many artists wanting to take part, that production extended into nearly a year. The couple and the performers donated their time whilst several businesses such as Fortnum and Mason, WPP and Fender helped to underwrite the costs of production, which were kept to a bare minimum. 

Daniel Curtis explained; “It became quickly clear that this project was bigger than our previous ones, people really engaged with the song, which is about a female recruit and her journey. Soon we had artists from Broadway signing on, we even had to change the name from ‘A West End Tribute’, to ‘A West End and Friends Tribute’. Then, when some of the biggest names in Hollywood came on board to record spoken contributions, it was clear to us that so many people shared our vision to make a fitting theatrical tribute for these heroes.” 

The couple are hoping the online video, filmed only with mobile devices and their own basic camera will capture a large audience. Laura Curtis says “We have set up a Just Giving Page for Help For Heroes and will include the link with the video. All proceeds from digital sales of the single will also be donated to the charity. We are also appealing to people watching in different countries to also donate to their own local charities which support veterans”

The release of ‘The Hero – A West End & Friends Tribute’ coincides with the commemorations surrounding the 100th Anniversary of the End of World War One’.

The full list of those providing spoken contributions are: 

Paul Bettany; Jack Black; Dan Brown; Simon Callow; Craig Cash; Henry Cavill;  Bryan Cranston; Dame Judi Dench; Stephen Fry; Josh Gad; Whoopi Goldberg; Kelsey Grammer; Richard E. Grant; Kerry Howard; Jeremy Irons; Sir David Jason; Carole King; Steve Martin; Brian May; Sir Paul McCartney; Kevin McKidd; Alan Menken; Piers Morgan; Matthew Morrison; Wendi Peters; Sir Tony Robinson;  Jonathan Ross; William Shatner; David Suchet; Zoë Wanamaker; Levison Wood 

West End & Broadway Performers:

Stephen Ashfield (Book Of Mormon Broadway); Sam Bailey (X-Factor Winner); David Bedella (Rocky Horror Show); Norman Bowman (42nd Street West End); Christina Bianco (Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat); Alan Burkitt (Kiss Me Kate West End); Sophia Anne Caruso (NBC Sound Of Music Live!); Rodney Earl Clarke (On The Town West End); Collabro (Britain’s Got Talent Winners); Maria Coyne (Wicked West End); Louise Dearman (Wicked West End); Killian Donnelly (Les Miserables West End); Samantha Dorsey (Les Miserables West End); Kerry Ellis (Wicked West End); Alice Fearn (Wicked West End); Ben Forster (Phantom Of The Opera West End); Emma Hatton (Wicked West End); Kara Lily-Hayworth (Cilla UK Tour); Matt Henry (Kinky Boots West End); Rob Houchen (Les Miserables West End); Ida; James Monroe Iglehart (Hamilton Broadway); Charlotte Jaconelli (Heathers The Musical West End), Emma Kingston (Evita International Tour); Luke McCall (Phantom Of The Opera West End); Jai McDowall (Britain’s Got Talent Winner); Nadim Naaman (Phantom Of The Opera West End); Trevor Dion Nicholas (Aladdin West End and Broadway); David Phelps; Dame Siân Phillips (Cabaret West End); Laura Pitt-Pulford (Seven Brides For Seven Brothers West End);  Joe Aaron Reid (Dreamgirls West End); David Ribi (Dreamboats and Petticoats West End) Oliver Savile (Wicked West End); Cleve September (Hamilton West End); Charlie Stemp (Hello Dolly! Broadway); Savannah Stevenson (Wicked West End); Marisha Wallace (Dreamgirls West End); Emma Williams (Mrs Henderson Presents West End); Michael Xavier (Sunset Boulevard Broadway).


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The Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir 2018

By AmeriCymru, 2018-10-28

RemembranceFinal.jpg The Vancouver Welsh Men’s Choir (VWMC) was formed in 1980 by Welsh singing enthusiasts, and is now one of Canada’s largest non-profit male choirs with close to a hundred singers of diverse ethnic backgrounds. It tours provincially each year; internationally about every three years. The choir maintains a Welsh singing tradition within a varied repertoire of folk songs, spirituals, show tunes, and Canadiana. We first started doing Remembrance concerts over 20 years ago. Several members of our choir were veterans and had close ties with the military and Legions. It has become a tradition that many of our patrons look forward to each year. This year we are doing two Remembrance concerts Nov 10th and 11th with the Band of The 15th Field Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery who we have performed with for several years.

Music touches the human soul the way nothing else does. It helps us keep in touch with our past and to connect to others of different cultural backgrounds. When the choir tours to other countries the music helps us transcend our differences and come together as brothers and sisters. Music has a unifying and uplifting quality.

In our upcoming Christmas series of 7 concerts, one of the songs we sing is called “Christmas In The Trenches”. It tells the story about how during WW1 in 1914 France, British and German soldiers laid down their arms on Christmas morning and refused to fight. Instead they met each other in “no man’s land” and traded pictures, cigarettes, played games and sang songs. They realized that this was not their war but brought about by politicians and others. Some of the words in the song are: “The frozen fields of France were warmed, and songs of peace were sung. For the walls they’d built between us to exact the work of war were crumbled and were gone forever more.” The song ends with the words, “For the one’s who called the shots won’t be among the dead and lame, and at each end of the rifle, we’re the same.”

These concerts are heartwarming and emotional and enjoyed by all. They are especially meaningful to veterans or anyone who has lived through conflict. In 2017 the choir toured France, Belgium and The Netherlands to honour the fallen, performing at Vimy Ridge, Menen Gate, Juneau Beach, delivering memorable charitable concerts along the route. Memories of this tour will make Remembrance 2018 with the 15th Field Artillery Band RCA an especially poignant concert for choir members.

The choir is a “not for profit” organization with a limited advertising budget. We rely on our reputation and word of mouth to help us share our joy of singing. Some of the comments we have received: “A truly heartwarming and memorable experience”. “A very professional and unforgettable concert”. “It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck”.

Consummate professionals Music Director Jonathan Quick and Accompanist/Assistant Music Director Karen Lee Morlang ensure that VWMC’s male amateur vocalists experience and deliver the joy of singing, from the heart.

The choir produces CD s of its music, available at concerts and online at

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Welsh producer R.Seiliog aka Robin Edwards returns with his new LP 'Megadoze' a subtle shift from the sonic palette of critically acclaimed ‘In Hz'and 2016’s ’Shedhead EP’. R.Seiliog creates a gentle stir from darkness, coaxing ambisonic visions of the void with synth-driven tides. 'Megadoze'refined prologue surges through visceral tapestries of static and haze merging ambient techno, musique concrète and field recordings.

Astounding lead track 'Opal Drift' with its enveloping structures builds through ambient textures and a bricolage of half-remembered techno and synth waves, it’s like the evocative sound of flowing water softly sculpting the rocks of the Black mountains. Second track ‘DC Offset’ weaves intricate sci-fi soundtrack layers bubbles, babbles and skitters with otherworldly presence echoing homage to the finest work of Brian Eno, its followed by the incredible ‘Obsidian’ its deep-glitch woven journey unfurls into an awe-inspiring interlude of sonic revelry in its final portion. Meanwhile the ambient hauntings and glacial washes of 'Vitamin Filter' are a masterclass in the melding of field recordings and motorik electronic beats, it’s equally the soundtrack to chilling-in, or going out.

'Zemlya' resonates and chimes with harmonics that conjure echoes of the percussive music of different continents from India to Africa, underscored by contrasting hues of sub-bass driven beats, crunchy granular glitch with instrumental swathes. The ambient drops of 'Nectar Phase'with its viscous swells and fluxing breakbeat possess a timelessness. The glacial ‘Chalk Fields’ mirrors the sound of a rising sun casting cosmic beams onto your face as you lie in a dew-speckled field, samples of birds chirruping, streams flowing, a distant voice and stunning ambient textures arise into a moment of unified clarity.

Sonically daring and sewn with intricate genre-blurring levels of detail, each cut remains connected to the heart of nature in its elemental force, ‘Megadoze’ is perhaps R.Seiliog’s finest record yet.

R.Seiliog emerged from the pine coned hills of Peniel, North Wales. Releasing the warm analog psychedelia of 2012's ‘Shuffles EP’, and his debut long player 2013's ‘Doppler’ which was a wide-eyed homage to Krautrock. Manic Street Preachers were so inspired by his debut album Doppler that the band entrusted Edwards to remix Manic Street Preachers’ single ‘Futurology'.

In 2014 the release of his critically acclaimed second album ‘In Hz’ a masterful work of convoluted drone and electronics. Which led Thump to herald it as “So good it hurts” and Mojo Magazine to say “R.Seiliog presides over a subtle, imaginative record that transcends many genres.” R. Seiliog’s work has received airplay from the likes of Huw Stephens, 6 Music - Mary Anne Hobbs, Radcliffe and Maconie and Lauren Laverne.

Megadoze tracklist:

01. Opal Drift
02. DC Offset
03. Obsidian
04. Portals
05. Vitamin Filter
06. Zemlya
07. Nectar Phase
08. Waxwing
09. Chalk Fields
10. Coda

To coincide with the release of 'Megadoze' R.Seiliog has announced two shows one at Carmarthen with ACCU and a launch show at Cardiff's Gwdi Hw.

17th - The Parrot with ACCU
22nd - Gwdihw

Megadoze celf.jpg

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Launchpad 2018 ARTISTS ENNIO.jpg

Arts Council of Wales and BBC Wales are calling for talented Welsh artists and bands to apply for the Launchpad fund.

Launchpad will offer grants of up to £2,000 to help artists or bands to fulfil their potential and reach the next level. Aimed at emerging musicians that already demonstrate promise, Launchpad is part of the Horizons Gorwelion scheme to develop new and independent contemporary music in Wales.

Launchpad was started in 2014 and has supported over 135 artists, from more than 50 Welsh towns. A diverse mix of musicians will be supported in their creative work by the fund, allowing them to pay for studio time and equipment, commission photography, artwork and video, promote their work and go on tour.

One of last year’s musicians was Flintshire hip-hop artist Ennio the Little Brother whose work has been played on BBC 6 Music. He said:

"Receiving the Horizons grant was a huge surprise to me. It felt incredible to be a part of a group of Welsh musicians looking to take our craft to the next level. With the grant, I purchased a guitar amplifier and a looper pedal, which have both helped me to drastically improve my live performances. Just a year ago, I relied heavily on backing tracks to bolster my set, but now I can creatively compose layered music on the spot; completely live. As well as this, the way I write music has changed too! I now use the looper to create new compositions.”

Cardiff-based rapper and singer NonameDisciple received support for her A Millennial's Godfidence project. Tracks went on to be played by DJ Semtex in his "5 Tunes You Need To Know" and by DJ Target on BBC 1xtra.  She was also selected to play on the ‘BBC Introducing’ stage at the Reading and Leeds Festival.  She said: “Launchpad fund has been vital towards helping my music reach audiences, I feel honoured and thankful."

Singer-songwriter Beth Celyn from Caernarfon used Launchpad to promote her new EP. She said: “I’m so grateful to Horizons for their support and faith in me as an artist. Receiving the grant has been a massive encouragement. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to gig or compose new material this year as my digital piano broke a few months before the launch of my debut EP. The launch scheme enabled me to buy a new digital piano and I’ve already had some invaluable experiences - from performing at the Pan Celtic Festival over in Ireland to playing at Festival No.6 in Portmeirion."

From Wednesday 17 October applications to Launchpad will be open to Wales based artists and bands.  Entries will close at midnight on Friday 16 November 2018.

For more information about Launchpad and how to apply, as well as the Horizons initiative, go to


Launchpad 2018 ARTISTS ADWAITH.jpg

Mae Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru    a BBC Cymru'n galw am artistiaid a bandiau Cymreig dawnus i ymgeisio am gyllid o’r gronfa Lawnsio.  

Bydd Lawnsio’n cynnig grantiau o hyd at £2,000 i helpu artistiaid neu fandiau i gyflawni eu potensial a chyrraedd y lefel nesaf. Mae Lawnsio, sy'n targedu cyw-gerddorion sydd eisoes yn dangos addewid, yn rhan o'r cynllun  Horizons/Gorwelion  sy’n anelu at ddatblygu cerddoriaeth gyfoes newydd ac annibynnol yng Nghymru.

Cychwynnwyd Lawnsio yn 2014 ac mae'r cynllun eisoes wedi cynorthwyo dros 135 o artistiaid o dros 50 o wahanol drefi yng Nghymru. Caiff amrywiaeth eang o gerddorion gymorth gyda'u gwaith creadigol trwy'r gronfa, a fydd yn caniatáu iddynt dalu am offer ac amser stiwdio, comisiynu ffotograffiaeth, gwaith celf a fideo, hybu eu gwaith a mynd â’u gwaith ar daith.

Un o gerddorion llwyddiannus y llynedd oedd yr artist hip-hop o Sir y Fflint Ennio the Little Brother y mae ei waith wedi cael ei chwarae ar BBC 6 Music. Meddai:

"Roedd derbyn y grant Gorwelion yn sypreis a hanner i mi. Roedd hi'n teimlo'n anhygoel bod yn rhan o grŵp o gerddorion Cymreig sydd am fynd â'n crefft ymlaen i'r lefel nesaf. Brynais i amp i'r gitâr a phedal dolennu gyda’r grant, ac mae'r ddau wedi fy nghynorthwyo i wella fy mherfformiadau byw yn sylweddol. Cwta flwyddyn yn ôl, roeddwn i'n dibynnu'n drwm ar draciau cefndir i ategu fy set, ond nawr rwy'n gallu cyfansoddi cerddoriaeth haenog yn greadigol yn y fan a'r lle; yn hollol fyw. Mae'r ffordd rwy'n mynd ati i ysgrifennu cerddoriaeth wedi newid yn ogystal! Rwy'n defnyddio'r dolennwr i greu cyfansoddiadau newydd hefyd."

Cafodd y rapiwr a'r gantores o Gaerdydd,  NonameDisciple  gymorth ar gyfer ei phrosiect    A Millennial's Godfidence . Aeth ei thraciau ymlaen i gael eu chwarae gan  DJ Semtex  yn ei   " 5 Tunes You Need To Know "   a chan y  DJ Target  ar  BBC 1xtra.   Cafodd ei dethol hefyd i chwarae ar lwyfan 'BBC Introducing' yng Ngwyliau Reading a Leeds.  Dywedodd:  

“Mae'r gronfa Lawnsio wedi bod yn hanfodol wrth helpu fy ngherddoriaeth i gyrraedd cynulleidfaoedd, rwy'n teimlo’n freintiedig ac yn ddiolchgar."  

Defnyddiodd y gantores a'r gyfansoddwraig o Gaernarfon,  Beth Celyn  Lawnsio i hybu ei EP newydd. Dywedodd:

“Dwi mor ddiolchgar i Gorwelion am eu cefnogaeth a'u ffydd ynof fi fel artist. Mae derbyn y grant wedi rhoi anogaeth aruthrol i mi. Hebddo, fyddwn i ddim wedi gallu gigio na chyfansoddi deunydd newydd eleni am i fy mhiano digidol dorri ychydig fisoedd cyn lansio fy EP cyntaf. Diolch i'r cynllun Lawnsio bu modd i mi brynu piano digidol newydd ac rydw i wedi cael profiadau anhepgor eisoes - o berfformio yn yr Ŵyl Ban Geltaidd draw yn Iwerddon, i chwarae yng Ngŵyl Rhif 6 ym Mhortmeirion."

Bydd ceisiadau i'r gronfa Lawnsio’n agor i artistiaid a bandiau yng Nghymru ddydd Mercher, 17 Hydref.  Bydd ceisiadau'n cau am ganol nos, nos Wener 16 Tachwedd 2018.   

I gael rhagor o wybodaeth am Y Gronfa Lawnsio   a sut i wneud cais, yn ogystal â'r fenter Gorwelion, ewch i

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