• Croeso i AmeriCymru. The Americymru network was created for a number of reasons:-

    Firstly we seek to provide a social network for the Welsh, persons of Welsh descent and Cymruphiles all over the world . It is intended that the network should be a place where members can share their experiences of Wales and engage in friendly debate in our forums. The network has many features which allow people with a shared love of Wales to communicate and share photos, videos, links, blogposts etc and we will be adding new features from time to time. We also extend a warm welcome to our cousins from other Celtic nations.

    Secondly we seek to promote Wales in the USA as well as the Welsh-American community and other communities of the Welsh 'diaspora' in Wales. It should be stressed that we have no political agenda in so doing but merely a desire to help familiarize our members and readers with the best of traditional and modern Welsh literature, music and culture. For this reason we encourage the use of the site as a 'shop-window' in most instances.

    Any public forum has to have rules so here are ours. They're just common sense really. We have no desire to be censorious so please keep it friendly and respectful.

    AmeriCymru Terms of Use

    These Terms and Conditions of Use (the “Terms of Use”) apply to the AmeriCymru web site located at https://americymru.net and created and administrated by Ceri Shaw (collectively herein “AmeriCymru”) and any services offered on or by AmeriCymru.

    Use Of AmeriCymru

    2. AmeriCymru reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms, at any time. Although AmeriCymru will attempt to notify users when these Terms have changed, it is your responsibility to check these Terms of Use periodically for changes. Your continued use of AmeriCymru following the posting of changes will mean that you accept and agree to the changes. As long as you comply with these Terms, AmeriCymru grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited privilege to enter and use the Site.

    4. You must be at least eighteen (18) years old to purchase goods or services on AmeriCymru or to offer goods or services for sale on AmeriCymru.

    6. If you’re registering for a seller’s profile on AmeriCymru on behalf of a company, group or organization, you must be an authorized representative of that company, group or organization, with the authority to bind the company, group or organization to these term and agree to these terms on behalf of your company, group or organization.

    8. By using AmeriCymru, you understand and agree that you may not upload or post false, misleading, deceptive, or fraudulent content; bait and switch; keyword spam; offensive, obscene, defamatory, threatening, or malicious postings or email; or anyone’s personal, identifying, confidential or proprietary information. Uploading or posting such content in violation of these terms may lead to deletion of content and/or expulsion from and denial of membership on AmeriCymru.

    10. AmeriCymru does not endorse any statements by or Content uploaded to the site by its members. AmeriCymru reserves the right to delete or modify member profile content in the event that it deems that content violates the AmeriCymru Terms of use or for any reason in its sole discretion, without cause or notice to you.


    13. The above disclaimer applies to any damages, liability or injuries caused by any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication line failure, theft or destruction of or unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use, whether for breach of contract, tort, negligence or any other cause of action.

    Copyright & Intellectual Property

    16. You own all of the content that you submit or upload on AmeriCymru, including but not limited to text, images, video and audio recordings. For each piece of content that you submit or upload on AmeriCymru, you represent and warrant that you are the owner or author of the content or otherwise have the right to submit or upload this content, that the content does not infringe any other party’s intellectual property right and/or privacy rights, that AmeriCymru will not need to obtain licenses from any third party or pay royalties to any third party and that the content complies with these Terms and all applicable laws.

    18. If you believe someone has infringed on your intellectual property rights, you may want to seek advice from a legal professional.

    19. You do not have to be a member of AmeriCymru to purchase goods or services from an AmeriCymru seller.

    21. AmeriCymru does not pre-screen sellers and does not endorse individual sellers nor endorse items sold by individual sellers on AmeriCymru, nor any content posted by sellers.

    Selling on AmeriCymru

    24. To register or operate a seller’s profile on AmeriCymru, your account on AmeriCymru must be in good standing and you must not violate provisions of the site Terms or Use or this Seller’s Terms of Use. AmeriCymru reserves the right to refuse participation to any applicant, at any time in its sole discretion.

    25. By creating a seller’s profile on AmeriCymru, you warrant that you are the owner or have the permission of the owner of any item that you offer for sale and that no item that you offer for sale includes intellectual property of which you are not the owner or are not licensed to sell.

    Fees and Taxes

    27. Payments on AmeriCymru are processed through a payment gateway which will provide members with sales reports and information. You are responsible for monitoring your sales reports, AmeriCymru will not provide other sales reports.

    29. U.S. TAXPAYERS. If you are a U.S. taxpayer and receive payments from AmeriCymru of $600 or more in a tax year, AmeriCymru will issue you an Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) Form 1099 reporting such payments. Before beginning sales on AmeriCymru, you will need to complete and return via email attachment or mail an IRS Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification). If you receive payments from AmeriCymru of less than $600 in a tax year, it is your responsibility to report such payments to the IRS.

    30. NON-U.S. TAXPAYERS. If you are a non-U.S. taxpayer and receive payments from AmeriCymru, such payments shall be treated as royalty payments to you for U.S. federal income tax purposes and subject to withholding tax in an amount equal to 30% of such payment. You may be eligible for an exemption or for a reduced rate of withholding pursuant to an applicable tax treaty. If so, you must complete and submit a signed Form W-8BEN (Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for U.S. Tax Withholding) to AmeriCymru and establish your eligibility for such exemption or reduced rate of withholding. For more information, see https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p515.pdf

    32. NO OTHER FEES, FEE DISPUTES. Except as expressly set forth in Paragraph *, above, no other fees or royalties will be payable by AmeriCymru under this Agreement in connection with an AmeriCymru seller’s profile, or the provision of other materials or services under these Terms. AmeriCymru may change its pricing and/or payment structure at any time.

    33. The following is a partial list of items which are prohibited and may not be offered for sale by any AmeriCymru seller:

    • Alcohol, controlled substances, illegal drugs, medical drugs, medical devices, drug paraphernalia and tobacco

    • Weapons, firearms/guns and components, ammunition, clips, cartridges, reloading materials, stun or spear guns, gunpowder or explosives of any kind

    • Hazardous materials including but not limited to poisons, corrosives and radioactive materials

    • Any good or product which is the subject of an official safety or health recall in any country

    • Live animals or animal or human body parts or products including bodily fluids, furs or ivory

    • Pornography and/or especially child pornography or bestiality

    • Offers or solicitation of prostitution

    • Food stamps, WIC vouchers, SNAP or WIC goods, governmental assistance

    • Stolen property, property with serial number removed/altered, burglary tools, etc

    • ID cards, licenses, police insignia, government documents, birth certificates, etc

    • US military items not demilitarized in accord with Defense Department policy

    • Counterfeit, replica, or pirated items; tickets or gift cards that restrict transfer

    • Lottery or raffle tickets, sweepstakes entries, slot machines, gambling items

    • Affiliate marketing; network, or multi-level marketing; pyramid schemes

    • Any good, service, or content that violates the law or legal rights of others

    35. FORCE MAJEURE. Neither party shall have any liability for any failure or delay resulting from any condition beyond the reasonable control of such party, including but not limited to governmental action or acts of terrorism, earthquake or other acts of God, labor conditions, and power failures.

    37. AGREEMENT TO ARBITRATE. You and AmeriCymru agree that any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of or relating to these Terms or the breach, termination, enforcement, interpretation or validity these Terms; the use of AmeriCymru or content available on AmeriCymru will be settled by arbitration, except that each party retains the right to bring an individual action in small claims court and to seek injunctive or other equitable relief in a court of competent jurisdiction to prevent the actual or threatened infringement, misappropriation or violation of a party’s copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents or other intellectual property rights.

    39. PRIVACY POLICY. AmeriCymru values the privacy of its members and visitors. We collect some information from members and visitors to the site, including:

    • Member registration provided by the user, which may include email address, name, location, age, date of birth and other information voluntarily provided by you in becoming a member of the site and creating your member profile.

    • Automatically collected information such as the Internet Protocol (“IP”) address of the device you are using and its location, version of software installed, system type, the referring search query used to locate content and pages on AmeriCymru, the content and pages that you access on AmeriCymru, the dates and times that you visit AmeriCymru.

    40. We collect this information to operate, maintain and enhance the features we provide. Your IP address and information helps us assess whether applicants for membership are providing accurate information, and to attempt to prevent spammers from joining the site to gain access to our members.