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    Hand Dyed Yarn

    We choose to work with the finest yarns in the weaving of our blankets and also in our natural Dye Studio. By using excellent quality natural fibre, including Welsh wool, Welsh yarn, British yarn and luxury yarn, and by sourcing pure botanical natural extracts, we are able to produce beautiful hand dyed yarn. The colours from natural dyes are enthralling, each will depend on where the dyestuff was grown, how it was harvested, the fibres being dyed, and the method of application we use.

    It takes time, knowledge and patience but we love what we are able to do at the Dye Studio and hope that this comes through in the hand dyed yarn. Have a browse through the hand dyed yarns and natural dye wool available and know that your project will be one of a kind. Hand dyed yarn colours, dyed with natural dyes may be repeated but they can never be exactly the same - part of the beauty of a handmade product!

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    FelinFach Natural Textiles is an independent Welsh company based at a 200-year-old former flour mill in the Preseli mountain area of Pembrokeshire, Wales. Our guiding principles for all our products are -


    All our products are created in limited numbers; nothing is mass-produced at FelinFach. Designing and making wool products including blankets and throws, iconic Welsh tapestry blankets and scarves. All are woven in Wales on traditional looms using the skills and methods of times gone by and are managed by craftsmen and women, not computer programs!

    At the FelinFach Dye Studio, we create hand dyed yarn. We also make hand dyed cotton, silk and wool scarves and shawls and hand bound books. We only use natural dye in our dyeing processes. 

    We aim to support the Welsh and British weaving, wool and farming industries.