Stanza Breaks In Poetry Submissions

Ceri Shaw
11/19/16 11:18:36PM
506 posts have logged in and posted a poem. Next you want to edit it. Take a look at the following screenshots which will get you to the edit screen and the source code edit screen. Once there you can correct line and stanza breaks. The problem is that when you copy and paste from a word processor or from PDF the formatting is NOT translated accurately into HTML. So, you have to tweak it, manually, a little. Follow the steps below and you will be done in minutes.

1. Hover the cursor in the right hand corner of your post and click the middle (Update) button. (see below)

2. Click the 'source code' icon. (see below)‚Äč

3. A 'source code' pop out will appear. Here you can alter the html tags to preserve your formatting. As you can see, at the moment there are no p or br tags to denote line or stanza breaks. Basically you need a br at the end of each line and a p tag at the end of each stanza.

updated by @ceri-shaw: 07/30/17 05:56:41AM