Montgomeryshire St David's Banner - Baner Sir Drefaldwyn

    montomeryshire_banner1.jpg The original idea for a banner for every county in Wales was conceived by Gwenno Dafydd. Her vision was of hand-made banners the size of the coal mining lodge banners, based on the words and images of the Saint David’s Day Anthem (Lyrics: Gwenno Dafydd. Music: Heulwen Thomas) and elements of local county history with the aim that they be paraded every Saint David’s Day in their respective local communities.

    The first of these banners was the Pembrokeshire Banner, which is on permanent display in the East Cloister, Saint David’s Cathedral, Pembrokeshire. Every year the Pembrokeshire Banner is paraded around the Cathedral in the Saint David’s Day Service by the Head Boy and Head Girl of Ysgol Dewi Sant whilst the children of Ysgol Bro Dewi Primary School sing the Saint David’s Day Anthem.

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    Saint David’s Day Anthem School Pack

    Gwenno Dafydd’s original idea to create school banners based on the Saint David’s Day Anthem. Read More Here

    The First County Banner – The Pembrokeshire Banner


    The Truth Behind St David of Wales Revealed in New Book

    in_pursuit_of_st_david.jpg The truth behind the myth of Saint David has been revealed this week with the publishing of a book that will throw new light on the mysterious life of Wales’ patron saint.

    In Pursuit of Saint David by historian Gerald Morgan follows the life of Saint David, looking at how the myths and traditions that surround the historical figure have come to be and how he eventually became such an important part of Welsh history.

    ‘His is a most remarkable story’ says Gerald Morgan, ‘Everyone in Wales knows something about Saint David, the patron saint of Wales – that he lived long ago, that Saint Davids was his home, and that the ground in Llanddewi Brefi rose up from under his feet so everyone could hear him’.

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