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    Croeso i Croeseiriau Cymraeg

    389pxGeiriadur_CymraegSaesneg_Gweirydd_ap_Rhys.jpg AmeriCymru is committed to doing everything it can to assist its members and readers to acquire a working knowledge of the Welsh language. Whether your goal is fluency or merely the ability to order a pizza and beer when on vacation in Caernarfon you will find helpful resources on this site.

    Of course if your real goal is complete mastery of the language then you will need to be able to practice with other speakers and learners. To that end we provide a fully featured language course which runs all year round and caters for absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced speakers. For more information about the course go here:- AmeriCymraeg

    But what if you are not yet ready to commit to a full time course and would like to get a feel for the language and accumulate some vocabulary first?

    In that case you might wish to make use of our Welsh language learners crosswords (Croeseiriau Cymraeg) and the accompanying dictionary (Geiriadur) section which we are currently developing on the site.

    You do not need to be registered to take this course. We will however be providing additional resources and support to AmeriCymru members in our Grwp Y Gymraeg. You may find these useful. Join AmeriCymru


    Croeseiriau Cymraeg

    Croeseiriau Cymraeg is an introductory Welsh language course which uses wordlists and crosswords to develop and test vocabulary. It also includes basic grammar sections. The course is designed so that you can proceed at your own pace and devise your own schedule. There are no formal class sessions but there is a support group where you can post enquiries, suggestions etc. It is divided into three sections and will grow to include 20 crosswords and associated grammar pages. We plan to add a new crossword every week until it is complete.

    SO....how do we suggest you use this resource?


    • Click the 'How To Use' tab on this page for guidance on using the Crossword and Wordlist pages.
    • Go to the 'Part 1' tab on this page and click the 'Grammar' link. Learn the grammar.
    • Work your way through the wordlists and crosswords in order. Learn the words and study the associated sample sentences.
    • You can always click on 'Solve Question' if you get stuck on a crossword clue. You can also check your answers by clicking on the solution links. ALL crossword pages include links to appropriate wordlist and solution pages.
    • Repeat the above procedure for Parts 2 and 3.
    • You might also consider joining our Grwp Y Gymraeg for help and support from other learners.



    The Geiriadur will comprise 600 entries approx. It is primarily intended for use with the Croeseiriau Cymraeg course. It could also be used as a standalone resource (together with the crosswords) to help you expand and test your Welsh vocabulary. When you consider that fluency in any language normally requires a vocabulary of around 2000 words, this resource will get you off to a good start.



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