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    A Letter To Her Majesty from Tywysog Llywelyn Cymru....

    Tywysog Llywelyn (Prince Llywelyn) has been communicating, or at least attempting to communicate with the U.K. government and he has shared his correspondence with AmeriCymru. We have reproduced the letters below.


    In this letter dated in March of this year Tywysog Llywelyn makes first contact with the United Kingdom’s Government Legal Department. In the letter he identifies himself as the lawful King of Wales and heir the native Welsh Kings and Princes, and demands the U.K. pay reparations and immediately cease removing resources from Wales without trade negotiations.

    He also quotes King George VI's  wartime speech about Nazi aggression in pre war Europe:- , “It is a principle which permits a state in the selfish pursuit of power to disregard its treaties and its solemn pledges, which sanctions the use of force or threat of force against the sovereignty and independence of other states. Such a principle, stripped of all disguise, is surely the primitive doctrine that might is right”

    Is there a comparison to be made here between the United Kingdom’s historic use of force against Wales and the Nazi invasion of Europe?

    AmeriCymru spoke with Tywysog Llywelyn Cymru and asked him to explain the significance of the letter and the Government's response

    "The Government Legal Department of the United Kingdom responded to me and did not deny my claim, or who I am. How extremely interesting is that? The Government Legal Department of the United Kingdom has examined the evidence presented to them, and they did not simply deny that I am the rightful King of Wales, or ignore my letter. Instead they bounced me around their bureaucracy and five days later, cited the issue as a “devolution matter”.

    While this may not seem like a big deal to some, to anyone trained in the legal profession knows this is HUGE! If your neighbour fences off a piece of your property and you don’t respond, the property can become your neighbour’s property. It’s called adverse possession. In law, when someone presents a challenge the respondent must reply to ensure they do not lose their rights, especially if the facts are incorrect.

    The UK Government Legal Department does not deny any of the facts I presented to them. They don’t deny that I am the King, they don’t deny the annexation of Wales was illegal, and they don’t deny the UK owes Wales money for reparations, lots of money!"

    Tywysog Llywelyn then provided the same information to the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister, Theresa May and that correspondence was similarly ignored.

    After waiting for a response from the Cabinet Office and not receiving one he decided to reach out to the Queen of the U.K. herself. Below is a copy of the letter he sent to her.


    Again there was no response. Does this involve a tacit acceptance by the Legal branches of the United Kingdom that they are aware their actions in Wales are unlawful according to international law?

    "My how far the apple has fallen from the tree in the British monarchy. You have one Monarch attesting that “might is right is a primitive principle”, and then that Monarch’s heir and government ignoring the same. Perhaps “might is right” or the use of force or threat of force only matters if the British government is facing being invaded, or if it is them being colonialist.

    Regardless of the UK being willing to negotiate with me or not, I am pressing forward and now we know that what I am saying is true. The United Kingdom will owe Wales a fortune in reparations and illegal activities in Wales (i.e., annexation, improper taxation, theft of resources, etc.)"

    Fighting talk!! Rest assured we here at AmeriCymru will be following and reporting on this story with considerable interest as it develops.