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Welsh Cowboys and Outlaws: Dafydd Meirion

user image 2008-06-04
By: AmeriCymru
Posted in: welsh american history

Screenshot from 20210304 103744.png This, admittedly rather slim, volume is an absolute gem and deserves to be much more widely known. On the back cover the author enquires:-"Did you know, that at one time, many of America's most infamous criminals were of Welsh descent?" Not a proud boast perhaps but nevertheless there is some fascinating material here on the James Brothers and lesser known but equally malevolent scoundrels like Issac Davis.

Fortunately the book does not concern itself solely with these superstar desperadoes, colorful though they may be. There are short sections here on Welsh cowboys, ranchers, prospectors, miners and railway workers all of whom played their part in the building of the West.

The real strength of this volume is that it treats of characters who did not make it into the history books. You will find no Wikipedia entry for John Reynolds Hughes who single-handedly tracked and subdued two gangs of murderous cattle-rustlers before deciding to do it professionally and joining the Texas Rangers. Likewise, history does not record much about the exploits of Jack Farmer - railroad pioneer, who successfully treated his rheumatism with Kentucky Bourbon whilst surveying in the Rockies.

Published by Y Lolfa at $12 (approx) this book is an excellent introduction to the Wild Welsh in the old West.

dave martin
06/05/08 02:15:47AM @dave-martin:
what about the taffia started by italian welsh ice cream sellers and cafe owners
06/04/08 09:55:51PM @gaabi:
This is an interesting book, along with the lives of most of the most famous Caribbean pirates being Welsh, but definitely cheaper straight from the publisher than Amazon.