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Brian y Tarw Llwyd
09/10/16 01:14:55PM @brian-y-tarw-llwyd:

Penblwydd Hapus i chi!  Happy Birthday to you!  May your day be full of good friends and family, and good cheer.
Pob hwyl

Lidia Ziolkowski2
07/17/09 08:25:38PM @lidia-ziolkowski2:
Thanks Dave for that insight! I appreciate it very much! At least next to my dad's homeland Wales was ideal for them--those Polish immigrants had something to their liking! Who wouldn't like Wales? If anyone doesn't like Wales then they're the losers!Anyway thanks once again--however I am an American born and raised to my two Eastern European immigrant folks!Lidia
Mark Powell
05/26/09 01:34:32PM @mark-powell:
Hi Dave,My uncle Jim Powell settled in Gretna many years ago. He was the Grand Poo-bah of the Mardi Gras there several times. Died recently.BTW, I also love hot sauce. I have two one-gallon glass jugs of Tabasco Habanero and one gallon of Melinda's XXXX in my pantry...just in case they stop making them. First came upon Melinda's during a SCUBA trip to Belize.
Patricia Ann Evans
04/10/09 01:15:51PM @patricia-ann-evans:
I was notified by Americymru email that you left a comment on my photo. I tried but cannot access your comment. Go to my homepage, will meet you there. Have a wonderful Welsh day!!! Patricia Ann Evans
Paul Durden
03/27/09 01:00:24AM @paul-durden:
Let's face up to facts. Tom Jones is a big old fat boring caberet act. he has not ever invented anything, apart from the wife beaters national anthem. Delila..be lucky hope all is well see you Paul....xxxx
Christine McSorley(nee Jones)
03/06/09 02:00:23PM @christine-mcsorleynee-jones:
Just doing what my Nain taught me.Faenol (Vaynol) is accross on the main land outside Bangor, I used to live in Menai Bridge after getting married but was brought up in Brynsiencyn.They have some great concert over in the Faenol. "Tan y Ddraig" is huge (for North Wales) on August Bank holiday, Bryn Fon is the founder of these concerts started in 2000 the year I left. My daughter and son have been, my sister who lives over there still and lots of my friends go every year.Here is a link to Bryn Fon at the 2007 concert and his bloghttp://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=256923338&blogId=459305382
Christine McSorley(nee Jones)
03/04/09 02:10:49PM @christine-mcsorleynee-jones:
I used to have a beutiful slate hearth and mantle in my house in Menai Bridge, used to polish is up with linseed oil and vinegarJust moved our fireplace here in the basement and put slate tiles around and as a hearth, just waiting for the grout to dry.
Christine McSorley(nee Jones)
03/04/09 02:05:28PM @christine-mcsorleynee-jones:
"Why , thank you sir",I am a 6 nations rygby fan, the France v Wales was so exciting, pity we lost that last line out 21/2 minutes before the end we only neede the try and conversion to draw!!
Christine McSorley(nee Jones)
03/03/09 01:25:14PM @christine-mcsorleynee-jones:
The Buckley Hotel is the biggest place I can think of in Beaumaris that you might see the water also, it is across the road from the Menai Straits They have a restaurant and a tea room inside I can't think of anywhere else.Did you stay in Bethel outside Caernarfon?
Steve Pruett
02/28/09 08:31:54PM @steve-pruett:
David,Hello and thank you for welcoming me to the site back in June,I don't remember if I acknowledged you at that time or not. Thank you.
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