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Category: Puzzles

Logic Puzzle: You are on your way across the Rhinogs to Maentwrog. You come to a crossroads in the mist. You must turn left or right.

Two members of the infamous local Davies family ( Dai & Idris ) are standing at the T junction. There are 2 brothers. One of them always tell the truth and the other always lies. You ask, "Which way is Maentwrog?"

Dai Davies spits his chawin baccy into the dirt and says "Left"

Idris, draining his can of Wrexham Lager, says "No it's not"

After a pause Idris adds "At least one of us is telling the truth"

Which way do you go and why?

( There is a correct answer and there is no is pure logic )




Puzzle adapted from King Arthur In Search of His Dog by Raymond M. Smullyan





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