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The new comic Mellten will be launching on Y Lolfa’s stall at the Urdd Eisteddfod in Flintshire at 12 o’ clock on Monday the 30 th of May.

Mellten is a new quarterly comic for the children of Wales. Mainly aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 13, this is the first original Welsh comic to be published in decades. Edited by Wales’ best and most original cartoonist, Huw Aaron, Melten contains contributons from many artists, cartoonists and authors.

Between the pages the comic offers exciting new stories in a variety of genres, original characters, puzzles, jokes, competitions and advice on how to create your own comic and cartoons.

‘The idea was to create something original and new for children that would only be available in Welsh,’ says the editor Huw Aaron, ‘There will be an emphasis on the stories and the colourful artwork that will frighten, intrigue, inspire and cause children to laugh and capture their imaginations.’

Mellten will appear every three months with the second issue arriving on the 1 st of September. But, the fun will be continuing on the website with new content added weekly.

Within the comic there are memorable characters such as Gwil Garw, a hero from an age before history who loves collecting and fighting monsters, the world’s best footballer – Gari Pêl, Capten Clonc – the most handsome hero in the universe, Bloben and Iola, the young pilot who dreams of winning the Space Rally Competition but she is stuck on planet Cymru Newydd (New Wales) with no crew or spaceship...

Mellten wil be available to buy seperately or by subscription through the website, schools or local bookshops.

The first issue of Mellten will be available from Monday, the 30 th of May onwards.

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