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The Man Who Would Be King - Tywysog Llywelyn Cymru

user image 2017-03-28
By: AmeriCymru
Posted in: News



tywysog llywelyn cymru 2.jpg AmeriCymru: What is the next step in your strategy for restoring Wales' sovereignty?

Llywelyn: I am pursuing several avenues at this time. Without giving away too many secrets I can tell you, I have been corresponding with the UK government. They do not deny I am the lawfully recognized and rightful King of Wales, but they are bouncing me around their bureaucracy a great deal.

Currently I am in the process of forming a NGO (non-governmental organization), which will shine some light on these subjects in international organizations like the United Nations. I think I have to bring attention to this on the world stage. Not too many people internationally are up to speed on issues in Wales or Welsh history. They assume HRH Prince Charles is the rightful Prince of Wales. I have to show them the Welsh law and history and explain that in order to be the Prince of Wales, you have to be Welsh. One of the primary rules for succession on Welsh royal titles is the heir must be Welsh and the titles only pass on Welsh masculine lines. Prince Charles’s Father, HRH the Duke of Edinburgh is Greek and Danish. The title of Prince of Wales when conferred by an English monarch is a title representative of usurpation; it is not the lawful original and true title.

I have grown a following of a few thousand so far. Which I think is exceptional. As more and more people become aware of the issues our movement grows stronger.

AmeriCymru: Do you have any comment on the other recent claimant (Allan Evans) of the title, King of Wales?

Llywelyn: So Mr. Evans isn’t a claimant. The time for there to have been claimants has long passed. In his notice he stated in 30 days he would make a claim. I have refuted him and now he is barred from doing so.

Mr. Evans advert is confirmation to me that I took the correct steps in protecting and preserving these titles and this honorable station. When I first read the advert from Mr. Evans I was having meetings in Wales with likeminded individuals. His advert was so colorful I didn’t believe he was a real person. I had actually just had some problems with the custom agents after flying into Cardiff. They wanted to know the names of whom I was meeting in Wales, and who my friends were. After some questioning they let me enter after searching my bags. Days later I thought this advert was a way to discredit what I had been doing. I even told David James from WalesOnline when I met him that I didn’t think Allan Evans was a real person. His “Tolkien Truther” claim was so unbelievable and written in such a way that I was almost sure it was a fake, a joke, or an attempt to discredit my own work.

After researching Allan Evans I discovered he was in fact a real person and his intentions then became quite clear. In his advert he had listed “17 historic estates” which he intended to “reclaim”. This is the same Mr. Evans that in 2012 attempted to claim 400 acres of land in Twiggs County, Georgia , USA. Mr. Evans had no evidence of ownership of the land and based his claim to the land on his ancestry, forcing 35 homes, a church, and a police shooting range into a fallacious legal battle. Homeowners like Kay Shipes who was battling brain cancer and had to pay medical bills at the same time as paying legal bills to defend against Mr. Evans.

The Twiggs County News interviewed Mr. Evans, “he stated, he expected to win the case, and said Georgia law would require current homeowners to leave within 7 days. When asked if that would affect his conscience, he said he was fine with that and said "maybe it's time they get a new perspective on the world”. The courts ruled against Mr. Evans even after an appeal and ordered that he pay $100,000 in legal fees. It was after this ruling against him for $100k he decided to move to Wales.

It was clear to me that Mr. Evans was trying to perform a repeat of Twiggs County vs. Allan Evans, only this time in Wales. However, his advert has several issues aside from spelling “Britannia” incorrectly. In his notice he states “in 30 Days” he would claim all of these hereditaments. What Mr. Evans was trying to do was acquire the titles and these estates through estoppel by acquiescence, whereas one party gives legal notice to a second party of a fact or claim, and the second party fails to challenge or refute that claim within a reasonable time. What Allan Evans didn’t count on was someone like me refuting and precluding him from even being able to make a claim. There is not a court in the world Allan Evans can go to in an attempt to strip me of my titles. However, I can surely take Allan Evans to almost any court if he tries to impersonate the ownership of this position. Being that Mr. Evans is an American he would face civil and criminal penalties for ignoring the order from the California court. Criminal impersonation is also a felony under Colorado state law.

I was concerned prior to this undertaking that with the titles being in abeyance someone would come along and try and profit from them by selling peerage and noble titles. I never could have imagined in my life someone would come along and try to evict people in Wales from their homes on account of these titles. I didn’t want the people of Wales to find out about me because I had to refute Allan Evans claim. I had hoped I would be much further along in my efforts before the media discovered me. It is what it is though. If I have to make myself public and undergo criticism and the hateful comments of internet trolls to block a man like Allan Evans from trying to throw good people in Wales on the streets, or dragging them into exhausting legal battles then so be it.

I didn’t begin this undertaking without careful consideration. I knew I would be scrutinized, mocked and hated for my efforts. But I also knew if I stood by and did nothing someone could come along one day and cause lots of problems for Wales.

People are often upset to find out that I am only a Welsh learner and not yet fluent. One, I will be fluent. Take a look at my track record. You don’t make it this far without being a driven individual. If I set my mind to a goal I manifest that end result into reality. Two, if I had spent half of the time I have researching and fighting in the courts for Wales studying Cymraeg I would already be fluent, but then Allan Evans would be the rightful King.

AmeriCymru: Care to tell us a little about your background in the martial arts?

Llywelyn: I have been involved in martial arts since I was about 16 or 17. I am almost 34 now so it is quite a bit of time. In fact, now that I think about it, I think you can become a brain surgeon in about the same time. In my youth I studied Kung Fu, kick boxing, and wrestling. Then I joined the US military and picked up Marine Corps Martial Arts (MCMAP). I was awarded an honorary blackbelt in that system of fighting. After the military I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I have been doing that since about 2009. I’ve studied under several World Champions and I have also won a few notable titles in competitions myself. Martial arts is my therapy, it keeps me grounded. It’s a great way to keep your ego in check and to keep fit.

AmeriCymru: Any last message for the readers and members of AmeriCymru?

Llywelyn: I know most of the readers of AmeriCymru are in the United States. While I do understand that American is your national identity, I am sure I don’t have to remind you that you are also Welsh. I am quite proud of being Welsh, as I am sure you are also. Poetry, song, and fire runs in our blood. I love everything about Welsh culture, from Glyndwr’s refusal to surrender to a larger stronger invading force on principle, to y ddraig goch, arguably the oldest representation or symbol of a nation in the world. My Welshness was instilled in me at a very young age. My Father was sure to point out to me as a boy that we were Welsh and that was much different than being English. It is something special and quite an honor to be able to claim that you descend from the Celtic-Britons, the original inhabitants of the British Isles.

The United States has the second highest demographic of Welsh populace in the world. As Welsh-Americans you should think of yourselves as  ambassadors to America on Welsh culture. The Welsh have played an enormous role in the history of America that cannot be ignored. 16 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were of Welsh descent. It was Welsh miners that pulled the coal out of the mines in the United States that would propel it into becoming a world power.

Furthermore, I think we need to bring attention to and start conversations about subjects most Americans are unaware of. Like Prince Madoc discovering America 300 years before Columbus even set out. This is something that was actually accepted as fact in Welsh culture until it was overrun by the Columbus narrative. I can tell you with a great deal of certainty that Native-Americans detest Christopher Columbus . I don’t think it is beyond our means to change an inaccuracy in American history. I would love to see Christopher Columbus day in the United States corrected to something else. I think the native-Americans would appreciate this as well since Prince Maddoc treated the natives far better than Columbus ever thought to.

Lastly, please do whatever you can to support the issues in Wales. Take a family vacation and go back and see the land your forebears. Keep the Welsh identity alive. There are many resources to learn a bit of the language. I know AmeriCymru sponsors some events.

Ceri, thank you again for the opportunity and your time.

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