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Dr Wynne Davies At The Royal Welsh Show 2015

user image 2015-07-15
By: AmeriCymru
Posted in: events

Dr Wynne Davies MBE is one of the best-known names and voices in the world of Welsh ponies and cobs. Co-owner of Ceulan Stud, breeding and showing these beautiful animals is in his blood.In his long-awaited autobiography, he offers a fascinating portrait of several generations of his family and their connection to ponies and cobs, as well as his life story, which is inextricably linked to the horses. From Dr Wynne's early life at Ceulan Stores, Tal-y-bont, to teaching in the Rhondda and the eventual relocation of Ceulan Stud, we follow every step in the life of a man so dedicated to his field that he was awarded the MBE in 1995 for long-standing dedication to Welsh ponies and cobs.




One of the highlights of this years Royal Welsh Show was the appearance by Dr Wynne Davies, 83, running across the main ring with Ceulan Calon Lan, a Palomino Section A stallion which he bred. You can read more about Dr Wynne at the Royal Welsh here:- Royal Welsh Show: Pony breeder, 83, sprints into history books .

But this was not his only appearance at the show. On Tuesday 21st of July Dr Wynne launched his long awaited autobiography at the Welsh Pony and Cob Society Pavilion. For more details about the book please read this post .

Today we are pleased and proud to present a short picture biography of this extraordinary man together with short excerpts from the book. This post provides only a partial account of Dr Wynne Davies' exceptional career . Amongst other things he introduced Welsh ponies to the USA where they were virtually unknown before 1957 . For a fuller understanding of his achievements you can buy the book  here .

Ceulan Stores – Where is all began – Central Stores, Tal-y-bont, Aberystwyth

"I was born at Ceulan Stores, Tal-y-bont, Cardiganshire, on 19 March 1932, the third child of Evan Samuel Davies and Janet Mary (Williams). Ceulan Stores was rebuilt between 1935 and 1937 and renamed Central Stores."

Collecting ponies – My father (right) collecting ponies for the USA at Revel Farm, Talgarth in 1955 with Mr Jenkyn Morris, who went with them.

"The ponies from south and mid-Wales and Hereford were assembled at the Revel. Our friend from Tal-y-bont, Jenkyn Morris, was paid £30 by British Livestock Exports to escort the ponies from the Revel to Glasgow, and look after all 33 until their arrival in New York. He was allowed to spend two weeks with his brother-in-law in America and was given free transport back to Tal-y-bont."

With Mr William Simpson USA – With Mr William Simpson of the USA, May 1957 at the Dyrin Stud, Sennybridge, where Mr Simpson bought seven mares (four with foals at foot) and seven fillies

"I began writing show reports for publications in 1952. My report of the Welsh mountain ponies at the RWS was published in the American monthly magazine Your Pony in April 1953 alongside an article on ‘Our correspondent from Wales’. At that time, sections B and C Welsh ponies, or Welsh cobs, were unknown in the USA. The editor of Your Pony was William Simpson of Reedsburg, Wisconsin, who came over to Wales and bought 33 Welsh ponies in October 1955 and again in May 1957, when he bought 56 for himself and clients."

Ceulan Siwan Sidan a Seirian – The winning progeny group at the RWS1982 (from left) Ceulan Siwan, Sidan and Seirian

"The highlight of 1982 for Ceulan was the progeny competition at the RWS with the three full-sisters from Twyford Sprig x Ceulan Sprite, namely Ceulan Siwan (f. 1981), Ceulan Seirian (f. 1980) and Ceulan Sidan (f. 1978). All three were placed individually and together, and they won the Gwyn Price Mare Progeny Cup from the group out of Friars Golden Sunset (which had won in 1979 and 1981), and the Ceulan group were reserve for the Pennell Stallion Progeny Cup to the group sired by Bengad Nepeta."

Horse of the Year – Receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Horse of the Year Show 2012 with grandchildren Joseph and Leah

"I was invited by Showing World magazine to attend the HOYS on 5 October – to present an award, I was told – but to my great surprise, it was a presentation to me of Lifetime Achievement Award."