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Category: St Davids Day


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Looking for pub quiz questions for your Welsh society St David's Day meetup? Then look no further. The Americymru Welsh QuizPack contains five sets of ten questions on the following topics:-

Know your Jones's?
Know your Welsh Mountains?
Where in Wales?
Dates in Welsh history?
Welsh Celebrity Birth Dates?

Just head to the bottom of this post and download and print the PDF attachment. The correct answers are underlined in the text ( all questions are multiple choice ) All of these quiz sets have appeared on Americymru but are not currently featured on the site.

For the Quizmaster ( correct answers underlined )

Americymru Welsh Pub Quiz Pack for St. Davids Day (PDF)

Quiz printout ( no underlining )

Americymru Welsh Pub Quiz Pack for St. Davids Day2 (PDF)


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