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Welsh Bagpipes - Porthgain

Category: Music
Duration: 00:05:06
A recent trip to Porthgain on the North Pembrokeshire coast between St Davids and Fishguard. It's a popular tourist spot with it's picturesque harbour and the remains of it's industrial past - brick making and granite quarying.
The music is myself on Pibau cyrn with recorder over-dubbed playing The Tune of Morvydd's Pipes, Mwynan Glan Teifi, and Y Twmpathe. It's from my album `Cerrig Dymuniad' which is available to download from:
Download includes a pdf tunebook.

Oh yes - pibau cyrn is the form of Welsh bagpipe which uses a pibgorn (hornpipe) as the chanter. This one has a drone which plays unison with the chanter's six finger note or as on this track, tuned up to the five finger note.