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Welsh bagpipes - Carnalw

Category: Music
Duration: 00:03:54
Carnalw is a Celtic hillfort in the Preseli mountains, North Pembrokeshire, dating from the end of the last millenium BC. It is a defensive structure without signs of habitation, based on a rocky outcrop which defends it to the east. There is a drystone rampart to the west, but it's best feature is a `cheveaux-de-frise' to the southeast. This is a field of stones planted upright to slow down attackers as they approach the ramparts and is an unusual feature in Celtic hillforts.
The music is a piece I put together for a trip to Lannion in Brittany with Fishguard choir in 1998. The first tune `Carnalw' is my own composition, the second is variations on the trad. tune `Hiraeth'.
Download Welsh bagpipe music from:

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