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Glyndwr: Dragon Breathes Fire by Moelwyn Jones

Glyndwr: Dragon Breathes Fire by Moelwyn Jones
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dragon breathes fire.jpg A Wales united under one flag; a Senedd in Machynlleth - the long-held dream of a nation in waiting has become reality. Strengthened by the support of the French king and an alliance with the English forces of Henry Hotspur, Owain Glyndwr can legitimately claim the title of Prince of Wales. However, fate has one more cruel throw of the dice for Shakespearea's 'great magician'.

In the final book of his trilogy, author Moelwyn Jones tells the tantalizing story of the final years of Glyndwr's rebellion and his role in fulfilling - all too briefly - the prophecy of a saviour who would one day free Wales.

Moelwyn Jones was raised in Bancffosfelen, Carmarthenshire, and had a career as a Welsh and History teacher in Cardiff before joining the BBC as an Information Officer. He then became Head of Public Relations for Wales and the Marches Postal Board and following his retirement worked in the Welsh Assembly. Moelwyn was particularly interested in the life of his hero Owain Glyndwr and researched thoroughly for Glyndwr: Son of Prophecy, the first in a trilogy, which was completed before the author's death in 2015.

Shipping and Handling: $3.99

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