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Stories of Solidarity by Hywel Francis

Stories of Solidarity by Hywel Francis
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storiesofsolidarity.jpgHistorian, political activist and former Labour Member of Parliament, Hywel Francis describes and celebrates the struggles of the working class of the South Wales Valleys. He assesses whether its solidarity and collective memory will survive and re-invent itself. He also asks important questions about the current relevance of the miners' strikes and the core values of the NHS.

This book includes some of the author's best writings and speeches over the past five decades and is an essential and indeed inspiring volume for all interested in recent Welsh social and political history.

Born in Onllwyn in the Dulais Valley, Hywel Francis is a founder of the South Wales Miners' Library and Bevan Foundation. He served Aberavon at Westminster until 2015 and is now Emeritus Professor and Strategic Advisor on Archives, Widening Access and Regional Policy at Swansea University...

Shipping and Handling: $3.99

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