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Return from Darkness

Return from Darkness
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Every human culture is rich in myths which are passed down by countless anonymous Homers.

Schoolboy David's life is changed for the better by an encounter with the guarded and mysterious headmaster of his school. A storyteller and mystic, he opens the timid boy's eyes to the reality of 'other worlds' beyond our own.

Twenty-five years later, having returned to Pembrokeshire, David embarks on a quest that will take him deeper into these alien realms. Pressing into the darkness, he is menaced by cruel ancient enemies desperate to possess his power for their own ends. And following him is a beast formed from the very fabric of Celtic mythology - the animistic form of a great boar, Twrch Trwyth. Does the boar pursue David to harm or protect him? And could it be the spirit of his old mentor returned to offer one last lesson in his time of greatest need?

Drawing on a deep vein of Welsh Mabinogi folklore, Return from Darkness is a spellbinding journey to find the shining light inside all our darknesses.

The story travels from Canterbury, New Zealand, to Tara, the ancient capital of Ireland; from the outer world to the darkness of the lower world, from reality to fantasy, but it takes place mostly in the magical hills and groves of north Pembrokeshire where it continues even today, barely below the surface.


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