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An Interview With Carwyn Edwards

user image 2017-07-01
By: AmeriCymru
Posted in: News
First World Exclusive English Language Interview!

For those of you who know him, Carwyn Edwards is back in Wales with his family and doing better.  He spoke with Ceri this week to update us about his recovery and future plans, and it's great to hear his voice and hear how he's doing.

Those who don’t know him, Carwyn was a dedicated, energetic force in promoting Wales in the USA for more than ten years, as the publisher of News From Wales and the World , a newsletter that went out to 30,000+ subscribers.  He inspired us and many others to celebrate Wales and Welshness.  

When he was hospitalized and the seriousness of his condition was known, his family began working to bring him home to Wales and his brother started a gofundme campaign to pay the mountain of medical expenses not covered by Carwyn’s insurance.  They still have a way to go and if you are able to help, please have a look here and consider joining us in making a donation - Carwyn




Gwyndaf Jones3
07/02/17 12:47:17AM @gwyndaf-jones3:

Hi Ceri

I just read the article on Carwyn Edwards.He has been a good friend to me over the past 10 years or so. I am saddened to know of his condition. I would Absolutely be honoured to help by performing concerts through the North American Welsh societies. I perform in many areas of the US all year long. I could easily do a concert for a welsh society in a surrounding area of where i am engaged at the time. All proceeds can go to Carwyn's cause and serious need.The societies that are willing to help can email me at to plan something.

Carwyn was an integral part of the North American Welsh life. He needs our help as does his family. I cannot imagine their mental state at this time from these outrageous costs. This is their sutuatuion. My heart goes out to them. I need to do more than just say these words. I know the Welsh are a great people who help. Let us do something to help.

Also Ceri. Is it possible for the family to have a video made of his life at this time? I have done these types of fundraisers before and a video at the beginning of the concert really helps set the mood and give people a greater understanding of the seriousness of his condition.

Thanks Ceri for the interview that i read today.

Diolch a phob bendith