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Clinton or Trump? Wales Wants To Know!

user image 2016-11-02
By: AmeriCymru
Posted in: News
Well I guess we have to wait till November 8/9 for the definitive answer to that question BUT meanwhile we have received the following communication from David Williamson of Media Wales. This is an opportunity for Welsh Americans to express their opinions on the current election in the Welsh media. Don't forget to send a pic because they may also want to feature you in the article.

My name's David Williamson and I write for Wales Online and the Western Mail.

As you can imagine, the US election has fascinated people in Wales.

I'd love to share the perspective of as many Welsh Americans as possible. 

If you would be kind enough to take the time to answer some questions I'd be very grateful. 

And if you might be able to send me a photo of yourself and your contact details that would be ideal. My email address is  

Thank you!


1. What is your name (and if possible your age)?  

2. Where is home and and what do you do for a living? 

3. What links do you have to Wales? How did you, or your family, come to be in the United States? 

4. If you have visited Wales, what is your favourite place?  

5. Do you have a favourite Welsh person? 

6. What does it means to be a Welsh-American today? 

7. What is your greatest hope and your greatest fear for the United States? 

8. How do you think a Trump presidency would change the US? Would you vote for him? 

9. How would Clinton change the country? Would you vote for her? 

10. Do Clinton's Welsh roots make you more likely to vote for her?