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user image 2016-07-28
By: AmeriCymru
Posted in: Cymraeg

There are many books available to help learners but few discuss issues linked with using the language outside class.

Speak Welsh Outside Class – You Can Do It  by Dr Lynda Pritchard Newcombe is a book for Welsh learners which gives tips on how to be more confident speaking Welsh outside the classroom and in the community. It offers tips on how to overcome these types of obstacles as learners progress with their Welsh.

The book is suitable for Welsh learners of all ages, Welsh for Adults tutors and there is also plenty of advice for Welsh speakers who would like to help learners develop and grow in confidence. 

Dr Lynda Pritchard Newcombe was born in Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil and has lived in Cardiff since 1970. She became fluent in Welsh as an adult.
‘Despite a family background in Welsh – my grandparents on my father’s side were from Llanllechid and on my mother’s side from the Gwendraeth valley - I lacked confidence to speak Welsh until I attended WLPAN and further courses at Cardiff University in 1990.’ says Lynda.

She has written many articles and books about learning Welsh and has many years’ experience teaching adults languages and has also been involved in several research projects on bilingualism and worked for Cardiff University and the Open University.

‘This is not a situation unique to Wales but experienced by second language learners in many other countries’ says Lynda, ‘Catalan learners in Spain for instance and farther afield Maori learners in New Zealand as well as Javanese learners in Indonesia.’

‘There are many books available to help learners but few discuss issues linked with using the language outside class.’ explains Lynda, ‘My experiences as a tutor and a researcher has led me to believe that many learners give up using Welsh in the community as they lack self-belief and may not always feel supported by Welsh-speakers.’

‘This is a complex issue and blame should not be apportioned to fluent speakers or learners.’ she explains,  ‘This book aims to help learners and Cymry Cymraeg understand one another.’

‘The Welsh language is a treasure to use, share and enjoy,’ added Welsh tutor Nia Parry, ‘This book gives invaluable advice and guidance to learners and Welsh speakers on their learning journey and to use Welsh at every opportunity.’

Dr Lynda Pritchard Newcombe will be at Maes D in the National Eisteddfod of Wales at 11am on Tuesday the 2 nd of August discussing her book.

Speak Welsh Outside Class – You Can Do It! by Dr Lynda Pritchard Newcombe (£5.99, Y Lolfa) is available now.