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Smoked mackerel and horseradish pâté with hot brown seeded-rolls

user image 2015-12-11
By: AmeriCymru
Posted in: Recipes

Smoked Mackerel And Horseradish Pâté With Hot Brown Seeded-rolls

(Editors Note: Mackerel is almost unobtainable in the US apart from the Brit Food sections in Fred Meyers where it can be bought in cans. Unfortunately Mackerel tends to be used as fish bait here and not for human consumption. This is a mistake, witness this excellent recipe from Welsh gastronome Claire Meredith. The consistency of tinned mackerel is different from that of fresh or vacuum packed. The fish's texture is most important to the outcome of the pâté. So, you could use smoked trout or smoked haddock if smoked mackerel is either unavailable or prohibitively expensive.)

Reproduced with kind permission of Cymru Culture Magazine

Recipes can be as difficult as you choose to make them. I am a strong advocate of food that sounds, looks and tastes wonderful, but is very easy to make, and inexpensive. One of my favourite dishes (commonly serverd as a starter or as a chic party food) is my smoked mackerel and horseradish p âté . Here's how to do it ...


First, buy some smoked mackerel from your local supermarket (don't buy the pepper-coated variety as this will clash with the horseradish used in the recipe). You could also use smoked trout or haddock instead, if you wish.

Flake the smoked mackerel into a bowl and break it into small pieces. Do not use a liquidiser as it would make the mixture too smooth (the coarse texture of this p âté is one of its strengths).

Add 1-2 table spoons of creamed horseradish (to taste) and mix well. This mixture can then be stored in the fridge until needed.


Take some small capers out of the brine in which they are stored and set to one side. These will be used as a garnish for the final dish.

You could make the brown seeded rolls yourself, but I use the part-baked versions available from my local supermarket. They only take 6 minutes in the oven and come out smelling wonderful. Cut the bread rolls in half, spread with margarine (or butter, whichever you prefer), pile on a generous amount of the mackeral p âté and then sprinkle with capers.

It's a simple as that! Enjoy.




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