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The Christmas Revels: A Welsh Celebration of the Winter Solstice

user image 2015-12-02
By: AmeriCymru
Posted in: Christmas

December 11-27, 2015 – 17 Performances   more details here

Harvard University’s Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA

Now in its 45 th year, The Christmas Revels is an annual theatrical celebration of the Winter Solstice that features traditional music, dance, rituals and folk plays.  Each year a new culture is explored.  This year we’re traveling to Wales!

Set in a village not too different than the one described in Dylan Thomas’s  A Child’s Christmas in Wales  this year's  Christmas Revels  takes a leap into the past to access the world of Celtic legend and song. We'll spin tales of shape-changers and dragons, of ghostly white horses and of the little wren — king of the birds, enjoy rich Welsh anthems, wild border Morris, a traditional mummers play, and lots of audience participation — a Revels hallmark.

Please join us at one of our 17 family performances as we celebrate a Revels Christmas in Wales!

Christmas Revels on WCVB:- Sounds And Sights Of The Season

Nigel the Dragon


Welsh chorus in snow