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Category: Swansea

History, art, architecture and little quirky bits are all here in a novel new map of Swansea. Local artists Melanie Ezra and Rosie Scribblah like to wander the city centre and foreshore, one with a camera, the other with a sketchbook, getting their inspiration from funny little oddities and nooks and crannies in our ugly, lovely, bonkers city. Along with 12 artists from England, they were commissioned by London-based publishers, Sampson Low Ltd, to produce one of a dozen oddball maps.

Pointing out the little idiosyncrasies that interest them, they illustrate the walk with their artwork. Melanie says, “ Swansea is full of art, culture and history and in this little map we’re only just touching on the things that fascinate us ”.

The map takes people on a trail that includes Dragons, Doctor Who and Da Vinci; street art, sand and granny’s custard; galleries, museums and allotments. Rosie is thrilled with the attention the Swansea map has been getting,

It’s been in an exhibition in London and it’s selling more copies than the other maps, there’s even been a copy ordered from the USA. It’s great that people are so interested in Swansea.”

Priced at £2, ’Swansea: On The Map: An Artist’s Walk’ is available directly from the publishers, Sampson Low Ltd  

or from Amazon Swansea-Artists-Walk-Melanie- Ezra/dp/1910578061/ref=sr_1_2? s=books&ie=UTF8&qid= 1429777057&sr=1-2

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