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St John's Hospice Bridgend

user image 2015-02-21
By: AmeriCymru
Posted in: Welsh History

By FruitMonkey (Own work) [ CC BY-SA 3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

From the Western Mail Online:

Mysteries of Bridgend's 500-year-old house set to be unlocked by restoration bid

Formerly owned by Walter Coffin who was related by marriage to Dr Richard Price. Richard Price was a Welsh philospher and political activist who supported the American Revolution.

From the Wikipedia: "The support Price gave to the colonies of British North America in the American War of Independence made him famous. In early 1776 he published Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty, the Principles of Government, and the Justice and Policy of the War with America. Sixty thousand copies of this pamphlet were sold within days; and a cheap edition was issued which sold twice as many copies. It commended Shelburne's proposals for the colonies, and attacked the Declaratory Act. Amongst its critics were Adam Ferguson, William Markham, John Wesley, and Edmund Burke; and Price rapidly became one of the best known men in England. He was presented with the freedom of the city of London, and it is said that his pamphlet had a part in determining the Americans to declare their independence. A second pamphlet on the war with America and the debts of Great Britain, followed in the spring of 1777.".... read more here (Dr Richard Price)

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