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"Colorful" Welsh-Americans

American history is full of hard-working, innovative and brave Welsh Americans but my favorites are the more "interesting" Welsh Americans. People have talked about John Rhys, who was present at the Newport Chartist uprising and may have fired shots and who was later in Texas reselling (several times) the land grant he received for his part in the Texas Revolution, but he was by no means alone in our history. Here in Oregon we have the story of Ellis Hughes and the Willamette Meteorite. The Willamette meteorite is the sixth largest in the world and was found by Oregon farmer Ellis Hughes, an enterprising Welsh immigrant who, with his family built a road to secretly drag the meteorite to their home from its former on land belonging to the Oregon Iron and Steel Company, where the Hughes family charged visitors admission to see it. Oregon Iron and Steel sued Hughes and after some appeals, won the suit and claimed the meteorite. It was later sold and donated to the American Museum of…

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1 Reply · Reply by Ian K Griffiths Apr 18, 2010

The Anglesey Copper Kingdom Trail

Another forgotten first for Wales  The World’s First Modern Coin. The Anglesey penny. The first copper tokens to be widely circulated in the world were the Anglesey Druids penny made by Thomas Williams for his Parys Mine, Amlwch, Anglesey. For information on this facinating story, please visit the Copper Kingdom These coins were widely accepted and the druid's head then started appearing on coins outside Wales such as Ireland, Cornwall and Walsall in England. Many of the coins were taken over to the USA and Canada and it is a fact that many are still there. I am looking for information as follows. Does anybody know if the coins became part of the token system used in the USA in the early 19th century? Did the Druid head appear on any tokens in the USA or Canada? Any information at all on the coins. Hwyl o Gymru

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4 Replies · Reply by Alwyn Griffith Dec 13, 2012

What does it mean to be Welsh?

On Friday, 1st March, in the Western Mail, there was a feature by Abbie Wightwick (English/Irish) on what it means to be Welsh in 2013. I've tried looking up the article on WalesOnline but failed to find it. She mentions at the start of the feature that her children see themselves as Welsh, even though their father is Norwegian/Scottish/English and she is English/Irish. Ten people were asked about their Welshness. (1) Vimla Patel, Chair of the Hindu Council of Wales, said that she arrived in Wales from Uganda in 1972, having been evicted by Idi Amin. She has Indian heritage, spent her childhood in Uganda, came to Britain and became a citizen and says Wales is important to her and she always wears a daffodil on St David's Day. (2) Beverley Lennon was born in London to Jamaican-born parents and moved to Wales 25 years ago. In the 1990s, she taught herself Welsh and became the first black Welsh teacher in Cardiff. She sent two of her three sons to Welsh-medium schools and presented a…

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3 Replies · Reply by Meredith Efken May 1, 2013

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