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    2017 - To Enter Click Here

    We are pleased to announce that the winner of the West Coast Eisteddfod Poetry Competition, English language category, will be featured in the prestigious international poetry magazine - The Seventh Quarry. Peter Thabit Jones, the editor of the magazine which is based in Swansea, will feature the winning submission together with 12 pages of poems by the winning author (which would include a photo and a bio) in Issue 28/Summer and Autumn, due July 2018. The winner will also receive a free annual subscription to the magazine for one year plus the cash prize of $200/130 GBP approx.

    You may submit your entries in Welsh or English. The language categories will be judged separately and there will be a prize for each. Accompanying graphics are not permitted. There is a US200 dollars (approx 130GBP ) prize for the winners in each category.

    The final submission date is November 30th 2017. All poetic styles and conventions are welcome, limericks, however, will not be considered for a prize. There is no upper or lower word limit. Entries need not reference Wales in any way , shape or form. You may submit up to five entries in each category and work which has appeared elsewhere is acceptable provided you have not surrendered your copyright. The winner and his/her work will be featured on this site on what we hope will be a heavily trafficked page. Prizes will be awarded for language categories provided there are a minimum of 20 entries in the relevant category.



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    2017 - To Enter Click Here

    The short story competition starts today. The theme of your story need not reference Wales in any way. You may submit your entry in either Welsh or English. Basically you will need to write a short story between 1000 and 5000 words in length and submit it in accordance with the rules for site members or non-site members outlined below. Accompanying graphics ARE permitted but your entry will be judged solely on its literary merit. There is a US 200 dollars (approximately 130GBP ) prize for the winner. The final submission date is Nov 30th 2017 . You may submit up to five entries.

    We are immensely proud and pleased to announce that in 2017, author Mike Jenkins together with the editorial board of eto magazine will judge the entries in the West Coast Eisteddfod Online Short Story competition.

    Poet, story writer and novelist. Mike is a former teacher at Comprehensive school level for nearly 30 years and is now a fulltime writer and is available for readings and workshops at any time. Mike has lived in Merthyr for over 30 years and was winner of an Eric Gregory Award in 1979 and the Welsh Arts Council Young Writer’s Prize in 1984. Mike also won the John Tripp Award for Spoken Poetry and the 1998 Wales Book of the Year (English section) for Wanting To Belong (Seren, 2000), a book of interlinked stories for teenagers. He was a runner-up in Academi's 2009 Rhys Davies Short Story Competition.

    He is a former editor of Poetry Wales and has co–edited Red Poets magazine for many years. His latest novella The Fugitive Three centres on three young people in a South Wales Valley’s estate whose stories intertwine and who, despite the odds, refuse to live lives of quiet desperation. It is fast-paced and written in a tight dialect in the third person narrative. Mike is a Fellow of Academi. Read his poem for Glyn Jones here.

    Mike and painter Michael Gustavius Payne have recently been successful in an application to the Arts Council of Wales to tour a body of work across Wales in 2011 and 2012. The exhibition, currently being developed, will be titled 'Dim Gobaith Caneri', meaning “no hope like a canary” exploring ideas inspired by traditional Welsh idioms and phrases. Mike's latest book Barkin is a collection of poems and short stories published by Carreg Gwalch.'

    This is an exciting opportunity for aspiring short story writers to achieve recognition and publication and we would like to repeat that there are NO registration fees. The winner and his/her work will also be featured on this site on what we hope will be a heavily trafficked page.



    Entries must be posted individually in discussion forums using the + symbol, top right hand corner of the page. You can submit up to 5 entries.


    Post your story or poem (and any links) as a separate discussion in the discussion forum . You will need to click the + sign, top right, to post your entry. If you wish to include a link to your website or blog please do so but remember you must link back to us. Please DO NOT submit attachments...cut and paste your story into a discussion dialog box and add your title and attribution.

    Non Members

    1. Post your submission on your blog and email us with the url ( americymru@gmail.com ). We will include it in the discussion forum. You must include a link to this page on your submission page.

    2. Email your submission to us and we will post it in the discussion forum and credit you as author. ( in this case mutual linking is an option but not required )

    The Fine Print

    There is no entry or submission fee for this competition. The requirement to backlink if you are posting on your own blog and linking here ( or submitting a link to your blog on this page ) is obligatory and designed to be mutually beneficial.

    Any materials submitted in this group will remain the sole property of the author. We guarantee not to display any story or any portion thereof on other pages or sites without the express permission of the author. Likewise materials submitted here or linked here can be removed or unlinked at any time by the author or at his/her request.



    Latest Poetry

    Oriada Dajko

    Matryoshka- Oriada Dajko

    11/22/17 02:07:15AM, by Oriada Dajko
    Oriada Dajko

    A woman's desire by Oriada Dajko

    11/22/17 02:06:06AM, by Oriada Dajko
    Ceri Shaw

    Lines Composed Upon Abergavenny by Mark Stevick

    11/22/17 01:59:10AM, by Ceri Shaw
    Ceri Shaw


    11/10/17 01:08:07AM, by Ceri Shaw
    Ceri Shaw

    Sewing Starlight - by Molly Seaman

    11/10/17 01:01:28AM, by Ceri Shaw
    Ceri Shaw

    milk and honey - by Molly Seaman

    11/10/17 12:59:52AM, by Ceri Shaw
    Ceri Shaw

    vaginismus - by Molly Seaman

    11/10/17 12:58:40AM, by Ceri Shaw
    Ceri Shaw

    for every boyfriend I’ve ever had - by Molly Seaman

    11/10/17 12:55:01AM, by Ceri Shaw
    Elizabeth Spragins

    The Cherokee Wedding (A Rannaigheacht Ghairid)

    11/09/17 05:41:33PM, by Elizabeth Spragins
    Elizabeth Spragins

    Border Walls (A Rannaigheacht Ghairid)  

    11/09/17 05:34:52PM, by Elizabeth Spragins
    Elizabeth Spragins

    Riven (A Rannaigheacht Ghairid)

    11/09/17 05:30:49PM, by Elizabeth Spragins
    Elizabeth Spragins

    As Long as Eagle Flies[1]  (A Rannaigheacht Ghairid)

    11/09/17 05:26:06PM, by Elizabeth Spragins
    Elizabeth Spragins

    Eilean Munde[1]

    11/09/17 05:17:00PM, by Elizabeth Spragins
    Jim Mockford

    The Bloody Tide

    11/08/17 06:11:47PM, by Jim Mockford


    Latest Short Stories

    Ceri Shaw

    The History Lesson by Murzban F. Shroff

    11/23/17 10:01:36PM, by Ceri Shaw
    Ceri Shaw

    Mental by Murzban F. Shroff

    11/23/17 09:58:23PM, by Ceri Shaw
    Bel Roberts2


    11/17/17 12:30:54AM, by Bel Roberts2

    Not Invited

    11/16/17 05:07:19PM, by dpaddy
    Bel Roberts2

    Clothes Maketh the Man by Bel Roberts

    11/14/17 09:26:22PM, by Bel Roberts2

    Freud in Cardiff, by Christopher Walker

    11/14/17 11:21:18AM, by closelyobserved
    Ceri Shaw

    Ceridwen’s Gift By Paula Hammond

    11/11/17 04:14:38PM, by Ceri Shaw
    Dennis Friend

    I Will Wait For You by Dennis Friend

    11/03/17 06:29:46PM, by Dennis Friend

    The Hangover Eyes

    10/31/17 04:55:19PM, by cristina.bresser

    On The Lash

    10/29/17 06:19:47PM, by JeremyAustinJenks
    Ceri Shaw

    Aftertaste by John Smistad

    10/18/17 02:20:57AM, by Ceri Shaw

    Lime Green Bug

    10/17/17 09:28:03PM, by caroline.jensen

    Happy Birthday Marcy Lamport

    10/17/17 09:21:27PM, by caroline.jensen

    The Catcher's Mitt

    10/17/17 08:53:48PM, by caroline.jensen

    Magdalena McTavish

    10/17/17 08:50:07PM, by caroline.jensen