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AmeriCymru Is Shutting Down In June

By Ceri Shaw, 2017-04-11

UPDATE: This is just a brief note to say that since we announced closure of the site, a number of people have stepped up with proposals to prevent the site shutting down. I hope to get back to you all within a week or two with a more detailed report. Anyway, please don't give up on us yet.  (Meanwhile we will keep posting new content as normal)

It is with regret that we announce the closure of this site. AmeriCymru will remain online until the first week of June 2017 but will no longer be under development. Associated promotional accounts on social media sites will also close.

After that we may reproduce some of the better articles and interviews on a static html site over on our server OR we may sell the site lock, stock and barrel to the highest bidder if anyone wishes to purchase it. We will post again soon with a little more detail about our decision to close, and of course, to thank all of our readers, members, followers and contributors over the years.

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Croeso/Welcome to the NEW AmeriCymru

By Ceri Shaw, 2015-12-24

Nadolig Llawen From AmeriCymru

Croeso / welcome to the all new AmeriCymru site on our new platform - Jamroom. The site is not finished yet but we wanted to draw your attention to some new features and content :)

Check out our new Welsh Music Top 50 Youtube videos page. What will be number 1 for Christmas? You can vote your favourite video 'up' without logging in to AmeriCymru (full details on the page):-

Welsh Music Top 50 Youtube Videos

Check out our interview with Robert Llewellyn Tyler, author of Wales And The American Dream:-

Wales And The American Dream - An Interview with Author Robert Llewellyn Tyler

N.B. You CAN comment on the above interview and indeed on most items on AmeriCymru without being logged in. The new site uses the DisQus commenting system which allows logins from FB, Google and Twitter.

The site is not fully 'live' yet. We hope to be on, or around January 1st. We will email all members their new temporary passwords on that date and switch the DNS so that americymru.net points to this site.

Meanwhile we will be developing new features and content throughout the coming year and we hope you will all check back regularly as we explore the potential of our new platform. There are many exciting new announcements to come :)

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i Bawb

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AmeriCymraeg In The UK Daily Express!

By Ceri Shaw, 2014-01-01



The Daily Express article can be found here or by clicking below:- AmeriCymraeg in the Daily Express


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The warden of a unique library in Wales is embarking on a micro tour of the United States.

Peter Francis, warden of Gladstones Library in Hawarden, Flintshire, is visiting Washington DC and Minneapolis in late November to meet the librarys American supporters and host talks on what makes the library so special.

Gladstones Library is Britains only Prime Ministerial library and the national memorial to William Gladstone the only man ever to have served as Great Britains Prime Minister four separate times.

Home to a unique collection of more than 250,000 printed items, around 32,000 of which were donated by the Grand Old Man himself, the library offers a comfortable, sociable and stimulating environment together with resources for creative study including renowned collections of theological, historical, cultural and political materials.

Gladstones Library is the only one of its kind in the world, explained Peter. Its a haven of peace and tranquillity; somewhere you can study, work and relax.

We have a lot of very good Friends in the USA and Im delighted to be able to come over and meet with them and to share our library and its treasures.

The library is housed in a magnificent Grade 1 listed building, first opened to the public in 1902.

Free to use, it is open to the public all year round. As well as the wonderful resource of the Library itself (the collection can be viewed online), visitors can sleep with books, attend and engage in stimulating courses and events and enjoy the Welsh countryside and welcome.

Peter said: We have serviced accommodation, a marvellous caf called Food for Thought and a wide ranging programme of courses and events.

You can learn Welsh, Greek, Latin or Hebrew in a week, listen to thought-provoking speakers like Dr Robin Meyers and Bishop Gene Robinson, or join our nine writers in residence at our literary festivals for readings and workshops throughout 2014.

Following its founder, the library seeks to be a centre of liberal education, thought and values. It is engaged in a project to re-define and re-understand what it means to be liberal (with a small l) in the contemporary world.

For further information, please contact enquiries@gladlib.org / 01244 532350. You can also follow Gladstones Library on Twitter @gladlib, visit the US Friends of Gladstone's Library Facebook page or find more information on the US Friends of Gladstones Library at www.gladstoneslibrary-us.com .

About Gladstones Library

Gladstones library is Britains only Prime Ministerial library, founded by Victorian statesman William Gladstone in 1889. Following his death in 1898, the library also became a national memorial to the four-time Prime Minister.

The library fulfills Gladstones vision of making his personal library, comprising 32,000 books, available to the public. Following his death in 1889, a public appeal to fund a permanent home for the collection raised 9,000, which coupled with an endowment of 40,000 from Gladstone himself, funded the imposing building present today, which opened on October 14 1902. The Gladstone family fulfilled the founders vision by funding the residential wing of the library, which welcomed its first resident on June 29 1906.

Today, Gladstones Library comprises a residential library and meeting place which is dedicated to dialogue, debate and learning for open-minded individuals and groups. In line with Gladstones liberal values, the librarys vast collection of more than 250,000 books and journals focuses on a broad range of literature and culture, with a particular focus on theology and Victorian studies. Gladstones Library also hosts a range of events, from book launches to seminars and courses on matters of cultural significance.

As well as its extensive collection of books, Gladstones library is also a peaceful, relaxing place to stay, with comfortable accommodation and soothing grounds to explore. The library also includes the Food for Thought restaurant, offering relaxed, ethical dining, as well as conference and meeting facilities.

About William Gladstone

Born December 29 1809, William Ewart Gladstone was one of the central political figures of the Victorian era, and the only man to hold the position of Prime Minister for four separate terms (3 December 1868 to 17 February 1874; 23 April 1880 to 9 June 1885; 1 February 1886 to 20 July 1886; 15 August 1982 to 2 March 1984). He was also Britains oldest Prime Minister, resigning from his fourth term in 1894 aged 84-years-old.

( Photos reproduced with permission from the Gladstone Library Pinterest account )

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Summer sale on AmeriCymru. The July heat boils our brains :)





We have 3 advertisement sizes available (details below) and we are always willing to consider bespoke advertising pages where appropriate.

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We're happy to create a custom marketing campaign or package for you, contact us at americymru@gmail.com tell us what result you want and let's create it together.

If you don't have a graphic ad ready but you want one, we can make it for you. Design and graphic services are available at no extra charge. We can use your images and text or create graphics, photographs and SEO-ready marketing copy for you.


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The meeting times are:- 6 pm Pacific time/9 pm Eastern on Wednesdays. It is possible that, by mutual agreement, we can change the times if this does not suit everyone but of course, we are trying to cater for all participants in all time zones. The first meetup ( which is purely introductory to hash out timing and technical details ) is tomorrow, Wednesday 1st May, at the above stated time.

The 'Donate' button is just below 'Top Videos' on the right hand side of any page on AmeriCymru ( where it says 'The Meriwether Lewis Memorial Foundation'. Course fees for the first two months are $40 ( special introductory rate ) If you prefer you can simply log in to your PayPal account and make payment to the following PayPal email address:- americaneisteddfod@gmail.com

As soon as we receive payment we will invite you to the private group on AmeriCymru where all further course details will be discussed.

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Good News - The David Wright House is Saved!

Many people are celebrating at this time of year and we have one more reason to celebrate. The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy has facilitated the purchase of the David and Gladys Wright House in Phoenix, Arizona, through an LLC owned by an anonymous benefactor. The transaction closed on December 20 for an undisclosed price. The property will be transferred to an Arizona not-for-profit organization responsible for the restoration, maintenance and operation of the David Wright House. The change in ownership guarantees that the house will survive and be preserved. LEARN MORE .We expect city Landmark designation to follow shortly but there is no longer a demolition threat. We will also pursue long-term protections for the house.


Thank you for signing the petition and being part of this success! It was very important to demonstrate that so many people around the world cared about this house and took the time to voice their concerns.

As plans progress for the David Wright House there will be opportunities to contribute to its restoration. Details will be posted on the Conservancy website as they become available.

If you want to be a part of protecting other Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings in the future we invite you to join the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy!

Join the Conservancy
Contact us

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Thank you for taking action to save the David Wright House from demolition by signing our petition. Your action is an important element in demonstrating the special significance of this building and the nationwide and even worldwide concern that has been voiced about its future. You can continue to support our preservation efforts by sharing this petition with your friends, family and co-workers. We still need many more signatures in order to demonstrate the extent of interest and concern. We share these numbers with the Phoenix City Council and the media and the amount of signatures has an important impact.

We plan to update you regarding our progress to achieve landmark or historic preservation designation for the David Wright House. We will also post major developments about the David Wright House on our website.

This petition is one part of multiple actions by the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy and our local partners to save thisimportant building. Often our work is behind-the-scenes because we can be most effective in that way, but throughout our history the Conservancy has been instrumental in many "saves." If you are interested in helping support our mission to facilitate the preservation of ALL of Wright's built work, I would encourage you to become a member today! In addition to becoming a partner in our efforts, Conservancy members also receive:

  • Subscription to SaveWright , the Conservancy's color magazine published twice a year
  • Advance notification and opportunities to visit Wright-designed private spaces rarely open to the public

If you are already a member, thank you for your continued support!

With your help, we can help ensure Wright's legacy for generations to come.

Best regards,

Janet Halstead
Executive Director

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See How They Run will be published in paperback on 1st November 2012, priced 8.99 ( GBP )

Award winning Welsh writer Lloyd Jones pens the latest addition to Seren's critically acclaimed series:-

New Stories From The Mabinogion

Read our interview with Lloyd Jones

Other Titles by Lloyd Jones Mr Cassini Mr Vogel


Welsh author Lloyd Jones hits the ball right out of the park with this tale of cynical booze-addled academic Llwyd McNamara. Lou travels to Ireland on a rugby international weekend to pick up the literary legacy of Irish colleague/rival Dermot Feeney. Both were working on biographies of Welsh rugby legend 'Big M' ( Dylan Manawydan Jones ) but Dermot died before he could complete his masterpiece and left the MS and a digital version on flash drive to Lou for completion. Such is the extent of Lou's venom and petty jealousy that he casts the MS overboard on the ferry back to Holyhead. As he considers a similar fate for the thumb drive he ruefully reflects on his own academic and emotional inferiority:-

" A man's mind in a morsel. Great mind, nano technology. And as for Lou....nano mind, great technology? ".

Having decided to spare the drive from a watery grave he peruses its contents and embarks upon a voyage of discovery. Lou learns as much about himself as he does about the legendary and almost mythical 'Big M' in the ripping yarn which follows.

The action unfolds across Wales and England as Lou studies the manuscript and visits a former haunt of 'Big M' on the West wales coast. The Hotel Corvo is also a former teenage haunt of Lou's and his reunion with the seven wise drunks at the bar in the hotel lounge is a colourful and memorable scene.

Lou's final encounter with 'Big M' leads to revelations of an academic, personal and spiritual nature. But is he redeemed in the course of his journey? Author Lloyd Jones wisely leaves that question to the reader to decide although in his final reflection there is at least a grain of hope. Calling out Manawydan's name in the closing moments of the book Lou reflects that:-

" In that moment, his lips red with raspberry juice, alone in the cornfield under a vast blue sky, he felt like a small child calling out to his father. "

Anyone who is collecting the superb New Stories From The Mabinogion series will need no encouragement to add this volume to their collection. For anyone who has not been this would be an ideal place to start. One of the strongest additions to the series yet and an ideal Christmas present.

Review by Ceri Shaw Ceri Shaw on Google+

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