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Politics in Group Poll


Should we allow political posts in this group or not? Please bear in mind that this is not a political group. Its primary function is to assist Americans of Welsh ancestry to connect with their heritage. Of course, members may take the view that contemporary Welsh politics is part of that heritage and consequently that political discussion is not inappropriate. Others may be so sickened by the general tone of political discussion elsewhere on FB that they would prefer we banned politics altogether. I understand this view too. Anyway we will be bound by the majority decision AND we pledge that, if politics is to be allowed, it will be so together with a new set of strict community guidelines which we will post in the next couple of days.

Should we allow political posts in this group?

Voting has Ended

England v Wales Euro 2016

What do our readers and members think will be the outcome of the historic Wales v England clash at Euro 2016 on June 16th?