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Croeseiriau Cymraeg Email Course: Register Here

user image 2020-05-29
By: Ceri Shaw
Posted in: Cymraeg

croeseiriau cymraeg.jpg

Today we are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our first Welsh language email course on AmeriCymru. The course, which will last for 10 weeks, consists of a series of emails with exercises, links to resources etc which will enormously increase your knowledge and mastery of the Welsh language.

Intended for absolute beginners the course aims to provide students with sufficient vocabulary and grammar to understand and participate in very basic Welsh language conversations. There will be follow on courses which will build on this foundation.

The price for this course is only $10.00 and, whilst the course emails will arrive at the rate of one per week, students are free to devise their own schedules and work at their own chosen speed.

If you have been following our Welsh Word of the Day feature on Facebook, Twitter or AmeriCymru you will by now, be familiar with the setup and layout of the Croeseiriau Cymraeg course materials. Whilst Croeseiriau Cymraeg was developed with the auto-didact very much in mind, many of our readers have pointed out that a structured course would also be useful. We agreed, and have for some time been working toward this day.

As the course develops there will be opportunities to incorporate homework assignments and (hopefully) online student meetups. With this in mind we are advising students to join the Grwp Y Gymraeg on AmeriCymru which will act as an informal support group.

The course is ideal for people who have not yet made the commitment to join a full time program of study and would like to develop some vocabulary and basic knowledge of the language before doing so. If this sounds like you then look no further.

Sign up for Croeseiriau Cymraeg Email Course 1 here:-


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