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2020 saw two releases from Minas - ‘Drinker’ released in July was a precursor to the upcoming debut album ‘All My Love Has Failed Me’ (releasing later this year) whilst the EP ‘Nudge’ captured the energy (or lack thereof) brought about by lockdown.

‘Burner’ , the next release ahead of the debut album, again stands alone. The track exudes a cool yet angsty vocal that simmers over the top of a steady rhythm and intensely humming bass. Not afraid to spit indignantly at authority Minas questions “How could you call that man there a president?” and as the beat fades away slowly in the second verse he simply states “Fuck the government” before the chorus drops back in again.

Minas is the mononym for James Minas, Greek/Welsh artist and producer based between Cardiff & St David’s in South Wales. When not creating his own music he works as a producer for artists like Welsh Music Prize nominated rapper Luke RV and internationally touring folk artist Dan Bettridge.


Two steps back put your shit down

Two men fled when they hit town

Wise crackers, you’d need half an army to kick out these wise crackers

Two steps back put your shit down

Who let the snakes decide who’s an immigrant

Wise crackers, you’d need half an army to kick out these wise crackers

It’s breaking news

Louder, it’ll work in time

It’s breaking news

Round up, we’re out of time

Two steps back put your shit down

How could you call that man there a president?

Half cut, broke and a let down

But I still show the ropes to my fellow man

GB’s a mess no union

Call it a kingdom I’d say a shithole

5 foot snakes in a green room

They don’t talk like us 'cause they’ve never been down here

Fuck the government

Breaking news

Louder, it’ll work in time

It’s breaking news

Round up, we’re out of time

Reviews for the ‘Nudge’ EP

‘...his music captures an array of sound, intertwining both rap and electronic. Each tune takes us on a voyage through his state of mind, from frustrations to anger and the inevitable self-reflection afterwards.’ - God Is In The TV Zine

On ‘As It Goes’: ‘a subtle tone throughout this track, with a simple guitar melody that creates the groundwork for the vocal delivery to flourish with emotional content. With a flatline vibe it allows the listener to take in every word on this track - showing off the full creative lyrical form from Minas’ - When The Horn Blows

Reviews for ‘Drinker’

‘Drinker is ruthlessly grounded in the realities of the day to day. It’s this authenticity that cuts through.’ - Right Chord Music

‘a fantastic hip-hop inspired electronic track, it has a gorgeously chilled dreamlike melody to it, which catches your interest from the opening beats’ - Alive and Gigging

‘a captivatingly electric track with synthy, feel-good rhythms and modern vocals … thought provoking lyrics that explore the fight with his thoughts ... an unexpected, passionate piece‘ - Rockstate

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Wales’ Tom Auton has announced his brand new single blues-rock single Victim of the Groove will be released on Friday 26 February on all major streaming/download platforms. You can pre-save/listen to the track HERE

Victim of the Groove is a delicious slice of rock that’s infused with disco, to create an unstoppable deep groovy blues sound. The track is about the thoughts that rage inside you when you have a mental block. As Tom eloquently puts it “As a chef, you’d feel incredibly useless if you couldn’t cook anything. The same applies to songwriters when they can’t write songs.”

The track is short, sharp and incredibly catchy with a low-slung monster bass riff in the chorus, which is comprised of 9 different layers. Victim of the Groove is self-produced by Tom at Long wave Studios and mastered by Robin Schmitd (Liam Gallagher, The 1975, Nothing But Thieves).

“Victim of The Groove ironically explores the hatred I have towards myself, when I can’t write a new song. I explore this hatred... by writing a new song. Throughout the verses I frivolously wallow in a pool of self-pity, tearing myself down at every line. Then get to the pre chorus, I explain that self-doubt is part and parcel of being a musician.” says Tom.Victim of the Groove is an ode to self-success, battling with your mental health as you think you can’t reach your own previous successes. It’s one of Tom’s most personal tracks, as he further explains: “I invite people into the world of being an independent artist, cycling between two main emotions; thinking your god’s gift, when you write a good song and feeling worthless, when you can’t. I sum up the song with the title - “I’m a Victim of The Groove”.

The addiction to the groove started in 2016 when Tom received a dreadful mix of a previous single. The control freak within him spiraled out of control and started aggressively buying microphones, mixing plug ins and a laptop. Fast forward 4 years to the present day and Tom is living the true rock and roll dream; producing his own Rock and Blues records at the age of 21 from his own studio ‘The Syncopation Station’ (his parent’s living room). Tom’s produces and co-writes with a number of artists including Dan Owen, John Adams, Amber Leigh Irish and The Voice’s Chanel Yates & Jake O’Neil.

He’s received critical success on his previous records with Mother Mary being added to one of the most prestigious playlists on Spotify All New Rock, BBC Introducing’s Adam Walton calling him “An Incredible Talent” and David Owens, South Wales Echo claiming “Everything Tom touches turns to Gold” Victim of the Groove will be released on Friday 26 February on all major streaming/ download platforms. You can pre-save/listen to the track HERE

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viA fAntAsticA  is J.T. and Gaia de Voxx on a DIY synth pop journey. J.T. is Justin Toland, erstwhile purveyor of loops and found sound on Recordiau Peski and self-released cassettes under the name Location Baked. Gaia de Voxx is his droid vocalist.

2 any 1 is the debut album by viA fAntAsticA. It’s about songs, tunes, accessibility, reaching out. Influences range from mass market and under-the-radar 80s synth pop ( Yazoo, Human League, Fad Gadget ) to contemporary Puerto Rican electronic indie ( Los Wálters, Buscabulla ).

2 any 1  began as an imaginary soundtrack to a 21st century kitchen sink drama set in the faded seaside resort of Porthcawl. That was the inspiration for the Italo disco stylings of  ‘Meet me at Sidoli’s',  the electronic surf rock of  ‘Never surf again’ , lover’s lament  ‘Not waving but crying’ , and the incidental noir of  ‘Fog and mirrors’ . When Covid scuppered those plans, the album began to take a different shape: less conceptual, more personal, more free-ranging.

So there are songs and tunes about Cardiff communities and community action, including  ‘Row Town’ (Roath), ‘Rebuild the Poets’,  and  ‘Agents of Change’ , which nods to Toland’s found sound roots, with its field recording from a Save Guildford Crescent demo.

There are tracks based around loops and inspirations, including  ‘Must be built’,  which searches for the essence of the Hacienda nightclub,  ‘Swim-up bar blues’, ‘Cowley’,  and lead single  ‘Onstage, right now…’.

And above all, there are things that just sound good and sound right, like  ‘Gwawr' , like  ‘Stomp stomp’ . So we’re releasing them, releasing this album – 2any1 – in '21. Are you listening?

"chuntering machine-driven backing somewhere between early 80s minimal synth and mid-80s electro...expansive array of semi-ambient keyboards and proto-techno rhythms."  Buzz Magazine


Bandcamp -  https://viafantastica. bandcamp.com/

Twitter: @via_fantastica  

Youtube   soundcloud.com/viafantastica  

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc49ETvVD-xfEtutqljabxg/featured 

Facebook:  https://www. facebook.com/viafantastica

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unnamed.jpg “I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything in the book – it will be too radical for some, and for others it won’t be radical enough,” says author Llywelyn ap Gwilym about his new bilingual book,  Llyfr Du Cymru Fydd / The Black Book of the New Wales  (Y Lolfa), which is published this week. 

The organiser of the AUOB Cymru rallies which attracted thousands to pro-independence marches in Cardiff, Caernarfon and Merthyr pre Covid-19 has written his vision of an independent Wales. Llywelyn ap Gwilym, who is also on the Central Committee of YesCymru, said: 

“I’ve supported Welsh independence since I can remember, but without questioning why. Since the birth of my children and moving back to Wales, I’ve thought more deeply about the politics, economics and sociology behind it: I’ve thought more about the ‘why’. Whilst writing  The Black Book of the New Wales,  I started to think that perhaps I could encourage the discourse to develop.” 

The book is an exploration of what a future independent Wales could look like. It is written in the spirit of utopian thinking: its purpose is to question what is, and to envision what could be. Some of the ideas presented are a radical departure from the status quo, while others are becoming part of orthodox leftist thinking. Similarly, there are some precedents in terms of current or former organisations and institutions, others have only been trialled, while some have not yet existed. 

The book has been described as “an exciting blueprint for building a better society” by Dan Evans of Desolation Radio and Leanne Wood, Plaid Cymru has said, “For the Indy curious, this is a must-read.” 

The percentage of people in Wales supporting independence has almost tripled over the last six years from 12% in 2014 to 35% in 2020. The Welsh Independence movement is gathering momentum, with membership of YesCymru growing from 2,500 to 17,000 during 2020, and now gets regular attention in the UK media as well as further afield. 

“I hope that the book will help expand further discussions so that more people start sharing ideas on what our values are, what kind of society we want to live in, and how independence for Wales is the most realistic path in order to achieve these changes. It would be tragic to lose the chance to ensure a better future for all who call Wales home and, on winning independence, just to recreate the inequality and unjustness that’s rife in the UK.  The Black Book of New Wales  is my contribution to ensuring a better future.” 

The Black Book of the New Wales by Llywelyn ap Gwilym (£4.99, Y Lolfa) will be available by 1 st  March.

Praise for  The Black Book of the New Wales

“Concise, challenging, doable! There are radical ideas for the kind of Wales we can be, but we need independence, and independence of mind, to unlock that potential. It can’t come from Westminster. Better a Good Wales than a ‘Great’ Britain.”

Siôn T. Jobbins, YesCymru Chair

“… a cracking piece of work. Very clear thinking. Good, sound values base. I love the references you draw on – some of my favourites – Raymond Williams, Gramsci, Bookchin, Bell Hook, Malcolm X, Maya Angelou, the Preston stuff and Mondragon. And the way you bring all the thinking together… Your book outlines why it is not tenable for people in Wales to carry on as we are and offers an inclusive vision of real independence. For the Indy curious, this is a must-read.”

Leanne Wood, Plaid Cymru


“A small book with big ideas! A welcome addition to the independence debate.”

Cian Ciarán, musician (Super Furry Animals), composer and YesCymru Vice-Chair


“Llywelyn ap Gwilym’s The Black Book of the New Wales doesn’t claim to have all the answers, it weaves together an empowering series of concepts and initiatives that are ready and willing to form new institutions and structures.”

Ben Gwalchmai, Founder of Labour for an Independent Wales

“An exciting blueprint for building a better society.”

Dan Evans, Desolation Radio

“Llywelyn ap Gwilym’s  Llyfr Du  is an essential contribution to the vision that will liberate Wales from the decaying British state.”

Sam Coates, Undod

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In honor of St. David's Day, the North American Festival of Wales and Undeb Cymru a'r Byd (Wales International) are co-sponsoring two NEW virtual Eisteddfod competitions for Youth Solo Voice... Ages 7-11 and Ages 12-16.  Three top prizes in each category (£100 - £50 - £25 for UK entrants, otherwise paid out in the local currency equivalent).

Please go to the link below for all details/rules/guidelines (in English and Welsh)!

The adjudicating panel includes some greats from the Welsh cultural sphere... Edward Morus Jones, Mary Jones McGuyer and Catrin "Toffoc" Jones!

Each entrant is asked to submit a video of one song in Welsh, created in 2021 and three minutes or less in length, during a strictly limited, 24-hour window (Friday, Feb. 19, 2021, between midnight and midnight Eastern Time).  Winning entries will be announced and posted at the North American Festival of Wales (NAFOW) website,  www.nafow.org , on February 27, 2021.

We look forward to seeing some great performances soon! 

LINK TO COMPETITIONS PAGE:  http://festivalofwales.org/gan-o-gymru---eisteddfod-competition.html

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Reclaiming for a new generation the poetry of Dylan, the stark beauty and unhinged Rock and Roll of mid-70s John Cale, and Badfinger's melancholic timeless songcraft, this is Bandicoot. Their sound flows like post-industrial blues through Swansea's rain-soaked concrete streets.

Bandicoot have earned a ferocious reputation, thanks to their raucous, overflowing live shows that spin euphorically from post-punk and krautrock to glam stomp and art-pop sensuality at the drop of a note.

‘Dark Too Long’ is Bandicoot‘s debut single on Libertino, a song they describe as a “ frenzied cry of desperation from the depths of excess and loneliness, influenced by the driving rhythms of NEU! and Can.”

"Bandicoot are wired instinctively to the cathartic screams of John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band, the lustful danger of The Velvet Underground, and CAN's cinematic propulsion. They are the art-house provocateurs of Warhol's Factory brought to life on Swansea's rainy streets " - Libertino

Mae  Bandicoot  yn adfer cerddi Dylan Thomas, harddwch roc a rôl y 70au gan John Cale, a chrefft gerddorol melancolig Badfinger. Mae eu sŵn yn llifo fel blŵs ol-ddiwydianol drwy strydoedd concrit gwlyb Abertawe.

Mae gan Bandicoot enw da am eu perfformiadau byw sy'n chwyrlio o sŵn ôl-bync i krautrock i stomp glam a chelf pop synhwyrus o ddechrau i ddiwedd eu set.

'Dark Too Long ' yw'r sengl gyntaf i Bandicoot ryddhau drwy Libertino, cân sy'n cael ei ddisgrifio fel  "cri o anobaith o ddyfnderoedd unigrwydd a gormodedd, wedi'i ddylanwadu gan rythmau NEU! a Can"



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Horizons are releasing ‘Paradwys’ as a free download on their  website , a collaboration between Launchpad artists Eadyth, Foxxglove and Cait Johnsen of Mawpit. A specially commissioned track put out to celebrate Dydd Miwsig Cymru/Welsh Language Music this Friday the 5th of February 2021.

This collaboration between cutting edge soul pop artist and producer Eadyth,  Cait from rock band Mawpit, and Ffion a pop singer who works under the alias of Foxxglove, two singers who despite being native Welsh speakers were recording in Welsh for the first time. ‘Paradwys’ is a beguiling pop song that sews bubbling beats with glowing instrumentals and runs over with infectious soulful harmonies that accentuate the beauty of the Welsh language.

 The talented trio were set the challenge by Horizons to expand their experiences in the Welsh language by writing and recording a new Welsh language track for release on Dydd Miwsig Cymru. They met after being thrown together after the artists all received the Launchpad funding earlier this year.

Cait Johansen of the band Mawpit said of the collaboration: “Eadyth is such a talented songwriter & producer, I'm so amazed and jealous that she can write, mix and master a whole song. Ffion of Foxxglove is so lovely and it was really fun for us to work on Eadyth's creation together. She has such a wonderful, sweet voice and I think our voices mixed together really well. I think all of us are really thrilled to be a part of welsh music day. Especially as this is my first time being a part of it, I hope I’ll get to put something towards it again next year. I’ve already started writing another song in Welsh so I think this experience has been very inspiring.”

Ffion aka Foxxglove says: “It was such a fun experience getting to collaborate with Eadyth and Cait on this song, it was a first for me to collaborate with women and also in Welsh, was a challenge and different but very happy with the final result. So grateful to have been given the opportunity to work on this with the girls they are both so incredibly talented, was a pleasure!

I learnt a lot from it and definitely will be making more Welsh language music in the future.  Very excited for Paradwys to come out on Dydd Miwsig Cymru and to be involved this year, have always wanted too, so thank you so so much to Horizons and Eadyth and Cait! And I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!”

Horizons project leader Bethan Elfyn says:  “Eadyth is such a natural collaborator, producer, and ambassador for the Welsh language in her music that she was a perfect choice for bringing a unique collaboration together. Cait from Mawpit and Ffion from Foxxglove are both totally different and unique vocalists, and it's wonderful to hear them exploring their Welsh language roots in the track, and will hopefully help them feel more confident in exploring mixing the languages further in their own work! 

“Dydd Miwsig Cymru is a great way to celebrate a unique scene, a lively, contemporary scene, and these kinds of collaborations are a perfect way to bring new fresh voices to an already rich culture in Wales. Through music anyone can enjoy hearing the Welsh language, if you speak it fluently or are hearing it for the first time – it’s a great way to discover more”


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Would you please consider signing this petition asking for realistic support for the National Library? Please share the petition.

May I ask you to sign a petition calling for fair funding for the National Library of Wales "one of the world’s great libraries, a repository of the historic, artistic and intellectual treasures of Wales. With no increased support from Welsh Government, 30 jobs are to be cut and services seriously curtailed. Freedom, prosperity and the development of society and individuals are fundamental human values, attained by well-informed citizens with unlimited access to thought, culture and information."





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