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New music from The Dragonflies

By Ceri Shaw, 2023-06-06
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Psychedelic upstarts The Family Battenberg announce the release of their reverb coated,fuzz founded new track  ‘Runny Hunny’,  out on the 6th of June!

Cardiff, Wales: Runny Hunny is The Family Battenberg’s third release.


Born out of a band-wide love for garage rock,  'Runny Hunny'  plays with the ethos of pushing the limits andbending the rules of recording equipment to produce overly saturated and noisy results.


The band successfully create fuzz fuelled walls of sound, draped behind Lennon-esc double trackedvocals, with plenty of reverb to boot. Thematically, the song is a commentary on the universalwish of a stable income, from the perspective of a fresh faced arts graduate. The track wasrecorded by The Family Battenberg at Cardiff’s Music Box rehearsal rooms and mixed by Eliot in the back room of his flat.


A total of 4 arts degrees were utilised in the creation of this track.Of the track, producer and lyricist Eliot Jones explains:


“Runny Hunny truly is just about having a whinge. Universities do a fantastic job of convincing you that you’ll walk into your dream jobweeks after graduation. ‘LIGHT THE BEACONS, CALL ABBEY ROAD, A 20-SOMETHING POST GRAD HAS JUST COMPLETED A MUSIC PRODUCTION DEGREE’! Being back at your parents house and catching the train to the job centre on a Wednesday morning is quite sobering after you’ve had your photos in your funny hat.”


Having already gained attention from  Steve Lamacq Amy Lamé Huw Stephens , alongside  Amazing Radio  playlisting on their previous releases, the band plan to make a lot of noise with  ‘Runny Hunny’.  


Upcoming Live Dates

June 9th - The Bunkhouse, Swansea (Supporting Panic Shack)
June 29th - The Globe, Cardiff (Supporting SHLUG)

July 16th - HarbourFest, Bristol
July 22nd - Leopalooza, Cornwall
July 23rd - NozStock, Herefordshire

Runny Hunny Cover.jpg

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Cardiff's CVC - is Coming To America!

By Ceri Shaw, 2023-06-03


Life in Church Village is laid back and simple. Situated at the top of a hill in the Welsh Valleys around 10 miles north of Cardiff: there are a couple of rugby pitches, a few pubs all within walking distance of one another and that’s about it. Like many villages of this kind, it appears on the outside as quiet and serene, but there’s a bubbling underbelly, of kids itching for a chance to explore the wider world.

CVC (or Church Village Collective in full) represents this. But as the name suggests, they’re not divorcing themselves from the identity of the ‘small town’; if they have it their way, international renown will soon be brought to their village.

The outfit is comprised of singer Francesco Orsi, bassist Ben Thorne, drummer Tom Fry, keyboardist Daniel ‘Nanial’ Jones and singing guitarists David Bassey and Elliot Bradfield. It’s worth noting that the latter two, despite never having met them, are related to Welsh royalty Dame Shirley Bassey and Manic Street Preachers’ James Dean Bradfield, respectively. Maybe owing to genetics, Bassey states “I don’t think I’d be able to not do this, I don’t actively choose to, I’m just drawn to it”. But the band are all as equally talented with different skills that aid the cacophony of their sound. Simply put, CVC are a democracy, greater than the sum of its parts, and destined for world domination - perhaps!

It’s a lofty but not impossible dream - but if there is one band that’s up to that challenge, it’s them. “The point of being in a band is to have fun and to make music that people enjoy” Dave adds, “We listen to music to feel something and if we can give a bit of that back to other people - to hear them say they like the art you’ve produced, that’s the best thing ever”. The band’s rallying cry? “Peace and love and good times; stay real, stay true and that’s it.” Ultimately, they are essentialists and their music appeals to universally felt, primal instincts.

Again, there are no add-ons with this band, no gimmicks. They grew up on rock music’s
building blocks: The Beatles, Neil Young and The Beach Boys - rich and melodic music steeped in rock’s history, while adding a contemporary feel; think the sunny sounds of Mac Demarco and Super Furry Animals coupled with the virtuosity of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

There is a hint of chaos though. Partly owing to the fact that they started as a ‘jam band’
says Orsi, and partly to their ingrained love of 70s psychedelia, it’s maybe the big three-part harmonies that stand out. Orsi, Bassey and Bradfield’s vocals are able to conjure moods of any palette, sweet but also explosive.

“We like big sounds,” sums up Bassey. “We like the big-big stuff. You’ve gotta have a keyboard player, two guitars, that’s a must, and three singers - “You definitely want to get to the top of Everest before you start coming back down.” Thorne adds.

The love of harmony comes from a surprising place given their knack for rebellion. “When I was in primary school, my music teacher would have six or seven hundred pupils singing four part harmonies and it was banging,” says Bradfield. “Like, it was loud as fuck in the hall. I remember getting goosebumps and thinking, ‘This is so class…’”

Real to Reel, their debut EP released in mid-2022 neatly summed up their identity. It’s an urgent manifesto that appeals to classic tastes but implanted in the present. ‘Docking the Pay is full blown energy’ says Thorne, despite being made in lockdown; a time when the world was invariably still. NME called the EP an “assured achievement” and highlighted  ‘Winston’ saying “[it] recaptures the groove and glory of late ‘60s psych-pop…with swirls and reverb”. It’s otherworldly.

In January 2023, Get Real, CVC’s 11-track debut album, will offer a similar transcendency. Keeping it local, they recorded in Bradfield’s’ living room over four sun-baked summer weeks; cooking up some of the rhythms in the kitchen using wooden spoons and pots and pans - with Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys) coming on board to mix the finished product. They were efficient, “We’d start in the morning, crank the amps up and then be home for dinner… Great fun,” says Bassey. “We do everything for the greater good of the band, rather than as individuals, that’s how everybody looks at it” says Jones.

As expected, the album betrays the four-walled confines of where it was recorded. Songs that rarely stray beyond four minutes, they’re arena-filling epics in miniature. ‘Knock Knock’ weaves an undulating groove, ‘Music Stuff’ brings a bit of Laurel Canyon to the Valleys, ‘Mademoiselle’ shakes, rattles and rolls.

‘Docking the Pay’ rightfully re-features on their debut album and fits perfectly, “it’s the ideal track to introduce the band”, says Thorne.

Elsewhere, there’s the anthemic ballad ‘Sophie’, named after Jones’ girlfriend and the jazz- inflected ‘Anogo’, which was written about the time the keyboardist broke both his arms (“The moral of the story is don’t be inebriated and climb trees,” he says).

When the album lands, an indispensable new band will be uncovered. “We want to be on massive stages with massive crowds, big gigs, big albums, top of the stack, like…the bigger the better.” Teeming with exuberance, they’re primed and prepped for this.

Around the release of Real to Reel, they played scuzzy, sweaty venues like London’s The Lexington and Cardiff’s Clwb Ifor Bach as well as the greater plains of Electric Picnic and Reading & Leeds, converting crowds along the way. This was no more evident than at their EP release party at London’s Shacklewell Arms, where new and seasoned fans alike loudly chanted “CVC” at the end of the set; it felt spiritual, almost cultish.

The sound of ‘real Welsh rain’ pitter-patters across this self-produced album. CVC bring it all  back home on Get Real. It’s local and far-reaching; atop hills but firmly grounded; it’s bursting at the seams. It’s the Church Village Collective.


CVC_America Tour Flyer.jpg


LinkTree: @cvcband | https://linktr.ee/cvcband

Facebook: @CVCband | https://www.facebook.com/CVCband/

Twitter: @CVCband_ | https://twitter.com/CVCband_

Instagram: @cvcband_ | https://www.instagram.com/cvcband_/

YouTube: @cvcband | https://tinyurl.com/24fp9a75

TikTok: @cvcband | https://tinyurl.com/ye95bd2h

CVC_Press Photo.jpg

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gallery image gallery image gallery image gallery image gallery image  
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AmeriCymru: Hi Eifion and many thanks for agreeing to this interview. What inspired you to launch your new company Cyfrinachau Cymru?

Eifion: Thank you very much for opportunity to speak to you, i was aware of the great work you do for Welsh and American links so I was eager to discuss this project with you. The inspiration came for the game due to my opinion that not enough is done to market the lesser know locations and amazing tales of folklore and mythology our great country has to offer. I live high up in the Bannau Brecheiniog very close to where my family are originally from in Myddfai, the tale of The Lady of the Lake is associated with Myddfai and is widely recognized as one of the greatest folklore tales that has ever come out of Wales. I'm also very active in networking with numerous Welsh groups from all around the world and I hope initiatives like this can help Wales recover from a barren spell recently by promoting the Welsh language, history, culture and also offering a game for all ages. Another inspiration for me was a chance meeting with a member of a local church in Arthenrhy Ireland, who explained to me how members wrote a book hundreds of years ago in that location, which focused heavily on folklore and mythology.

AmeriCymru: What is the company's mission statement? What kind of products will you be making available?

Eifion:  "Cysylltu Cymru a'r byd"

AmeriCymru: Care to tell us more about your new Welsh folklore and mythology card game?

Eifion: The game 'Cardiau Chwedlau' or Welsh legends is based around the popular kids card game Top Trumps, all 32 characters are based around the fantastic stories of mythology and folklore our amazing country offers, with a strong inspiration from The Mabinogion who I firmly believe was written by our warrior princess Gwenllian 1136. The characters are all individually ranked across 4 separate sections, magic, intelligence, battle and legend.

AmeriCymru: Do you have any samples you can share with us? 

Eifion: I've attached several photos which can be viewed from the photo album on this page.

AmeriCymru: What age range is the new card game aimed at?

Eifion: We are really hoping to get this product introduced to the Welsh education sector, we believe this will be a great resource for anyone to learn Welsh, and learn about our history and culture at the same time, whatever their age.

AmeriCymru: Where can people go to learn more, or purchase from, Cyfrinachau Cymru?

Eifion: Here is a link to our GoFundMe page which went live last week:


AmeriCymru: What's next for Eifion Rogers? Any new products / projects in the pipeline?

Eifion: Off the back of this product there will be several new initiatives that will be launched, I've been working on around 8 products for the last few years, I'm also hoping to continue my work with Welsh and American communities also.

AmeriCymru: Any final message for the members and readers of AmeriCymru?

Eifion: Thank you all for your support with this, keep up the good work I hope to get to the States in the next few years to see you.



Indie folk singer-songwriter,  Ivan Moult,  is set to release his third album  'Songs From Severn Grove ' on May 26th on Welsh record label,  Bubblewrap Records.

The Cardiff-based artist has received support from BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC Radio Wales and Folk Radio UK, with over 100k plays on Soundcloud. His 2018 album Longest Shadow earned him festival slots at Cornbury Festival, Festival of Voice and Swn, as well as support slots with This Is The Kit, Becca Mancari, and Willy Mason.

This new album showcases Ivan's versatility as he wrote, played, recorded and mixed all the songs at his home studio in Cardiff, with mastering polished off by Charlie Francis (REM, Robyn Hitchcock, Adwaith). Songs From Severn Grove chronicles Ivan's journey of growth, beginning in lockdown during the 2020 pandemic, and continuing through the challenges and joys of becoming a father.

His signature sound, combining 1960s/70s folk and blues with a contemporary touch, is on full display as he showcases his strongest work yet. Influenced by artists like J.J. Cale, Nina Simone, and Tim Buckley, Ivan's original and unique voice is at the centre of the soundscape, layered with harmonies and delay-soaked electric guitars.

'Exquisite' -  Folk Radio UK
'Beautiful songs' -  Huw Stephens, BBC Radio Wales
'Utterly wonderful' -  Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales
'Dreamy' -  Amplify The Noise

The album will be available on digital, vinyl, and CD formats.

Pre-order the album on Vinyl and CD here:  bit.ly/IvanMoult-SF7G

Pre-save the album:  orcd.co/IvanMoult-SF7G


Ivan Moult is set to release his third album, 'Songs From Severn Grove', this Spring on independent Welsh record label, Bubblewrap Collective. His previous albums have received radio support from BBC Radio 6 Music and BBC Radio Wales, and have been featured on Folk Radio UK.

Ivan's second album, 'Longest Shadow', released in 2018, won him festival slots at Cornbury Festival, Folk on The Dock, and Festival of Voice, as well as support slots with This Is The Kit, Becca Mancari, and Willy Mason. For this new album, Ivan played, recorded, engineered, and mixed all of the instruments himself at his home studio in Cardiff. The album charts a journey of growth and change, beginning with the lockdown during the 2020 pandemic and continuing through Ivan's experiences of fatherhood and the development of his love and relationships.

The album showcases Ivan's voice front and centre, with layered harmonies and a soundscape of delay-soaked electric guitars, drums, and bass. The music draws from influences such as J.J. Cale, Nina Simone, and Tim Buckley, creating a fusion of 1960s/70s folk and blues with a contemporary sound. Ivan's unique and original style remains recognisably present throughout the album.

The music draws from influences such as J.J. Cale, Nina Simone, and Tim Buckley, creating a fusion of 1960s/70s folk and blues with a contemporary sound. Ivan's unique and original style remains recognisably present throughout the album.

“Absolutely wonderful. Just gorgeous.”-  Janice Long, BBC Radio Wales
“Effortless acoustic songwriting...”-  Clash Magazine
“...beautiful guitar playing matched with touching vocals”-  For Folk’s Sake
“... beautiful orchestration and affecting subject matter”-  Americana UK
“...the bar is still being raised”-  Buzz Magazine

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Cardiff band SIlent Forum announce brand new 'Cat Pose' single which will be released via Libertino Records on Tuesday 23.05

Silent Forum describes Cat Pose as “their first yoga based song - about self care and mental health. Or Brexit and vegetable samosas”. Lyrics based on the band’s experience of YouTube yoga tutorials accompany a buoyant, propulsive mix of reflective guitar and dance rhythms, finding the biting point between melancholy and jubilation.”

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wales 100 words.jpg A new book published this week offers a glimpse into some special words and phrases that are unique to Wales. From well-known words such as  cwtsh hiraeth crachach  and  Jac Codi Baw  to lesser used words and phrases such as  paneidio ansparadigeaethus  and  pendramwnwgl   Wales in 100 Words  is an off-beat collection of words that are in some way unique, evocative and special. Some are ancient and derive from Early Welsh, and others like  dim gobaith caneri  draw on Wales’s rich cultural and social heritage and many like  popty-ping  and  co bach  are new-born inventive creations for the digital age.

According to Garmon Gruffudd from Y Lolfa, publishers of the book,

“We should celebrate the rich vein of ancient evocative words and phrases we have in Welsh and also use some of the inventive, often colloquial and slang words we have, rather than official unimaginative words, often slavishly translated from English. In the days of  cyfieitheg  (translateish) and Google translate I hope that this book will prove that a language is far more than just words and that some things just can’t be translated.”

Although aimed at tourists and Welsh learners  Wales in 100 Words  will also teach something new and bring a smile to the faces of people who have spoken Welsh all their lives. It is also another contribution to the never-ending discussions on the most loved words in the Welsh language.

The book includes humorous illustrations by Osian Roberts. Originally from Llanerchymedd in Anglesey, after graduating at the Manchester School of Art Osian now lives in Porth in the Rhondda valley.

Priced at £3.99, Wales in 100 Words (Y Lolfa) is available now in bookshops and  www.ylolfa.com  

The top 100 words in alphabetical order

Annwn, Ansparadigaethus, awen, bach, bara brith, beic berfa,bendigedig, blodyn pi pi’n gwely, bochdew, bolgi, braich hir, buwch goch gota, bwci bo, bwrw hen wragedd a ffyn, calennig, Cantre’r Gwaelod, cariad, cath i gythraul, cawl, ceiliog, cerdd dant, chwyldro, chwyrligwgan, co bach, clatsho bant, cnapan, codi sgwarnogod, crachach, cromlech, crwth, cwm plu, Cwm Sgwt, cwrwgl, cwtsh, Cymru, cynefin, cynghanedd, cythraul canu, daps, Dic Siôn Dafydd, dim gobaith caneri, dros ben llestri, dwylo blewog, echnos, eisteddfod, englyn, esgyrn eira, glo mân, gog, gorsedd, gwdihŵ, gwynt traed y meirw, hiraeth, hwncomwnco, hwntw, hwyl, iechyd da!, igam ogam, Jac Codi Baw, jiw jiw!, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwll llandysulioygogogoch, ling di long, laeth mwnci, llwy garu, llwyth dyn diog, llyncu mul, MOM, mabinogion, manymanymwnci, milltir sgwâr, noson lawen, OMB!, paneidio, pendramwnwgl, pendwmpian, pengwin, Penmaenmawr, pibgorn, pili-pala, plygain, popty ping, pryd o dafod, randibŵ, Senedd, shwmai?, sinach, Sioni bob ochr, Taffia, traed dan bwrdd, twll o le, twmpath dawns, tŷ bach, y lôn goch, y pethe, y werin, y wladfa,y mab darogan, ych a fi!, yma o hyd, ynys afallon     


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ci gofod.jpg

Following on from previous single 'Rhedeg Yn Y Nos', Bridgend singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ci Gofod (Jack Thomas Davies) announces his brand new single 'Ysbrydoliaeth' which will be released on Friday 19th of May, with a brand new EP expected on the 30th of June.

Ci Gofod made his solo debut with the sweet and soulful single 'Castle Square' in 2020. Taking influences from the likes of Super Furry Animals and Sly And The Family Stone, Ci Gofod’s brand new single ‘Ysbrydoliaeth’; which translates to ‘Inspiration’ is a blissful yet funky groove that melts dreamy guitar melodies over Thomas-Davies chilled out Welsh language vocals.

Davies writes and records his 80s-inspired soul-infused disco-funk grooves from his bedroom studio in the South Wales Valleys. To bring his unique brand of indie-funk euphoria to stages, his live band now consists of Josh David Read (keys, guitar, vox), Lloyd Bastian (guitar, vox), Quillian Thomas (bass), and Josh Cox (drums).

Ci Gofod’s singles have been featured on BBC Introducing with Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru Playlist, and Aled Hugh’s BBC Radio Cymru and Featured Live at The BBC 6 Music Fringe Festival when it featured in The Moon Club,Cardiff.

Ci Gofod’s most successful single to date, 'Lose the Pressure', which will be a hit with any fans of Chic, Jungle, Sly and the Family Stone, and has exceeded expectation on streaming platforms.

Along with his mission to fill dancefloors with his energetic and flamboyant sound, Ci Gofod also seeks to orchestrate aural melting pots of funk, indie and neo-soul that pays ode to his Welsh heritage. His sights are firmly fixed on making an everlasting mark on the South Wales music scene; his success from the outset is proving that he’s a soulful force to be reckoned with.


'Promises genius and originality..a rela nugget'
- Iggy Magazine

'an anthem to the disco and dance clubs'
- Amplify The Noise

'hard-hitting funk song with groovy vibes'
- The Other Side Reviews

'unique sound and infectious energy'
- Find No Enemy

'wonderfully rich and alluring'
- Mystic Sons

'blissful yet funky groove that melts dreamy guitar melodies'
- Music Blog Wales

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