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'I'd never heard the notion of a concept album purely devoted to bedding and sleep - But now i have". 

Quirky Cardiff based collective 'Quilty Pleasures' announce self titled debut double album and share 'Chaise Long' single which will be released digitally on the 8th of July.

'Quilty Pleasures'  the album will be released on  Friday 26th August.

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Mae Englynion Angylion yn alwad ewfforig orymuso, rhyddhad a gwrthryfela. Dyma Rogue Jones yn "cysylltu â'u gwrach fewnol a chofleidio byd natur".

Dechreuodd hon, sengl gyntaf y band o’u hail halbwm, fel pennill gan Fiona Apple neu Kate Bush dan arweiniad y piano cyn cael ei drawsnewid i The Loft yn Efrog Newydd y 70au gan ysbryd David Mancuso. Fel y gerddoriaeth yr oedd Mancuso yn ei charu â’i chwarae, mae Englynion Angylion yn llawn enaid, rhythm, a geiriau sy'n llawn gobaith ac achubiaeth.

Dychwelodd Rogue Jones (Bethan Mai ac Ynyr Morgan Ifan) i’w hail gartref creadigol yn Stiwdios Tŷ Drwg i ddechrau gweithio ar Englynion Angylion gyda’r cynhyrchydd Frank Naughton. Ceir hefyd Llŷr Pari, ‘metronom Melin y Coed’, ar y drymiau a'r cymysgu, Elen Ifan ar y soddgrwth a'r ffidil disgo a gafodd eu recordio yng Nghaernarfon gan Gruff Ab Arwel.

Galwodd y Guardian Rogue Jones yn "fand swynol a hynod sy’n haeddu dilyniant cwlt". Y mae Englynion Angylion yn orlawn o swyn ac yn sicr bydd cydnabyddiaeth haeddiannol i ddilyn. Eglurai’r band, "Englynion Angylion yw ein hymgais i wneud disgo cerddorfaol o’r 1970au, ond, fel popeth arall byddwn ni'n creu, gyda naws ychydig yn rhyfedd. Pobl y wlad yn treial gwneud cerddoriaeth y ddinas" ac yn llwyddo i ddod â phalet enfys natur gyda nhw i oleuo’r strydoedd dinesig tywyllaf.


Englynion Angylion (The Poetry of Angels) is an euphoric call to arms with a message of empowerment, liberation and rebellion. It’s Rogue Jones "getting in touch with their inner witch and embracing nature”.

This, the bands first single taken from their sophomore album, started life as a Fiona Apple / Kate Bush brooding piano-led verse before being dragged to The Loft in 70s New York by the ghost of David Mancuso. Like the music that Mancuso loved and played, Englynion Angylion is ‘soulful, rhythmic and impart words of hope and redemption.'

Rogue Jones (Bethan Mai and Ynyr Morgan Ifan) returned to their second creative home of Ty Drwg Studios with longtime producer Frank Naughton to work on the foundations of Englynion Angylion. Llŷr Pari ‘The Melin y Coed Metronome’ was on drums and mixing, Elen Ifan on cello, Mari Morgan on disco violin, recorded in Caernarfon by Gruff Ab Arwel.

The Guardian called Rogue Jones "a charmingly quirky band who deserve a cult following". By the evidence of Englynion Angylion, Rogue Jones are overflowing with charm and wider recognition won’t be far behind. As the band explained, Englynion Angylion "is our attempt at making straight-up 1970s orchestral disco but like everything we do, it comes out a little stranger. Country people trying to make big city music" and succeeding in bringing nature's rainbow palette with them to lighten the darkest of urban streets.


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Sky Barkers is an indie trio based in coastal West Wales. It is comprised of Joanna MacGregor Messore, Dan Messore and Matt Brown. They make groove based, hook heavy, vocal laden music - lyrically connective and energy driven, rooted in song-writing but with a wonky edge. ‘Give You Love’ is the bands second offering writing as this current trio, following on from their first single ‘Beholden to None’. Expect a full EP soon, coming this Autumn.

Jo MacGregor says: “Give You Love is a celebration and rebellion song. We wrote it during one of the lockdowns and it’s really just about loving - honestly and wildly, which in the current climate seems an act of necessary rebellion. Letting love be the force that courses through you and blasts you out of apathy, fear, whatever. But we’ve got to dare to be vulnerable enough to let it in, to feel it for real - and so many of us have big old bags of pain in the way. But in those moments when we really connect and let this incredible force tingle through us - it’s pretty wild. And we need it like water.”

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Mae ‘Weithiau’ yn gân emosiynol bwerus sydd yn rhan o seng Ddwbl-A Chroma ‘Weithiau / Caru Cyffuriau’. Dyma’r gerddorieth gyntaf ir grwp ryddhau ar ôl ymuno â’r label Libertino. Recordiwyd y canaeuon yn fyw i ddal sain amrwyd ac egniol y triawd o'r Cymoedd gan y cynhyrchydd Kris Jenkins (Cate Le Bon, SFA, Gruff Rhys).

“Mae Weithiau yn gân am orffen perthynas gyda rhywun ti’n caru a’r prosess o ddod i deall bod pethau ddim yn gweithio. Mae am rhoi dy hun gyntaf.” - Katie Hall, Chroma Mewn cyferbyniad perffaith cerddorol i felancholy diwyro ‘Weithiau’ mae ‘Caru Cyffuriau’ yn gân punk ddi-stop ‘in your face’ am fod yn dy arddegau yn y cymoedd, de Cymru.

“Mae ‘Caru Cyffuriau’ am ‘naughty’ teenagers yn y cymoedd yn mynd lan y mynydd i cymrid ‘drugs’ ac arbrofi gyda rhyw achos does dim lot I neud. Fi’n meddwl does dim digon o adnoddau i pobl ifanc mewn ardal fel y cymoedd. Mae angen mwy o adnoddau a pethau i pobl ifanc neid rhag i nhw deimlo mor ynysig. O ni moen sgweni trac pync yn y Gymraeg, sydd yn adlywychu profiad go iawn pobl heddiw.” - Katie Hall, Chroma

Y gân yr Trac yr Wythnos BBC Radio Cymru yr wythnos hon.

'Weithiau' (Sometimes) is an emotionally powerful song that is one half of Chroma's Double-A single 'Weithiau / Caru Cyffuriau'. This is the group's first release after joining the Libertino label. The songs were recorded live to capture the versatile and energetic sound of the Valleys trio by producer Kris Jenkins (Cate Le Bon, SFA, Gruff Rhys).

“‘Weithiau’ is about ending a relationship with someone that you love deeply. The process of coming to terms with the fact that the relationship doesn’t work, and putting your self first in that situation.” - Katie Hall, Chroma In perfect musical contrast to the sometimes melancholy 'Weithiau', 'Caru Cyffuriau' is a non-stop 'in your face' punk song about being a teenager in the South Wales Valleys.

“Caru Cyfffuriau is a song about being a naughty teenager in the valleys experimenting with drugs and sex because there’s not much else to do. I think there needs to be more stuff going on so young people don’t feel so isolated. We wanted to write a welsh language punk song that reflects young people's lived experience today.” - Katie Hall, Chroma

Weithiau is the BBC Radio Cymru's Track of the Week this week.

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Heddlu is the new musical project by Rhodri Daniel. The Ceredigion native was a founding member of renowned Welsh band Estrons who had a major impact on the industry having gained rave reviews from the likes of NME, Vice, DIY and Clash to BBC Radio, Radio X, Ultimate Guitar, The Guardian and Independent.

After finishing the band in 2019, Rhodri became aware that his hearing was severely damaged. Years of touring the live circuit had taken their toll, Rhodri ultimately being diagnosed with hearing loss, tinnitus and severe sensitivity to noise. The effects were so acute, Rhodri was unable to be in the same room as other people, leave the house or play music for almost a year.

A chance encounter with a retired record producer, who's old forgotten studio on the slopes of the Cambrian Mountains was filled with antique synthesisers, inspired Rhodri to consider music once more. Advised to get outdoors to aid recovery, he embarked on a three month hike spanning 900 miles of the entire Welsh coastline, where he conceived the new project and was inspired to write the music in his head, to be recorded upon his return. Serendipity led Rhodri back to music, and Heddlu was born. Meaning ‘Police’ in Welsh, from the words ‘peace-force’, Heddlu's music has been true to its’ name, offering a force of peace to the songwriter.

‘Locker’, Heddlu’s 2nd release, was born from the frustration of being unable to escape from the confines of the artists’ own mind, after months of insomnia caused by incessant tinnitus. Sung from the perspective of a mad-man the protagonist is imprisoned with, under the sea. The repetitive distorted riffs were inspired by constant hammering of rolling waves on the cliffs of West Wales, when walking the entirety of the Welsh coastal path, where the song and debut album were written.

'Locker'  is out on 27th May 2022 on  'Zawn Records'.

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North Wales Psychedelic Indie band 'Holy Coves' are set to release their shimmering brand new single 'Grey' which will be released this Friday 10th of June via prolific North Wales Label 'Yr Wyddfa Records'.

Dropping swiftly into the slip-stream and following on from the successful 'The Hurt Within' and 'Desert Storm' singles, 'Grey' shows off Marsden's ability to write a killer pop song enhanced by Holy Coves distinct sound, and coupled with a hazy indie pop filter and flourishes of post-punk, 'Grey' is a perfect pre-summer single.

Through long time friend and Producer David Wrench, 'Holy Coves' were put in touch with Texan Producer Erik Wofford (The Black Angels / Explosions In The Sky) and have built quite a magical working relationship, one where Wofford found himself on Mixing and Mastering duties for the material and certainly contributes to their new sound.


19th August - The Parish, Wrexham
20th August - The Shed, Leicester
26th August - Front Room, Rhyl

1st September - Cluny 2, Newcastle
2nd September - Jimmy's, Liverpool
9th September - Audio, Glasgow
10th September - Pressure, Kilmarnock
11th September - Bannermans, Edinburgh
15th September - The Bullingdon, Oxford
16th September - Rascals, Bangor
17th September - Queens Hall, Narberth
23rd September - Satan's Hallow, Manchester
24th September - The Brickyard, Carlisle
30th September - Boom, Leeds

1st October - Salty Dog, Northwich
2nd October - Portland Arms, Cambridge



3rd November - Underworld, Camden
4th November - The Loft, Southampton
11th November - Y Llew Goch, Machynlleth
12th November - Doldrum Escape Project, Dolgellau
25th November - Clwb Ifor Back, Cardiff
26th November - Cwrw - Camarthen


2nd December - Ucheldre, Holyhead
3rd December - Neuadd Ogwen, Bethesda

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mr bewlay.jpg

“Bold, charismatic and a flamboyant powerhouse” Becky and the Bands  

“A true pop star in the making!” Adam Walton, BBC Introducing Wales

FFO: SHAME, The Chats, FIDLAR, Bandicoot

Mr. Bewlay unleashes his brand new indie garage post-punk banger ‘Live Laugh Love’ on SWND Records on Friday 20th May via all major digital distributors and you can pre-save/pre-order HERE.

The Cardiff based musician steps out of his previous neo-glam sound with a bold new direction of frantic indie garage post-punk that refuses to take itself too seriously. Reclaiming the phrase ‘Live. Laugh. Love’ from the hallowed shelves of B&M to under the spotlights of the underground. Bewlay delivers 2 minutes 22 seconds of unashamed fun declaring his love for an older woman through some provocative lyrics. The track sees an expansion of the Mr. Bewlay character, refusing to reveal his identity to his label, furthering his reputation of being an enigma and a bombastic personality.

The song was recorded at King’s Road Studios in July 2021 with producer Sanders, Bewlay tells us, “I have to admit this song lyrically was originally written as a joke. Relying on the meme of the ‘Karen’ with their hollow tastes and tacky sentimentality. The more I tinkered with the song, the more the lyrics were not sarcastic, instead portraying a neutrality to the situation and relying on absurd imagery of middle-aged women's slogans tattooed on faces and blasting out of stereo systems. It definitely has the shock factor to it.

The track was written to be as bare bones as possible, relying on a smash and grab approach. No intro, no outro, no riffs and only a short solo to shake listeners out of their shocked silence. The trumpet solo was provided by the amazingly talented Laurence Collier of Afro Cluster fame who came down and put to audio the wailing, flamenco inspired solo!”

Whether it be Art Pop extraordinaire, Glam Rock Knight or garage post-punk slacker; Mr Bewlay has established himself as the paramount voice for the unorthodox. The Cardiff based artists’ upbringing was flamboyant with an early induction onto the stage. With amateur dramatic performances of classics like ‘West Side Story’, ‘A View From A Bridge’ and ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, Bewlay learnt the subtle intricacies of stage performance, a skill he brings with him to this day.

Beginning his music career under the mentorship of the PRS Foundation and Arts Council Wales backed Forté Project, Bewlay has pushed himself into releasing his ‘Electric Reason’ Trilogy which saw him expand his sound with the addition of synth-heavy, funk grooves and sweet retro-inspired pop hits. In addition he has played sold out headliner shows in prestigious venues such as Porter’s (Cardiff), Queens Hall (Narbeth) and Ill Repute (Bristol). As a champion for LGBTQ activism he has also given talks and performed at Queer festivals and shows with the ‘On Your Face Collective’.

With a breadth of sound ranging from retro-spiced pop, to quiet reflective solo pieces, Bewlay’s unpredictability is also found in his music. With influence coming from artists such as David Bowie, St Vincent and Parquet Courts, Bewlay remains in a lane of his own with bombastic vocals, extravagant style and lyrics of the utmost originality. There is little in his way towards inevitable ascension.

Be it Mista, Misses, King or Queen, they all fall under Bewlay’s everything.

‘Live Laugh Love’ by Mr Bewlay is out on Friday 20 May on SWND Records and is available on all
major streaming/download providers.

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