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Alan Stafford Jones


02/13/16 12:49:33AM, by Alan Stafford Jones

Dwynwen   David Price was a loner. Ever since he could remember he had felt himself to be different    from the rest of the herd. That is not to say that he felt in any way superior to his contemporaries but only that he liked to go his own way and stand apart from those who preferred to indulge in more exuberant pursuits. He was more introspective than his colleagues and obtained his satisfaction from simple pleasures, taking his exercise through individual sports rather than team games....
Edie Stone

SAINT WHO? Introducing St. Dwynwen

01/11/12 09:45:14AM, by Edie Stone

From an article I wrote for the Colorado Welsh Society: The Strange Love Story of St. Dwynwen by Edie Stone St. Dwynwen, as a patron saint of lovers, is the Welsh equivalent of St. Valentine. January 25, her feast day, is celebrated with cards, flowers, and poetry. In recent years, there has been a revival of interest in her legend. The official date for celebrating St. Dwynwen is January 25. St. Dwynwen was the daughter of 5th century Welsh saint and king, Brychan Brycheiniog. She was...
Rapscaliwn Pritchard

Welsh T-shirts/Crysau 'T' Cymraeg

12/29/16 04:47:45PM, by Rapscaliwn Pritchard

I'm just trying to gauge whether there is a market for Welsh language t-shirts, hoodies or mugs in the USA and whether anyone can advise of a particular theme or subject that may promote some interest.  Many thanks, Diolch
Doug Zimmerman

What’s happening to all the Welsh societies in America??

10/14/11 02:12:58PM, by Doug Zimmerman

Whats happening to all the Welsh societies in America?? After attending a number of Celtic festivals, all within 100 mi of Washington D.C. A small group of us (with Welsh backgrounds) noticed an almost lack of Welsh supporters. So we decided it might be worth wile to form a local (to Frederick MD) Welsh Society. We started doing some research to identify what was out there, and what we found was that a lot of the web links for groups near us were dead and the groups were gone. So with the...
Gareth Williams


07/13/08 10:22:53PM, by Gareth Williams

Once again a dissproportionate number of candidates for such a small race of people, as in most fields, such as drinking, drugs, womanising and wifebeating, we are overepresented!Could be categorised in terms of activities, sport, warfare, politics, journalism, criminal violence etc, but we'll just go for a mix in that ten, I'll kick off with my contribution.Plenty of boxers, footballers and rugby boys but I restrict myself to one vote as we all have. We'll tot up in a couple of weeks. Ceri...
dave martin

merchant day day sep 3rd

08/19/08 03:05:15AM, by dave martin

its that time again folks , sept third 2008 veterans of the merchant navy of world war two exercise their right to march throught cardiff as they were granted freedom of the city just like a regular members of hm armed forces , cardiff being the first city in the world to grant these rights to members of the merchant navy , many others have followed suit around the world , not to blow my own bugle i,m proud to say i had a small part in this , if only by having the internet smarts to raid a...
Daniel lyddon

Moore's Code - the story of the Welshman who received Titanic's distress call and...

01/11/12 05:03:21PM, by Daniel lyddon

Hi Everyone, I haven't been on AmeriCymru in ages so I'll introduce myself briefly. I'm a writer & producer based in Bridgend (down South) who regrettably doesn't speak the mam iaith despite being an avid watcher of Pobol y Cwm . I work through my company Seraphim Pictures (Bridgend, Cardiff and thereabouts) which produces short films and documentaries as well as the odd music video. I'm currently producing a short film called Moore's Code , about Artie Moore - a young Welsh amateur...
Paul Durden

Eisteddfod what a load of shit ?

08/07/09 03:17:33AM, by Paul Durden

Why does the bloke in the white dress pull out his sword, then ask the audience is there peace in Wales, then without listening to a soul or even the mood of the moment pushes it back in it's sheath....will somebody please tell the deaf old git there is not peace in Wales. He must also be blind the poor out of touch bugger. How much longer do we have to put up with these brown noseing jobsworth's, please give us a break, wake up, get real, stop living in a dream pagent, You got a chance of...

Welsh stake claim on Ohio capital !

02/28/14 07:44:58PM, by Iorddonen

The Welsh plant the Drag Goch and claim Ohio! A day early for St. Davids though.First time I've seen a Welsh flag flown in the States outside of Renaissance Fairs.lol https://www.facebook.com/WelshSocietyOfCentralOhio#!/WelshSocietyOfCentralOhio/posts/744489028902624

SEE YOU....... MY LOVE by Olayinka Idris

11/29/16 04:04:55AM, by AmeriCymru

See you on pay day When I'll buy you all what money can buy And groom you up Like the real Africa queen that you are Hand in hand Side by side We go shopping all day See you on raining day When heavenly blessings will shower down on us And wash our tears away In the rain, we will kiss and dance to the tune of nature The tune, right from the angels of sound and purity See you on sunny day When sunlight will shine on everything we do And lit up our way For us not to go astray See you on holy...
Ceri Shaw

St Pyr's Day ( Live! )

12/07/15 11:56:02PM, by Ceri Shaw

From the Wikipedia :- "On the first day of April in villages around Wales it is the custom to throw one's oldest living male relative down a well in honour of St Pyr. St Pyr was the dissolute former abbot of Caldey Island who died after falling down a well as a result of extreme intoxication. Regarded in Wales as a national hero his 'Saints Day' is celebrated  annually at gatherings on village greens during which participants dance around the well with pints of real ale singing "Yo...
Brian Roser

The Day After

01/28/16 10:16:32PM, by Brian Roser

By R Brian Roser Three …Two… One… Nothing GodsPeaceWarrior checked his watch, only to remember that he had abandoned all his worldly possessions. He had given up most of them months ago along with his money, but the watch lasted until just before he left for the night. Tonight, all he wore, all he owned was the Sacred Blessed Shroud they had all donned for the professed Second Coming. You know, the one that was supposed to be happening sort of now-ish. They all looked around at each other. It...