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BRG - One Day Collective

By Jacob Whittaker, 2013-06-14


ONE DAY COLLECTIVE is a project by BRG
that took place on the 24th March 2013 throughout
public spaces in Cardiff.

BRG is a practical
investigation and research group focusing on
collaborative processes.

ONE DAY COLLECTIVE was part of 'Intercourse'
a project curated by Elbow Room that explores
participation as an artform.

Rosie Benn-Squire
Elen Llwyd Roberts
Georgia Hall
Sara Hexter
Leo Garcia
Jess Matthews

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The Cellar Bards

By Jacob Whittaker, 2013-06-14

The Cellar Bards are a diverse group of poets and prose writers whose philosophy it is to both share their own words and give support to fellow writers respectfully and inclusively. They were formed in June 2012 and meet monthly at The Cellar Bar in Cardigan to enjoy a lively and vibrant evening of live literature over a pint or a coffee. Part of the audience is made up of writers who regularly contribute their own work, while the remainder are there purely to listen and experience the spoken word in its many forms, from poetry to short prose to novel extracts. All who choose to attend can be sure of the space and the attention they deserve to share what they have written.

The Cellar Bard group has a thriving and active facebook site, with over 140 members from across Britain and the wider world, a large percentage of whom regularly post their work and offer support to other writers. In this way, the community exists both in the "real" world and in the virtual one.

Watch performances from the bards on Culture Colony - http://www.culturecolony.com/videos?id=12827

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Sean Harris , whilst hailing from abackground inprintmaking, is perhaps best known for his work in animation - and mesmeric images which uniquely combine print, landscapes and prehistoric objects. In creating experimental films that explore both personal and wider cultural mythologies, he has collaborated extensively with major museums across the world including The British Museum and the Smithsonian Institution.

At Oriel Mwldan, he presents a new and very personal piece The Wild (made with financial assistance from the Arts Council of Wales) alongside other works which explore both the human impulse to 'capture' resonant moments in time andthe timelessness of the creative process itself.

Watch a video about Sean Harris and his work on Culture Colony - http://www.culturecolony.com/videos?id=12803

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Absent But Not Forgotten is an ongoing collaborative art project between west Wales artists, Kathryn Campbell Dodd and Jacob Whittaker.

Belief in the paranormal can be controversial; but there is a strong human desire to find pattern and meaning in the unexplained. Absent But Not Forgotten uses video and sound experiments, textiles, furniture and technical objects to evoke the world of ghost hunting through site-specific installations. The project considers the associations, clichs and influences of TV and films on the phenomenon.

Exploring the aesthetic language of ghost hunting, paranormal documentary and horror film, the work questions the urge towards paranormal interpretations for uncanny or unexplainable phenomena and makes parallels between the obsessive nature of processing the data from paranormal experiments and the artists creative process.

Be our guest, Oriel Davies, Newtown.
29 June 2013 - 04 September 2013

Who is this who is coming takes as a starting point the idea of the haunted B&B; many such establishments are rumoured to have a resident ghost and indeed, it is often a selling point to prospective visitors.

This new installation references the classic 1968 television play Whistle and Ill Come to You directed by Jonathan Miller from the original ghost story written by MR James in 1904. It features the breakfast scene in a guest house whereby an empirically minded Cambridge Professor declares his scepticism regarding the supernatural but later comes to find himself prey to a terrifying otherworldly force.
The plays simple but haunting treatment conjures an atmospheric cautionary tale which warns against the rigidity of fixed academic opinions as the professor illustrates with his self-satisfied corruption of Shakespeares quotation from Hamlet, There are more things in philosophy than are dreamt of in heaven and earth*

* There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Hamlet (1.5.166-7)

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Chris Nurse - fffffffffff...

By Jacob Whittaker, 2013-03-05

The new exhibition at Oriel Mwldan in Cardigan opened on Saturday 2nd March
Watch a short documentary video here

Liz Whittaker reviews -

Artist Chris Nurses latest exhibition, newly opened at Oriel Mwldan is full of thoughtful, stimulating ideas. However, because the thread which binds the various pieces of work together is tenuous and thus open to multiple interpretation, one review cannot claim to do it justice.

Experiencing the variety of exhibits, there is a sense of being drawn back into memories of the military pictures first seen in childhood; of the Kings Guards in fairy stories, and Disney films. The gorgeously uniformed, unlikely army, march across a battlefield map accompanied by serene floating ducks and scampering girl guides, all recalling a long ago dreamworld and yet, there is something about the military feel of it all that is adult, especially where death appears, suddenly and in garish garb.

Autobituaries connected to real lives from a bygone age, are augmented with flashing lights, bright and beautiful, but they are about real deaths, and their connection with death is ambivalent, celebratory and simulateously less than significant. Also they seem familiar, seen in passing in films, resembling signposts on an American freeway, or in a road movie, where what they advertise is entertainment, food, or even fuel.

Read More Here

Saturday 2 March - Saturday 13 April 2013
Dydd Sadwrn 2 Mawrth - Dydd Sadwrn 13 Ebrill 2013

Admission to Oriel Mwldan is free. Opening times are 10am - 8pm daily.
Mae Mynediad i Oriel Mwldan am ddim. Ar agor o 10yb - 8yh bob dydd.

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Cam O'r Tywyllwch

By Jacob Whittaker, 2013-02-27

Rhaglen radio wythnosol gan Peski sy'n cael ei ddarlledu pob nos Iau rhwng 8-10pm ar 98.7FM Radio Cardiff.

Welsh language radio show produced by Peski Records which is broadcasted live every Thursday between 8-10pm on 98.7FM Radio Cardiff.

Gwrando ar Soundcloud yma - http://soundcloud.com/cam-or-tywyllwch

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Arts Council of Wales are hosting four Sgwrs Gelfyddydol OPEN SPACE events across Wales.

Mae'r Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru yn cynnal pedair Sgwrs Gelfyddydol or enw Ein Lle Ni ar ddraws Cymru.

Gwilio fideo #sgwrsgelf yma http://www.culturecolony.com/ein-lle-ni-open-space/videos

Watch Arts Conversation videos here http://www.culturecolony.com/ein-lle-ni-open-space/videos

Mae Ein Lle Ni yn fath newydd a gwahanol o gyfarfod ymgynghori. Bydd gennych gyfle i siarad a chymerir eich safbwynt o ddifrif. Maen fforwm arloesol a democrataidd i drafod eich syniadau chi am ddyfodol celfyddydau Cymru. Addawn ddiwrnod difyr ac ysbrydoledig ichi lle cewch gyfrannu go iawn i greu strategaeth i gelfyddydau Cymru. Rhown sylw arbennig ir celfyddydau Cymraeg au lle i gynnal a hyrwyddor iaith.

Open Space is not the usual form of public consultation meeting where people from the Arts Council talk at you - or where you turn up to talk about one thing and its never discussed. Its a pioneering form of democratically organised consultative meeting where you bring your ideas about where the arts in Wales should be heading and how we get there and are guaranteed to be able to discuss them. We think youll find the day stimulating and inspiring and it will allow you to really contribute to the process of creating a strategy for the arts.

Gallwch nawr lawrlwytho, gweld a rhoi sylwadau ar adroddiadau a gyflwynwyd yn ein digwyddiadau ar y wefan arbennig hon http://sgwrsgelf.wordpress.com/

You can now download, view and comment on the reports presented in our events on our dedicated site http://sgwrsgelf.wordpress.com/

Tweet #sgwrsgelf

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Emrys Williams - Raft

By Jacob Whittaker, 2013-01-29

Emrys Williams - Raft

RAFT is a mixed media installation that transforms the exhibition space through the creation of an environment of large scale painting and objects. Originally created for Galeri, Caernarfon, Emrys Williams has re-configured this exhibition especially for Oriel Mwldan's space and the seaside town / community of Cardigan.

Watch a short documentary on Culture Colony.

Emrys Williams is a visual artist who works in the areas of painting, drawing and printmaking as well as collaboration in dance, opera and design.He has exhibited in Britain, France and Germany and has work in number of public collections including the Arts Council of England , the National Museum of Wales and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. (full biog)

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