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Ray Thomas marries in Wales!

By Brian y Tarw Llwyd, 2009-07-10
Who is Ray Thomas, you ask? Have we no Moody Blues fans out there? I believe you might remember that he was one of the original members, and was the flutist. I believe he is of Welsh descent. He also wrote and sang, one of his more memorable tunes being about Timothy Leary, (another Celt!). Anyway he was married today in Wales, and for you Ray Thomas and/or Moody Blues fans, here is a nifty site to check out, which includes the announcement.
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Druid Gorsedd, Festival at Lughnasadh, 2009

By Brian y Tarw Llwyd, 2009-02-27
Druid Gorsedd, Festival at Lughnasadh, 2009 The House of Danu, an alliance of Druid Groves and seed groups in the state of California, will host the Gorsedd for the Festival of Lughnasadh, July 31 to August 3, 2009, at the Pema Osel Ling Buddhist Retreat near Monterrey, California, and invites anyone interested in California Druid culture to attend. From the invitation:"The House of Danu gathers for this celebration of California Druid culture where we bring forth our enchanting music, vibrant dance, visual arts, Druid merchants, poetry, drumming, storytelling, workshops, games, OBOD initiations, Bardic evenings around the campfire, a magnificent Eisteddfod, and a grand procession for thesacred ritual of Lughnasadh that you help create."Read the rest of the invitation here (.pdf).

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'Secret' Welsh Eco-community Wins Long Legal Battle

By Brian y Tarw Llwyd, 2008-09-23
This may be old news to those of you in Wales, but this kinda stuff just tickles me pink... er, green. This is truly an inspiration to those of us who love and respect the earth. The first link refers to the article mentioned in the title of this blog. The second link is to the folks the 1st article is talking about. By the way, there are great pics at the second link, a guest book to post messages, and a place to order a book showing how they did it, and how you/we can do it too... Enjoy!
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Celtic Quote

By Brian y Tarw Llwyd, 2008-09-17
[A Scots brother passed along this snippet, but could not remember where he found it originally. It has a real feel of the Celt in it, and is no doubt part of a larger work of some importance, and I am hoping that some reader of it will recognize this piece and enlighten me further. In the meantime, enjoy! -- Brian y Tarw Llwyd]At the end of his seven years, one born to it will stand at the start of knowledge, and leaning a fond ear to the soul he may have parley with old folks of old affairs. Playing to the tune of the fairy harp, he can hear his forefolk, plaided in skins, towsy headed and terrible, grunting at the oars and snoring in the caves, where the white-haired sea-rovers are on the shore, and a stain's on the edge of the tide; or, he can stand by the cairn of kings, ken the colour of Fingal's hair, and see the moon-glint on the hook of the druids.
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