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'Secret' Welsh Eco-community Wins Long Legal Battle

user image 2008-09-23
By: Brian y Tarw Llwyd
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This may be old news to those of you in Wales, but this kinda stuff just tickles me pink... er, green. This is truly an inspiration to those of us who love and respect the earth. The first link refers to the article mentioned in the title of this blog. The second link is to the folks the 1st article is talking about. By the way, there are great pics at the second link, a guest book to post messages, and a place to order a book showing how they did it, and how you/we can do it too... Enjoy!

Wild Canary
09/27/08 04:59:23PM @wild-canary:
The Roundhouse site and the story are quite interesting to me. The links were fun and I felt like it was a well spent afternoon meandering. The many people who have tried to solve some of our most immediate problems, and succeeded are more plentiful than I imagined. No matter where in the world you are, the government's intrusion into those solutions seem to be there. The internet is a valuable tool in revealing that fact.
Brian y Tarw Llwyd
09/25/08 05:32:47AM @brian-y-tarw-llwyd:
There are a number of references to Malcolm Wells on the internet! Diolch yn fawr!
Wild Canary
09/25/08 04:14:22AM @wild-canary:
Thanks for this post. When I was young my father took me to visit an underground office near where we lived. The man was an architect who went on to build many underground homes and teach others how to do so. His name was Malcolm Wells.