Ceri Shaw
04/07/14 03:55:58AM
There, try that! :)

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Gambrinous of the Bathykolpian spake to the Dactylion thusly:- " All your bases are belong to us"

( didnt even look 'em up..... and I used them in the right I get a 'gold sheep'? )

Groan! The gold bucket of sheep dip for you!

Ceri--And I never would have guessed you hadn't looked them up! (You are so off base!)

Gaabi--Great--I need to dip some sheep.

Hi Mona.... think the dip is for me

Clearly an excerpt from Sci-Fi nonsense! Please, 'splain it!

Sorry--misspelled first word--should be GAMBRINOUS--means full of beer; BATHYKOLPIAN--means deep-bosomed; and DACTYLION--of course, means the tip of the middle finger.

I can see lots of possibilities for good sentences! :)

Head first into the bucket, mona, for misspelling GA M BRINOUS [derived from GAMBRINUS, the patron saint of, maybe even the King of Beer - I thought that was spelled 'BUD" ! ]

"I salute you,with my DACTYLION, said the GAMBRINOUS Professor Dai Twaddle to the BATHYKOLPIAN barmaid when sheannounced - 'Last orders, please'."

Very good, SJ! Yeah, sorry about the typo--but it would have been too easy if I'd spelled it correctly--sort of like your crossword puzzles! ;)
New words:




And, yes, they are spelled correctly this time! :)

My time recently has been aucupated by a major barla-fumble in the draftsack

"Locals have been aucupating at the draftsack outside Tesco's and we are calling for a barla-fumble to discourage this practice." said a spokesperson for the Upper Cwmtwp Ornithological Society.

Did you make the bird reference on purpose? :)