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Welsh Band 'Three Smiles Wide' release brand new single 'Warm Ice Cream' with all proceeds to My Big Cancer Fundraiser

user image 2024-02-02
By: Ceri Shaw
Posted in: Music
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WELSH  band  Three Smiles Wide  will donate all the money raised from their latest single to help pay for treatment for a 38 year old with cancer.

Three Smiles Wide were recording the single at Sonic One Studios in Llanelli when they heard that Luke had suffered a seizure whilst walking in central London. Luke Thomas, from Kidwelly in the Gwendraeth Valley, found out he had seven metastases in his brain – type four cancer.

He was originally diagnosed with skin cancer in 2014 and has raised more than £65,000 for Melanoma Focus while walking the entire Welsh coast. The treatment he received originally worked and doctors classified Luke as ‘NED’ or ‘no evidence of disease’.

However, with the new diagnosis, options are beginning to run out and once he builds resistance to the targeted treatment he has been receiving for the past three years, there will be no more alternatives on the NHS.

Luke’s family and friends are now raising money to pay for immunotherapy as he doesn’t meet the criteria for it to be paid for by the NHS. They’ve managed to raise nearly £25k already.

Three Smiles Wide are hoping they can add to that and help Luke exceed the £100k needed for one round of immunotherapy. Drummer Sam Peric went to school with Luke and the trio are all from the Kidwelly area. The three-piece band also played at ‘Luke Fest’ in 2019 to raise money for Melanoma Focus.

The song, called Warm Ice Cream, will be available to buy from Friday,  2nd February 2024 and coincides with a sold out Party for Luke event taking place on Saturday, 3rd February.