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Bethan Lloyd releases new 'Aria' single today Album Metamorphosis follows on 7th April

user image 2023-03-11
By: Ceri Shaw
Posted in: Music
bethan lloyd.png

Bethan Lloyd is a Welsh artist whose trance inducing vocals expand over an ocean of rave inspired production, harmonic layering and otherworldly ecstasy. Her sonic exploration has taken her from training as a classical singer, immersing herself in Berlin’s experimental music scene, to learning with shamans, masters and the ancient teachings of the natural world. In her latest single, Aria, Bethan, producing alongside Pre-Human bandmate Isaac Ray, takes her intense explorations of the spirit and emotional realms and blends them into something playful and danceable, a gritty experimental pop.
The landscape itself often becomes the inspiration for Bethan's creativity. She is frequently journeying with her sonic tools to ancient Neolithic sites and places of awe and wonder and allowing her surroundings to inspire a unique vocal soundscape. Aria is one such example. Written in Bryn Celli Ddu, a Neolithic burial chamber on the Isle of Anglesey, Aria is an ode to the ancient Welsh, to the Sun gods and sleeping ancestors. Stirring up a sense of the forgotten past, the chorus is an emotional cry for a sense of belonging and the desire to truly find one's home.
“Gorgeous” Amy Lamé’s ‘Sunday Girl’,
Amy Lame, BBC Radio 6
“This is good! Impressive stuff from Bethan Lloyd”
Huw Stephens, BBC Radio
“Folky vocalist to power your pagan rituals”
James Thornhill, Electronic Sound
“For Welsh artist Bethan Lloyd, the “voice” is a multi-faceted wonder - a tool, a weapon, a healing tonic.”
James Thornhill, Under The Radar Mag
“Bethan's inventive use of dream-like, layered sounds is otherworldly.. a rousing electronic set overlaid with distinct vocals... if it’s at all possible to imagine Gothenburg band The Knife singing in Welsh, then you might well be onto something.”
Susan Hansen, Clash Magazine
"A deeply emotive swirling electro pop that fuses together Lloyd's folk influenced, pagan like, refrains that gradually creep from personal and enveloping to swooping awestruck call to the heavens, underpinned by an intricate and pulsing tapestry of shadowy electronic sounds"
Bill Cummings, God is in the TV Zine
“I love the synths I love Bethan Lloyd voice, I love the the lyrics. It's just brilliant. She is just brilliant. Very enigmatic presence in many respects and a true artist.”
Adam Walton BB Radio Wales
“I saw Bethan play at Focus Wales… She blew me away.. She was one of my favourite artists of the festival… I love her music”
Bethan Elfyn BBC Radio Wales
“Bethan Lloyd is awesome, she is an incredible musician and singer”
Zakia Sewell, NTS  Radio

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