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My Name is Ian - 'Spooky Holiday' Single

user image 2022-10-21
By: Ceri Shaw
Posted in: Music

spooky holiday.jpg

Whilst the Cardiff three-piece multi-genre band  My Name is Ian  prepare for their upcoming brand new album - due out next year - we’ve got a little 2 minute nugget of Halloween pop-punk fun for you.
'Spooky Holiday'  is out across all digital platforms from 21st October.

Creatures of Cardiff,  My Name Is Ian  have already built a back catalogue that would have taken The Stone Roses millennia to mirror. Since 2010 their output of thirteen releases have dealt with break-ups, breakdowns, mysterious lion paintings and characters from the Tom Hanks movie Big.
This restless productivity has seen genres including but not restricted to
lo-fi, bedroom punk, garage rock, prog and anti-folk, all filtered through the pop-oriented
cranium of frontman  Reginald Foxwell .
Impressively prolific and prolifically impressive, bittersweet but unbroken,  My Name Is Ian  require your immediate attention.
Spooky Holiday Lyrics
It’s a spooky holiday everybody
All the ghost and ghoulies scare everybody
It’s a spooky holiday. Spooky holiday.

Frankenstein not frankincense
Yeah it’s only October so you know it makes sense.
A carved pumpkin and a load of candy
I'm ready for the monsters who trick or treat.

I got my costume on
I’m a zombie vet
Euthanize the chinchilla
Eat the owners flesh
Don’t answer the phone
Whatever you do
Watch out for the killer
They’re behind you!

Hold on now, You don’t believe in ghosts
I’ve heard bad enough screams from baby goats
there’s a lot that we don’t know so I’ll just play it safe
Save the ouija board for another day.

Funny bones
Yeah doing a dance
That vampire costume is missing some fangs
Black cats
Dead Mickey Mouse
Let’s have a graveyard party
Or just go to a house!