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SYBS 'Llygaid' New Single out this Friday / Sengl Newydd Mas Dydd Gwener

user image 2021-06-02
By: Ceri Shaw
Posted in: Music


Artist:  SYBS
Single Title:  'Llygaid'
Release Date:  04.06.21
Format:  Digital Single
Label:  Libertino
Location:  Cardiff, Swansea, London, Europe
Social Tags: @SYBSband @Libertinorecs @Beastpruk

‘Llygaid’ is an exhilarating change of pace for a band whose adrenaline fulled anthems have made them one of Wales’ most exciting acts. Here Osian (Singer / Guitarist) and the band take us down a more reflective, jangly and at times bucolic and beautifully melancholic road.....plus it has Tubular Bells on it, an EXTRA reason to love it unconditionally!!

Osian explains the background to ‘Llygaid’:

“I wrote this song during my first year of Uni, and was definitely a change of pace for me writing wise. A lot of the songs I was writing at the time where very dancey and energetic so it felt good to do a song that was more inward looking, and the lyrics definitely reflect this and generally encapsulate those last few weeks of my first year in uni.

It’s really weird listening back to this one because we recorded the final bits and bobs literally a day before I went home for lockdown, a little over a year ago, which makes it even more nostalgic to me. Hopefully I’ll get to make some more memories playing this song live very soon!”

'Llygaid' will be released via Libertino Records on Friday 04.06.21

SYBS Online:


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