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Interviewees Sought For Welsh Language TV Documentary

user image 2017-02-15
By: Ceri Shaw
Posted in: News

A Message From Iwan Roberts of Y Byd ar Bedwar

Screenshot from 20170215 122400.png My name is Iwan Roberts and I work for a Welsh current affairs series called Y Byd ar Bedwar (The World on Four).

I'm hoping to make a Welsh-language programme about the Trump presidency and his policies. What do people think so far? We've spoken with a few already, but I'm looking for other possible contributors.

In an ideal world, we would locate the program in California and meet people who live there - but it all depends on someone's story. I'm firstly looking for Welsh speakers who have something to say; they might have first hand experience with what Trump's policies mean to them. Or we would like to speak with someone who could take us and show us an element that might be affected by the new president. For instance: a nurse or doctor who would show what Obamacare means and how things would be without it or possibly its failings; a policeman, showing us the work that they need to do day-to-day; or someone who lives on the US/California and Mexican border and how this affects them (is the wall a good idea? Is the US dependent on migrant workers or not, and do they believe that US jobs need to be protected etc.?). Individuals who can help offer the people at home an insight.

We are looking for Welsh speakers, although if there are Welsh people with something to say, but who don't speak Welsh, that would be good as well.

I'm looking to make contact with as many people as possible at the moment.

I would be grateful for any help that you can offer. People can send me a message on Facebook, email me iwan.roberts@itv.com or call 00447789270021 .

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