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The Oregon Welsh Festival Chorus is now recruiting singers! - Calling all Singers in Portland!!

user image 2013-09-17
By: Ceri Shaw
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A message from Owen Hoffman-Smith. If you are interested please email americymru@gmail.com and we will pass on your details :-

The OWFC has been invited to sing at a panel discussion featuring Welsh writers and critics on the evening of October 4th at Portland State University, at 6:30pm , with call time for the chorus at 5:45. We will perform the "Eli Jenkins Prayer" as well as the Welsh national anthem. Here's a link to a Welsh male choir doing the "Eli Jenkins" piece:

The panel will discuss Welsh authors who write in English. The program is entitled "Culture Wars. Other Voices in British Literature: Should 'Welsh Writing in English' be taught as a separate course or module in U.S. Universities?" Here are the links:

We will rehearse at Kenilworth Presbyterian on the corner of SE 34th and Gladstone (the same place as before, for those who were with us in the spring). We will have two rehearsalsbefore this performance on September 22nd and 29th at 7pm .

There is also talk of putting together a set of Christmas music and having aChristmas concert series. More on that soon...

Please contact the director, Owen Hofmann-Smith if you plan to participate in the PSU event which will be held on the evening of October 4th .
With you in song,

Owen Hofmann-Smith

Here is a picture of the original Portland Welsh Choir - The Cambrian Choral Society - taken cica 1905. The Oregon Welsh Festival Choir will be carrying on their proud tradition. Does any member recognise any of the singers? Please post in comments below if you do....diolch.

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