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What Did The Welsh Do On Halloween? - The Puzzling Jug

user image 2012-10-23
By: Ceri Shaw
Posted in: Halloween
Answer:   They drank beer and tipped it all over themselves. The following account from  Cambrian superstitions, comprising ghosts, omens, witchcraft ..., Volume 22   By William Howells reveals all!  

A 19th Century Puzzling Jug


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Gaynor Madoc Leonard
10/29/12 07:24:07AM @gaynor-madoc-leonard:

If Gaabi has a potter's wheel, I foresee a re-enactment of Ghost! You could include that in the video.

Ceri Shaw
10/28/12 10:56:03PM @ceri-shaw:

May be some mileage in that. I will ask Gaabi if we've got a Potters wheel out the back.

I think where the unwitting victims are concerned we are counting on thirst trumping IQ. It further occurs to me that though these jugs dont hold much ( having learned to use them properly ) you would be well 'puzzled' by the bottom of your jug if you filled it with Penderyn

Ceri Shaw
10/28/12 10:35:06PM @ceri-shaw:

hmmm....I think some field work is necessary. I may treat Gaabriel for Christmas. We will video our research and post the results 

Ceri Shaw
10/28/12 09:03:15PM @ceri-shaw:

Seeing as the object of the exercise is to tip the contents all down the front of some unsuspecting dinner guest, you wouldn't want it to hold too much would you? Waste of beer

Gaynor Madoc Leonard
10/28/12 09:54:47AM @gaynor-madoc-leonard:

The Chinese one with the dragon is really lovely.

Ceri Shaw
10/28/12 04:21:36AM @ceri-shaw:

Whole page of Puzzle Jugs on Ebay. Some of them cheap! Very tempting  http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_nkw=puzzle+jug

Gaynor Madoc Leonard
10/24/12 05:41:56PM @gaynor-madoc-leonard:

Gaabi - there's an enormous amount of stuff on the net about puzzle jugs but I haven't come across instructions on how to make one yet! Ewenny Pottery in Wales have been commissioned to make them and they have a nice picture of a jug on their website www.ewennypottery.com under "commissions". Somehow there's an "inner tube" which flows into the handle and you're supposed to suck the drink from the handle while putting your fingers over any other holes to stop the liquid going all over you! The oldest one found in the UK so far is the Exeter Jug (actually made in France in about 1300 AD).

10/23/12 09:25:55PM @gaabi:

I've been looking for how puzzle jugs were made and I'd love to try to make one but haven't been able to find anything on this - anyone seen an article or book that mentions this?