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Gladfest 2021 details click here

AmeriCymru:  Hi Rhian and many thanks for agreeing to this interview. What can you tell us about the location and history of the Gladstone Library.

Rhian: Hi Ceri, nice to chat with you.  

Gladstone's Library is based in beautiful Hawarden in Flintshire, North Wales. The library collection was originally based in a temporary building set up by William Gladstone, who was prime minister several times over. After his death, a new building - the one which stands today - was designed and built. It has been described as an example of the Victorian Gothic style, but I'm not an architecture buff, so don't quote me on that. I can tell you it's the only library in the UK where you can stay overnight; the building houses 26 bedrooms. It has two wings - you'll find the Reading Rooms in one wing and most of the bedrooms in the other. Some of the books belonged to Gladstone himself. The beds are all new, though.

AmeriCymru:  You offer accommodation at the library. Care to share some details?

Rhian: I think I accidentally answered that (and Q2) in my first response. Yes, there are bedrooms on-site, including two accessible rooms on the ground floor. They're designed to be simple and uncluttered; a lot of our guests come to Gladstone's to write or research, so the fewer distractions, the better. None of them have TVs, but they all have private bathrooms and fresh, uncomplicated decor. 

Gladstone's is a registered charity, and its remit includes supporting and hosting both emerging and established writers. Our Writers in Residence scheme is part of this. Katie Hale, who wrote  I am Monster , will be our next Writer in Residence, so she'll be staying with us in one of those rooms for an extended period - and she will also make an appearance at Gladfest. 

AmeriCymru:  There were guided tours of the library. Have these resumed 'post-pandemic'?

Rhian: Gladstone's did offer 'glimpses' of our Reading Rooms. This is a working library, and our Reading Rooms are silent study spaces, but we found that a lot of visitors who came here for cake and coffee were curious about what went on behind the library doors. Glimpses allowed us to show them the Reading Rooms, which are the really iconic part of Gladstone's, and to share a bit of the history. We are still thinking about how best to proceed when we reopen, but for now glimpses are on hold. 

AmeriCymru:  When was the first Gladfest held? What is the history of the event?

 Gladfest was first held in 2013 and has been a mainstay of our calendar ever since. The pandemic in 2020 made it unworkable, and we were unsure whether it would go ahead this year, so we're really pleased to be able to offer what we can. It's going to take some adjusting, as our supporters are used to being at Gladstone's in person. We know the library building itself is a big part of the draw. Going online means that will change for our attendees. But if the event is successful, that will be a big boost in terms of ensuring Gladfest 2022 can offer both digital and in-person events.

AmeriCymru:  What are the main attractions of this years' festival?

Rhian: We don't really have a keynote speaker or headliner, exactly. All our writers offer unique and fascinating glimpses into the world of literature, whether that's fiction or non-fiction. So, really, they are all our main attractions! There is one slightly unusual talk this year, however. Peter Francis, who has been Warden of Gladstone's Library, is launching his debut, a memoir called  The Widening Circle of Us . The book features insights into the running of Gladstone's Library, as that has been a significant part of his life, so that's going to be interesting. 

AmeriCymru:  There is an online component to this year's festival. Care to tell us more?

Rhian: The festival is still based in Gladstone's Library. All the talks will be livestreamed from the chapel using 4k video feeds, so though it's online, it won't be like watching a teleconference through a webcam. We liked the idea of opening Gladfest up to the whole world, of having Gladstone's go global. We want to bring the library to you.

AmeriCymru:  Any final message for the readers and members of AmeriCymru?

Rhian: Firstly, thank you for reading. If you do want to keep in touch, we have a mailing list which you can sign up to at . We also have a US branch of our Friends programme. Our Friends are financial supporters, and we're very grateful to them, as they make it possible for us to do what we do. Finally, if any of you find yourself in Wales, do pop in for a paned. 


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Mae Tacsidermi yn ôl, ac O! Ry’n ni wedi’u colli nhw! Tacsidermi yw Gwenllian Anthony o enillwyr Y Wobr Gerddoriaeth Gymreig - Adwaith a’r aml-offerynnwr Matthew Kilgariff - gyda’i gilydd maent wedi creu cân bop ysblennydd - ‘Ble Pierre’. Mae pob nodyn wedi’u chwarae â phŵer ac yn atseinio hafau di-hid a rhamantus.

Mae Tacsidermi gyda chefnogaeth David Newington (Boy Azooga) ar y drymiau a chymysgu Matthew Evans (KEYS) wedi creu priodas berffaith rhwng Jane Birkin / Pop 60au Ffrengig Serge Gainsbourg, cerddoriaeth freuddwydiol y 90au gan Stereolab, The Happy Mondays a churiad calon Balearic.

Gyda llais hyfryd Gwenllian wedi’i ganoli yng nghanol y cymysgiad, mae’r gwrandäwr unwaith eto, yn cael ei swyno gan Tacsidermi!

Tacsidermi are back and how we have missed them! Gwenllian Anthony from the ‘Welsh Music Prize’ winning band Adwaith and multi instrumentalist Matthew Kilgariff have crafted a sublime pop song in ‘Ble Pierre’. Every note played is powerfully evocative of never-ending, carefree summers and romantic escape and wonder.

Tacsidermi with the support of David Newington (Boy Azooga) on drums and mixing by Matthew Evans (KEYS) find a perfect marriage of Jane Birkin / Serge Gainsbourg 60s French pop, Stereolab’s 90s dreaminess and The Happy Mondays, Paul Oakenfold infused Balearic heartbeat.

With Gwenllian’s beautiful restrained vocal delivery set at the centre of the mix the listener falls yet again under Tacsidermi’s spell!

Tacsidermi Online Links

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‘You’re The Summer’ is the first taste of the collaboration between Cardiff electronic post-rock duo Ritual Cloak, and writer, comedian and spoken word performer Autumn Juvenile. The track is taken from: 'A Human Being is the Best Disguise’; a reworking of Ritual Cloak’s self-titled debut release, albeit this time with added lyrical and vocal contributions from Autumn Juvenile.

Autumn Juvenile reflects on the origins of ‘You’re The Summer’:

“I remember him bending down, hugging her with thick tattooed arms, tears in his eyes: “Thank you for the birthday card. We’ll be together soon. The ball is rolling, baby.” He was trying to get back into his daughter’s life. The files stated she had special needs.

I was still a support worker. The father had either been in prison or working abroad, the family couldn’t tell me. It had been hard to arrange a meeting. Lots of paperwork and listening to dial tones. But father and daughter were finally scheduled to meet at Roath Park. That day she’d dragged me all around town looking for stationery. It was summer, baking hot tarmac and car fumes. I was stressed. He called to say he’d be an hour late.

Me and her waited, fed the swans, sweated, watched the pedalos. An hour went by. Two. Two and a half. He never showed. I bought her ice cream. She took it well. I felt annoyed on her behalf. But the lyrics were written before this. That’s why they are hopeful and always will be.

I never saw the father again. She wrote in her diary that she knew he’d made mistakes, but she missed him. The family told me they reckoned he’d gone back abroad.”

The album was recorded at Kings Road Studios, Cardiff, produced by Ritual Cloak and Autumn Juvenile and mastered by Charlie Francis. It also features vocals from Jemma Roper, as well as Ritual Cloak’s Daniel and Andrew. The cover photography is by Daniel Barnett.

Ritual Cloak is comprised of Daniel Barnett, formerly of the band Samoans, and drummer / producer Andrew Sanders. The duo met in 2013 after Daniel answered an ad for a guitarist to join the backing band for singer Jemma Roper. An instant kinship was struck, with both Daniel and Andrew embracing experimentation and a shared love of electronic music. After the split of Samoans in 2018, the pair began playing around with instrumental textures and piano-led ambient soundscapes, all resulting in their well-received self-titled debut in 2019. They followed this with their second album, ‘Divine Invasions’, released on Bubblewrap Collective in 2021.


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los blancos.jpg

Beth am glywed am y broses o ysgrifennu a chreu EP newydd Los Blancos‘Detholiad o Ganeuon Traddodiadol Cymreig’ gan y band ei hun:

“Yn ystod y cyfnod clo, wrth aros i fynd nôl i'r stiwdio i orffen ein 2il albwm, aeth pawb nôl trwy hen demos oedd wedi casglu dros y blynydde dwetha, a’u rhoi mewn un ffeil ar dropbox. Odd rhyw 40 o syniade yna felly gatho ni y syniad o ryddhau casgliad yn cynnwys un cyfansoddiad gan bob aelod tra bod ni’n aros i gallu fynd nôl i'r stiwdio.

Mae hyn wedi arwain at EP amrywiol ac mae modd gweld dylanwad pob aelod yn gliriach a sut maent yn cyfrannu at sŵn Los Blancos. Odd hyn yn wahanol i'r band achos ni fel arfer yn ysgrifennu gyda’n gilydd mewn ystafell ymarfer gyda pawb yn dylanwadu mewn rhyw ffordd ar bob can.”

‘Detholiad o Ganeuon Traddodiadol Cymreig’ yw deunydd cyntaf y band ar ôl rhyddhau eu halbym ’Sbwriel Gwyn’ a gafodd ei nomineiddio ar gyfer Y Wobr Gerddoriaeth Gymreig. Recordiwyd yr EP gan y band yn eu cartrefi a chymysgwyd y cyfan gan eu cynhyrchydd hirhoedlog Kris Jenkins. Mae’r EP yn amrwd, yn llawn angerdd ac yn llawn melodïau heintus Los Blancos.


Rhestr Traciau / Track Listing

100 AD (ysgrifennwyd gan / written by Osian)
Diogi (ysgrifennwyd gan / written by Emyr)
Mil o Eirie (ysgrifennwyd gan / written by Gwyn)
Noi Vogliamo (ysgrifennwyd gan/written by Cian)
Trwmgwsg Tragwyddol (ysgrifennwyd gan / written by Dewi

Let’s hear the story of the writing and making of Los Blancos new EP ‘Detholiad o Ganeuon Traddodiadol Cymreig’ from the band themselves:

“During lockdown, while waiting to go back to the studio to finish the second album, everyone went back through old demos that we had been collecting over the last few years, and put them into a dropbox file. We had about 40 ideas, so we had an idea of releasing them as a collection which included one composition by every band member.

This has lead to a very mixed EP and you can see each members influences clearly that create Los Blancos’ sound. This was a different process for the band because we usually write together in a practice room with everyone influencing on the song in their own way. "

‘Detholiad o Ganeuon Traddodiadol Cymreig’ is the band's first material after the success of their Welsh Music Prize nominated debut album ‘Sbwriel Gwyn’. The EP was recorded by the band in their homes and mixed by their long time producer Kris Jenkins. It’s raw, impassioned and full of Los Blancos' infectious melodies and personality.

Rhestr Traciau / Track Listing

100 AD (ysgrifennwyd gan / written by Osian)
Diogi (ysgrifennwyd gan / written by Emyr)
Mil o Eirie (ysgrifennwyd gan / written by Gwyn)
Noi Vogliamo (ysgrifennwyd gan/written by Cian)
Trwmgwsg Tragwyddol (ysgrifennwyd gan / written by Dewi

unnamed 1.jpg

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Read our interviews with author Rhys Hughes here and here


students of myself.jpg

In this collection of bizarre tales from the Welsh master of the absurd we are introduced to a Professor with a small class and an unusual subject matter. Rhys explains thusly:

There are few students in my class. When one considers what the subject is, this isn’t surprising. I teach myself.

In other words, I impart to my students facts and fancies based on my life and ideas. It’s the least popular class in the university and I doubt it will be funded for another term.

As a homework assignment the students are asked to write an essay in which they must try and imagine how the Professor spends his spare time. Needless to say he has told them nothing of his personal life.

The eighteen essays which follow offer an extraordinary and hilarious variety of imaginings, some of which are, worryingly, partially accurate. Is the Professor being spied upon? Who is the woman waving from the street below, and which of his students is prowling around on the roof presumably watching him? Of course you will have to read the book to a conclusion for answers to the above questions. 

Meanwhile the 'homework assignments' on offer here will delight Rhys Hughes fans. There is the strange case of Professor Spark who we meet walking the corridors of the university thinking about the meaning of life. His musings are of little interest because:

It could be the case he was about to make a major discovery in his field, to prove that viruses have knees or that aardvarks are descended from dragons, who knows? I didn’t care much.

The situation quickly deteriorates, however, when Prof Spark returns from a local bookshop with a copy of 'The Pop-Up Book of Fire'. The consequences of his purchase are at once, tragic, absurd and hilarious.

Then there is the tale of Miss Diane Ra who loves labyrinths. The problem is that clothes have a habit of unravelling whenever she is accompanied on a walk through town. And who is the madman who prowls the city streets with the strongest lamp he can find looking for darkness?

Towards the end of the book the Professor is advised by one of his students:

You have taught yourself. Now teach others.

Is this further foreshadowing of Rhys Hughes forthcoming emphasis on non-fiction and essay writing?Readers may remember the following announcement in Weirdly Out West :

I will switch to non-fiction and start writing essays and articles. In fact I began last year to take my non-fiction much more seriously and I am hoping that my first book of essays will be out in the next year or two.

Whatever the truth of that, 'Students of Myself' is another triumph from the pen of Rhys Hughes and will delight both fans and new readers alike. If you are not familiar with Rhys's work this would be as good a place to start as any. If you are, you will need no further recommendation or encouragement. 

The Eisteddfod of The North American Festival of Wales is on, with a wide range of opportunities to participate!   Poetry Composition is back and available to anyone, anywhere, while for the Festival itself in Utica (Sept. 2-5, 2021) the Visual Arts competition returns along with some stage competitions.

For Poetry Composition (Welsh Language and English Language), send in your work (via email) by the deadline of August 8, 2021, on the theme of "Hiraeth", for a single grand prize in each competition... the David Llewelyn Williams Prizes (US $250 each), honoring the memory of a great friend and huge contributor to the NAFOW Eisteddfod. 

The deadline for entering the other competitions (Visual Arts and stage competitions) is August 20, 2021.

For Visual Arts (painting, sketch, sculpture, etc.), only a description of your work is needed by that date, then bring your work to the Festival hotel (Delta Hotels by Marriott Utica) on Friday, Sept. 3; this year, the competition also includes a theme of "Hiraeth". 

Stage competitions will take place on Saturday, Sept. 4 at the hotel.  The Solo Voice competition welcomes singers of all ages, with a special Youth Prize available for an outstanding youth entrant; hymns are also a possibility as performance pieces. 

The two Recitation competitions (Welsh and English) offer as set pieces the winners from last year's inaugural Poetry Composition Competitions... "gobaith" by Christine James and "Alphabet" by Robert Walton.  For Welsh, entrants of all levels are welcome, and adjudicators will recognize anyone's status as a "Learner" if so declared. 

Click on the link below for online entry forms and detailed information on all of the competitions, as well as an email link if you have further questions... and we'll see you soon!   

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Creative Supervisors clockwise from top left_ SZW Lily Beau Minas and Monique B.jpg
Creative Supervisors (clockwise from top left): SZWÉ, Lily Beau, Minas and Monique B

Applications are now open for new music industry project, Honey Sessions , which launches this summer to educate, mentor and inspire young songwriters, artists and producers aged 16-26 who create Hip Hop, Rap, Grime, R’n’B and Pop Music in Wales. Applications close on 31st July.

The ‘Honey Sessions’ will take place throughout August 2021, and will provide a unique opportunity for five young artists and five producers to work together to make brand new music, further their knowledge of the industry and enhance their creative portfolios by learning from a range of high profile industry professionals.

In collaboration with Forté Project, the team recognised a lack of applications from artists from Black and minority backgrounds in their previous programs and wanted to create a brand new project with emphasis on artists and producers creating MOBO - Music of Black Origin.

The ‘Honey Sessions’ has been developed in consultation with a range of industry professionals working specifically in MOBO genres in London and other cities outside of Wales. Sizwe Chitiyo, a musician and project consultant, has long felt the need for support in MOBO music in Wales:

“Young people creating music in MOBO genres have previously lacked support in many areas of the industry, ‘Honey Sessions’ has been designed to provide a platform for creativity and knowledge to those emerging musicians, as well as creating a new network of high profile industry expertise.

‘We want the Honey Sessions to provide a community with the space and the support to help them flourish!”

Not only this but unlike similar programs that exist, every single eligible applicant will receive feedback on their application and access to exclusive online workshops from industry experts in A&R, songwriting and social media expertise to help contribute to their success in the future.

Applications can be made here: APPLICATIONS

This project is a collaboration between Welsh music talent development programme, Forté Project and a new music industry initiative, Beacons, which supports young people in Wales to enter the music industry. It is made possible through funding from PRS Foundation for Music, Ty Cerdd and Youth Music.

Applications close Friday 31st July.

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‘Balafô Douma’
 yw’r sengl gyntaf oddi ar  ‘Aros I Fi Yna ’ EP cyntaf  N’famady Kouyaté . Yn wreiddiol o Guinea Conakry, mae cerddoriaeth N’famady wedi ei wreiddio yn nhraddodiadau Mandingue ei famwlad yng Ngorllewin Affrica, gyda dehongliadau newydd o fywyd ac egni yn deillio o ddylanwadau indi, pop a jazz ei gartref newydd yng Nghymru.

Cyfieithiad Cymraeg y teitl yw ‘mae’n wych cael chwarae’r balafon’, ac mae’n cynrychioli taith gerddorol N’famady, o bŵer a chryfder ei etifeddiaeth deuluol (cafodd ei ddysgu sut i chwarae’r balofon, sef xylophone traddodiadol Affricanaidd, yn blentyn) i fod yn swyno cynulleidfaoedd yn y DU ac Iwerddon ar daith gyda Gruff Rhys. Cafodd y gan ei recordio yn Rockfield, y stiwdios enwog, gyda llais wedi ei recordio yn Guinea.

Mae’r EP sydd i ddod yn cynnwys cyfraniadau gan artistiaid megis  Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals ),  Lisa Jên Brown (9Bach) , a  Kliph Scurlock (ex-The Flaming Lips) . “Aros I Fi Yna” is a kaleidoscope of vibrant sounds and colours, a mesmerizing and joyous introduction to a truly international artist. Mae 'Aros I Fi Yna' yn gymysgedd llachar o synau a lliwiau, ac yn gyflwyniad swynol a bywiog at artist gwbl ryngwladol.

Rhestr Traciau 
Aros I Fi Yna
Gadael y Dref
Balafô Douma

‘Balafô Douma’  is the first single from  N’famady Kouyaté’s  debut EP,  'Aros I Fi Yna' . Originally from Guinea Conakry, N’famady‘s music is rooted in the Mandingue tradition of his West African homeland with new interpretations, life, and energy provided by the indie, pop, and jazz influences of his new home in Wales.

The title translates as ‘it’s great to be playing balafon’ and represents N’famady’s musical journey, from the power and strength of his family heritage (having been taught the traditional wooden African xylophone – the balafon – as an infant) to wowing audiences in the UK and Ireland on tour with Gruff Rhys. The song was recorded at the legendary Rockfield studios with vocals recorded in Guinea.

The forthcoming EP features guest appearances from  Gruff Rhys (Super Fury Animals) Lisa Jên Brown (9Bach) , and  Kliph Scurlock (ex-The Flaming Lips).

'Aros I Fi Yna' is a kaleidoscope of vibrant sounds and colours, a mesmerizing and joyous introduction to a truly international artist.

Track Listing
Aros I Fi Yna
Gadael y Dref
Balafô Douma

Social Links:

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Not Welsh Not

By Paul Steffan Jones AKA, 2021-07-18

This is not a Welsh Not

but a Welsh is and always will be

raving over higgledy piggledy slates

with fingernails of demons scraping

screeching out a lost non rock and roll

and not a low flying bomber

in sight or sound

tipsy on communion wine 

and a quick fumble

in the ecumenical jungle

dog tired dog collars loosen

to a beat of life lived

and not analysed

not a sermon planned

nor an afterlife awaited

submerge into sublime harps

inherited from the elders

never understand 

but defined as Corvid


avoid their Larsen traps

and their booby traps

with our Weapons of Non Destruction 

Peter Hurkos a Dutch psychic

and y Mab Darogan

(the Son of Destiny)

and how about a little of Twm o’r Nant

or David R Edwards ?

we have become strange bedfellows 

but at least it is touching

I am not the National Poet

and I know it

I know my place

but not where to find it

we are all the National Poet

but don’t know it

we don’t know our place

nor where to find it

this is not a Welsh Not

a Welsh Not not

not Welsh not

I am not a Welsh Not

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LLEUWEN releases 'RHOSOD' on Label Eg

“My roses are fragile, and come with thorns. . . ”

Here is a line from 'RHOSOD' (Roses) written, composed, recorded and performed by Lleuwen Steffan in her home in Brittany. Lockdown has been a time of home recordings. She usually composes her songs with guitar, and used most of her lockdown time to learn something she always wanted – the piano. All her gigs were cancelled mid-tour in 2020 so she had the time.

Nothing beats real connection, so when she was given the opportunity to work with producer Erin Costelo, Lleuwen seized the opportunity. What started as a few polite zoom meetings snowballed into long discussions about production, mixing, mastering and talks about the lack of female music producers, or more so, the lack of recognition.

This song is just the beginning of their partnership.

Written on piano and using her zipper lighter as percussion, Lleuwen finds joy in the lo-fi. “This is a song you planted in my garden. From my garden to your radio, to your ear and back into essence”, says the song that ends with poet Sion Llewelyn’s translation of the Serenity Prayer. RHOSOD is the first of two songs composed by Lleuwen in partnership with the National Eisteddfod of Wales and National Arts Centre Canada, with Erin as producer.

If you wish to take part in their next song, we are searching for singers to join Lleuwen, so if you enjoy singing and want to take part, please follow the link below:



or for any further information contact us on  before 21st July.

Rhosod is the first ever release on Label Eg and will be out on all streaming platforms from July 21st, 2021. It is available to pre-order.

'RHOSOD': Cân newydd Lleuwen i’w rhyddhau ar Label Eg

“Mae rhosod yn fregus, maen nhw’n dod efo drain . . .”

Dyma linell o RHOSOD, cân wedi ei chyfansoddi, ei recordio a'i pherfformio o gartref Lleuwen yn Llydaw ar gyfer Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru. "Mae'n un o gasgliad o ganeuon sydd wedi bod yn cysgu yn fy macbook ers dechrau’r cyfnod clo" meddai.

Pan ddaeth y cynnig iddi gyd-weithio gyda'r cynhyrchydd Erin Costelo o Ganada, bachodd ar y cyfle i ofyn i Erin gynhyrchu'r gân hon. Fodd bynnag, yn ôl Erin ‘roedd Lleuwen wedi cynhyrchu'r gân yn barod. Penderfynodd y ddwy gadw at y cynhyrchiad gwreiddiol felly gan gadw’r zipper lighter fel offeryn taro, ynghyd â theganau a’r synth o'r 80au.

Dechrau'r cywaith hwn rhwng y ddau artist yw’r gân hon, ac Erin Costelo sydd wedi cymysgu'r trac yn ei stiwdio yn Nova Scotia. Bu'r ddwy yn cyd-weithio dros fisoedd o sesiynau zoom yn rhannu, cynhyrchu a thrafod pa mor rhyfedd yw'r ffaith bod cyn lleied o gerddorion benywaidd yn cael eu cydnabod fel cynhyrchwyr.

Mae Erin yn credu'n gryf ei bod hi’n bwysig i ferched gael cydnabyddiaeth am eu gwaith fel cynhyrchwyr, yn union fel sy'n digwydd gyda chynhyrchwyr gwrywaidd. Dywedodd Erin “braf yw cydweithio ar brosiect o statws rhyngwladol sy’n rhoi’r sylw haeddiannol i ni am ein gwaith”.

RHOSOD yw'r gyntaf o ddwy gân wedi eu cyfansoddi gan Lleuwen mewn cydweithrediad â'r Eisteddfod Genedlaethol a National Arts Centre Canada, gydag Erin Costelo wrth y llyw yn cynhyrchu. Dyma'r gân gyntaf erioed i Lleuwen greu ar y piano.

Os hoffech chi ganu ar yr ail gân, ‘rydym yn chwilio am leisiau o bob math i ymuno gyda Lleuwen. Am fwy o wybodaeth, dilynwch y ddolen hon: neu cysylltwch drwy e-bost cyn Gorffennaf 21, am fwy o wybodaeth:

RHOSOD yw'r gân gyntaf i'w rhyddhau ar Label Eg sef label cerddoriaeth newydd Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru. Mae hi’n bosib i chi rhag-archebu Rhosod o unrhyw blatfform ffrydio o'r 21ain o Orffenaf.


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