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Psychedelic upstarts The Family Battenberg announce the release of their reverb coated,fuzz founded new track ‘Runny Hunny’, out on the 6th of June!

user image 2023-06-06
By: Ceri Shaw
Posted in: Music
Psychedelic upstarts The Family Battenberg announce the release of their reverb coated,fuzz founded new track  ‘Runny Hunny’,  out on the 6th of June!

Cardiff, Wales: Runny Hunny is The Family Battenberg’s third release.
Born out of a band-wide love for garage rock,  'Runny Hunny'  plays with the ethos of pushing the limits andbending the rules of recording equipment to produce overly saturated and noisy results.
The band successfully create fuzz fuelled walls of sound, draped behind Lennon-esc double trackedvocals, with plenty of reverb to boot. Thematically, the song is a commentary on the universalwish of a stable income, from the perspective of a fresh faced arts graduate. The track wasrecorded by The Family Battenberg at Cardiff’s Music Box rehearsal rooms and mixed by Eliot in the back room of his flat.
A total of 4 arts degrees were utilised in the creation of this track.Of the track, producer and lyricist Eliot Jones explains:
“Runny Hunny truly is just about having a whinge. Universities do a fantastic job of convincing you that you’ll walk into your dream jobweeks after graduation. ‘LIGHT THE BEACONS, CALL ABBEY ROAD, A 20-SOMETHING POST GRAD HAS JUST COMPLETED A MUSIC PRODUCTION DEGREE’! Being back at your parents house and catching the train to the job centre on a Wednesday morning is quite sobering after you’ve had your photos in your funny hat.”
Having already gained attention from  Steve Lamacq Amy Lamé Huw Stephens , alongside  Amazing Radio  playlisting on their previous releases, the band plan to make a lot of noise with  ‘Runny Hunny’.  

Upcoming Live Dates

June 9th - The Bunkhouse, Swansea (Supporting Panic Shack)
June 29th - The Globe, Cardiff (Supporting SHLUG)
July 16th - HarbourFest, Bristol
July 22nd - Leopalooza, Cornwall
July 23rd - NozStock, Herefordshire

Runny Hunny Cover.jpg

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