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Holy Coves Announce Free Entry Welsh Tour For March 2023

user image 2023-03-11
By: Ceri Shaw
Posted in: Music
Alternative Psych-Rock band Holy Coves head out on a free entry Welsh Tour of Wales in March to help the Welsh independent music scene during the cost of living crisis. The tour kicks off at The Parish, Wrexham on Thursday 23rd March, followed by Cwrw, Carmarthen on Friday 24th March and the final tour date at Cader Rocks Torrent Walk, Dolgellau on Saturday 25th March. The band will also play an acoustic instore, free entry gig at The Second 45 Record Shop in Llanelli on Saturday 25th March at 1pm, in partnership with Yr Wyddfa Records, Music Scene Wales, Welsh Connections and Cader Rocks.

Thu 23rd March - The Parish, Wrexham.

 Fri 24th March - Cwrw, Carmarthen.

Sat 25th March - Cader Rocks Torrent Walk, Dolgellau


Sat 25th March - 1pm - The Second 45 Record Shop - Acoustic instore gig


Please come a long and support the bands & the venues!