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Heddlu 'Cantref' Debut Album is OUT TODAY via 'Zawn Records'

user image 2022-07-30
By: Ceri Shaw
Posted in: Music


Heddlu is the new musical project by Rhodri Daniel. The Ceredigion native was a founding member of renowned Welsh band Estrons who had a major impact on the industry having gained rave reviews from the likes of  NME,   Vice,   DIY  and  Clash  to  BBC Radio Radio X Ultimate Guitar,   The Guardian  and  Independent .

After finishing the band in 2019, Rhodri became aware that his hearing was severely damaged. Years of touring the live circuit had taken their toll, Rhodri ultimately being diagnosed with hearing loss, tinnitus and severe sensitivity to noise. The effects were so acute, Rhodri was unable to be in the same room as other people, leave the house or play music for almost a year.

A chance encounter with a retired record producer, who's old forgotten studio on the slopes of the Cambrian Mountains was filled with antique synthesisers, inspired Rhodri to consider music once more. Advised to get outdoors to aid recovery, he embarked on a three-month hike spanning 900 miles of the entire Welsh coastline, where he conceived the new project and was inspired to write the music in his head, to be recorded upon his return. Serendipity led Rhodri back to music, and Heddlu was born. Meaning ‘Police’ in Welsh, from the words ‘peace-force’, Heddlu's music has been true to its’ name, offering a force of peace to the songwriter.

“Cantref”, Heddlu’s debut album, is a concept album of sorts, based on a central character who finds themselves washed down river and castaway at sea, only to descend to the depths of Cambrian Bay to 'Cantref Gwaelod', a mythological sunken celtic city, populated with malevolent long-forgotten spirits. Initially, the protagonist struggles to accept reality, before eventually coming to terms with their fate, and learning to float amongst the ghosts.

'Cantref', is a bilingual electronic rock album, full of volatile sonics, soaring melodies and unexpected turns, inspired by wild places, trauma and beauty.

“Cantref” is out now via 'Zawn Records'

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