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Bandicoot return with new single 'Life Death and Other Things' out via Libertino 08.10.21

user image 2021-10-01
By: Ceri Shaw
Posted in: Music


It feels fantastic to have Bandicoot back with a brand new single, ‘Life Death and Other Things’ after a summer of re-establishing themselves as one of Wales’s most exciting live bands. Taking its influence from Randy Newman, Bowie’s ‘Station to Station’ and Scott Walker, ‘Life Death and Other Things’ is yet another bold move from a band who are steadily building an envious back catalogue on their journey towards a remarkable debut album.

Vocalist Rhys Underdown explains the story of ‘Life, Death and Other Things’ creation:

“Life, Death and Other Things is a song about songwriting. It captures the frustrations that come with compressing the whole world and all living experience into three minutes and a few words. It describes the surreality of waking up in unrecognisable nightmarish places, and the impossibility of really saying what you mean. It tries to bridge the overwhelming feeling of distance separating yourself from the world around you, an attempt to understand life, death, and everything in between”

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