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"Growing appetite for Welsh Nosh" Study says!

user image 2010-12-29
By: SexBomb
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More people than ever are tucking into delicious Welsh food and drink according to new research commissioned by the Welsh Assembly Government. Nine out of ten people questioned were able to name at least one Welsh food, highlighting the year on year increase in awareness and purchasing of Welsh food and drink among consumers, which is now at its highest level since 2005. Conducted across the UK over the summer the survey shows a rise of 11% over the past 12 months in awareness of Welsh produce (83%), with the purchase of Welsh food an drink by Welsh consumers rising to 85% - the highest ever level.

Wild Canary
12/30/10 10:06:39PM @wild-canary:
Ceri's droooooooool caught my attention, then I read Gaabi's comments on local organic...the true gourmet food! I am going to enjoy looking up these links..thanks. So glad the Welsh are eating closer to home. In usa the recent salmonella recall had me puzzled as to why people are buying cilantro and parsley shipped in from Texas while it is so easy to sprout and micro green or buy local. I had an armload of cilantro this summer from a local off grid organic farm and the smell, color and taste was nothing like the chemical taste of even organic from the box stores.
12/30/10 08:24:15PM @gaabi:
ah. I see Ceri's curry response, so Pavlovian! Guess we better make some tomorrow!
12/30/10 08:23:02PM @gaabi:
That's really good news for the agriculture sector and the economy - I think focusing on the reputation for fresh, wholesome and safe food is very good - more organic!
I found some great links on organic food and farming in Wales:
and I'm really interested in the Slow Food movement (ditching mass-produced crap and factory farming for organic, local, sustainable food that's good for you and for the community it's grown in) and here's the link for Wales and an old article on it by Niall Griffiths:
(in the US) http:

Ceri Shaw
12/30/10 08:00:38PM @ceri-shaw:
mona everett
12/30/10 12:40:37AM @mona-everett:
I'll be restocking the Penderyn--hubby is bringing a bottle home from California tomorrow! Still have a bottle and a half here + 3 mini bottles of 3 varietals. So, should be good until my next trip to Wales.
mona everett
12/29/10 11:43:51PM @mona-everett:
Seven courses? I thought that was 6 cockles and a scoop of laverbread?
Ceri Shaw
12/29/10 10:21:58PM @ceri-shaw:
imho most definitely...Wales finest nutritional supplement and soon to be top export!

12/29/10 10:08:46PM @sexbomb:
... does "Penderyn" count as a Welsh food?... if so my activities this year could possibly resulted in a 1% increase...
Ceri Shaw
12/29/10 09:51:15PM @ceri-shaw:
Or Blod's Whelks
Ceri Shaw
12/29/10 09:48:57PM @ceri-shaw:
No mention of Chicken Vindaloo?