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Cymraeg now 'official' Language in Wales - New Measure Passes!

user image 2010-12-09
By: SexBomb
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A new law to promote the Welsh language has been unanimously passed by the Welsh Assembly.

The measure makes Welsh an official language in Wales, and obliges public bodies and some private companies to provide services in it. ( )

12/09/10 09:47:27PM @gaabi:
That's great news ceri = tv dinner tonight >:E
12/09/10 09:43:04PM @sexbomb:
Yeah, it is great news... I was most pleased, particularly, to see a proposed provision that "obliges public bodies an some private companies" to provide services in Welsh... not sure how the economics of implementing that may shake out for some, but the idea is fantistic.
Robert Humphries2
12/09/10 08:44:48PM @robert-humphries2:

Ceri Shaw
12/09/10 08:23:42PM @ceri-shaw:
This is indeed an historic day Diolch for posting William. To mark the occasion in our own small way I'm going to get the Google translate widget and place it in the right hand column on the site so that it will be possible to translate any page to Welsh ( or any other supported language for that matter ) with one click. This is also in response to a request from one of our members, Swansea Jack, who is using Google Translate extensively to help correct all the mistakes Gaabi makes in the Welsh language crossword ( please don't tell her I said that ). We used to have it in the page header a while back but it badly slowed down page load times there. Hopefully it will work better in the right column.Of course Google Translate renders in Google Welsh ( GWelsh ? ) but its better than nothing and its improving all the time.